The Gentleman's Review (Podcast)

The Gentleman’s Review is a podcast produced by the stand-up comedian and writer Martin Wolfenden and his friends Andrew Wilson and Thomas Stringfellow. The title was inspired by magazines from the 1920s.


The content is a mixed bag of news review, shaggy dog stories and digression. There are also musical interludes in which comic songs written by Wolfenden are played and sometimes comedy sketches are performed during the podcast. These interludes are designed to allow the men to refill their glasses with champagne.

Regular Themes

During the podcast the men drink Bollinger champagne which they have stated on many occasions is their preferred brand.

In every podcast Martin Wolfenden compliments gay playwright Jonathan Harvey and it has become traditional for Wilson to call Wolfenden a “pitiable kiss arse” whenever he does this.

Extremely offensive language is used during the broadcast and blasphemous views are often expressed.

Wolfenden will move a subject on before the other men have fully explored it which makes them cross and they complain.


Martin Wolfenden is a comedian and writer who writes for obscure publications and performs infrequently in Manchester near where he lives. He was born on the 31st May 1972 in the small town of Halifax in West Yorkshire.

Thomas Stringfellow is a former geologist and now writer who was also born in Halifax in West Yorkshire and attended The University of Durham.

Andrew Wilson is a non practising lawyer and comedy writer who was born in Surrey and now lives in West Yorkshire. He attended The University of Durham with Tom Stringfellow where they were both in St Aidan's College.


The original idea for the podcast was Martin Wolfenden’s however he has stated on many occasions during the podcasts that without Stringfellow and Wilson it would not work.

Episode List

# Date Length Title Overview
1 24th March 2008 31 min Trampolines and Foxes "This week we discuss whether wet hair makes a lady dirty and the need for trampolines in the city of London"
2 6th April 2008 51 min Drunk Man Talking "This week the chaps drink far too much champagne while discussing big faced horses and Anne Robinson in space."
3 17th April 2008 44 min Fizzy Balls "In this episode Martin learns why the girls in Spain wash their knickers in champagne and the chaps discuss deep fried kids"
4 5th May 2008 40 min The Dresser "In this episode our heroes battle with the most severe hangovers known to man, a groaning dressing table and Andy's squeaky thighs, to discuss poo and something about Boris Johnson being made mayor of London. However that's just made up...isn't it? Oh dear.."
5 18th May 2008 43 min Devil Balls and Hand-Me-Downs "Today Martin banged the arse out of his microphone, Andy confessed to be bigger than his relatives and Tom twanged himself on the head."
6 01st June 2008 51 min The Hallucinogenic Palpation Machine "It's Martin's Birthday so the chaps drink more than usual and talk about spooging on fat men and Ghostbuster knobs"
7 15th June 2008 1 Hour 7 mins Wotsits, Chocs and Dolphin Cocks "This time the fellows discuss fussy eaters & David Davis. Then try to discover which Corey was in the Goonies and whether genital navigation is possible."
8 07th July 2008 1 Hour 1 min Two Men and a Lady "In this week's podcast Martin and Andrew are joined by special guest host Lisa Goddard (No not that one) as Tom is still in Scotland gobbling the sporan of plenty. They discuss the plight of the humble wasp and the many cocks of the male Kangaroo. Oh and the word Martin was trying to remember was 'belming'."
8a 13th July 2008 1 Hour 11 min Fizzy Whisky "This podcast is a special bonus episode, which was recorded in order that we might get the rusty train of The Gentleman's Review, onto the cracked rails of Network Rail and into the scheduled station of doom. This week we discuss the aesthetic merits of Rafael Nadal and whether Martin is actually being molested by ghosts in his sleep. Also Tom has come back from Scotland with strange tales aplenty. Oooooooooo!"
9 27th July 2008 54 mins Relaxed and Skeletal "While Martin is gaying up sheep in the Lake District, Lisa Goddard (no not that one) takes his warm and moist place and the chaps and chapess actually get to review some news without his yammerings dragging them off course. Topics discussed this week included shit crop circles, pixie belief and midget spog theft. We apologise about the occasional clicks in the podcast, these were caused by a spazzing mixing desk."


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