Chasm: The Rift

Chasm: The Rift is a first-person shooter computer game developed by Action Forms and published by WizardWorks Software, GT Interactive Software and MegaMedia Corp.


The game was released in 1997, one year after Quake, the then-leader of the category. Chasm matched up with Quake in many aspects, but was generally ignored by the public at the time. It uses an original engine capable of weather effects and ambient sounds. Though the engine is able of rendering 3D graphics, the gameplay itself actually is 2.5D in that two sectors can't be put over one another.

One of the most notable features of the game was the ability to remove limbs from enemies. Many of the weapons were created in order to cause these limbs to be cut or blown off while the enemy is still alive. Another thing of interest are the bosses which can't be killed by mere firepower and instead have to be brought down using special tactics.

The game takes place in different epochs of time, ranging from the present to ancient Egypt. All of the levels involve dark corridors like that of catacombs and crypts.

An official addon adds three new levels along with new monsters and is available for free download at the developer's website.


Rifle -
The No-Ammo weapon accessed by pressing 1 is a low damage rifle. It has an unlimited amount of ammunition.

Super Shotgun -
The shell ammunition is readily available and is dropped by most enemies within the first level set. Boxes of shells (coming in sets of 10 or 20) are also very common throughout the game.

Volcano -
A chaingun type weapon with, initially, limited ammo.

BladeGun -
Shoots out blades.

Laser Crossbow -
A crossbow that shoots out laser fire.

Grenader -
The Grenader is a weapon that shoots out rocket propelled grenades. It is capable of harming the player's character.

Land Mines -
The Land Mines have more power than the Grenader, but the Land Mines can only be placed on the ground. It can harm the player along with the enemies.

Mega Destroyer -
The projectile is shot out like a long-ranged grenade throw. Each ammo pickup for this weapon is worth 2 points of ammo.


The enemies in Chasm are known as Timestrikers. They are monsters that travel through time rifts.

Scorpion -
They are golden monsters, about two feet long, with three stingers.

Mong -
Mongs are mutated soldiers wearing gas masks, and use rifles.

Stratos -
Stratos are flying soldiers which shoot projectiles from the bottom of their legs.

Faust -
Fausts are highly-armored soldiers that is armed with a bazooka.

Turret -
The Turrets were used by the Platoon, but now they have gone berserk and will shoot anything on sight.

Gross -
Gross' are monstrous-looking cavemen which attack with a spiked club and throw rocks at the player.

Zombie -
They are the walking undead, and must be decapitated.

Punisher -
The Punisher is a large beer-bellied and muscled man wearing a red hood over his head.

Lionman -
The Lionman is a humanoid with the body of a warrior and the head of a lion. They run pretty fast and wield a shield and a mace.

Joker -
Jokers are humanoid monsters wearing Jester attire. They attack using their unique Blade Guns.

Viking -
These Vikings are mutants armed with a shield and an axe, and will attack with either, and also with their spiked helmets on top of their heads.

Werehog -
Werehogs are mutated Warthogs that charge towards the player to gore him/her with their tusks.


The retail CD includes a level editor to allow users to make their own maps.
Chasm can also be edited using an updated version of the Doom WAD editor XWE.

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