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Orders of magnitude (charge)

This page is a progressive and labeled list of the SI charge orders of magnitude, with certain examples appended to some list objects.

List of orders of magnitude for charge
Factor Multiple Item
10-21 1 zC -53.4 zC (-1/3 e) - charge of down, strange and bottom quarks
106.8 zC (2/3 e) - charge of up, charm and top quarks
160.2 zC - the elementary charge e, i.e. the negative charge on a single electron or the positive charge on a single proton
10-18 1 aC 14.73 aC (92 e) - positive charge on a uranium nucleus
10-15 1 fC Charge on a typical dust particle
10-12 1 pC Charge in typical microwave frequency capacitors
10-9 1 nC Charge in typical radio frequency capacitors
10-6 1 uC Charge in typical audio frequency capacitors
10-3 1 mC Charge in typical power supply capacitors
100 1 C 26 C - charge in a typical thundercloud
103 1 kC 96.4 kC - charge on one mole of electrons (1 Faraday)
216 kC - charge in a car battery
106 1 MC 10.7 MC - charge needed to produce 1 kg of aluminum from bauxite in an electrolytic cell

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