channel island

Channel Island milk

Channel Island milk (sometimes called gold-top milk after the colour of the milk bottle top) is creamy, light-beige coloured milk originally from the Channel Islands. It comes from the Jersey and Guernsey breeds of cattle which are native to the Islands.

At 5.5% fat, its fat content is higher than full-cream milk at 3.5% fat, but less than half-and-half cream at 12%. It can substitute normal milk in all settings, however it has especial utility in cooking and production of ice cream, where it is used to produce a creamier taste and texture.

Its popularity has been significantly reduced in last few decades due to the rising price of milk (it costs approximately £0.90/€1.40/$1.65 per litre rather than £0.50/€0.70/$0.85 per litre for regular milk) and increasing obesity in people.

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