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La Vallée-du-Richelieu Regional County Municipality, Quebec

La Valée-du-Richelieu (The Valley of the Richelieu) is a Regional County Municipality in southwestern Quebec, Canada. It surrounds the Richelieu River as the river makes its way from Lake Champlain in the United States north to the Saint Lawrence River northeast of Montreal, Canada at Sorel, Quebec. Dramatically different from the mountainous terrain to the south, the river valley is a vast plain with extensive farmlands. Its seat is in Belœil.

The river itself is very popular for both U.S. and Canadian recreational boaters, providing a connection that can bring boaters all the way from the outlet of the Saint Lawrence River to New York Harbor. A number of old fortifications existed dating back to the 1600s; these were built to prevent the Iroquois from using the river as a way to attack the French settlers in the area.



Mother tongue language from Canada 2006 Census
Language Population Percentage (%)
French only 98,870 93.39%
English only 4,035 3.81%
Both English and French 595 0.56%
Other languages 2,370 2.24%


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