Changzhou or Changchow, city (1994 est. pop. 683,300), S Jiangsu prov., E central China, on the Grand Canal. It is an agricultural, food, and textile center connected by rail with Shanghai and Nanjing. Other manufactures include diesel engines, generators, locomotives, fertilizer, machine tools, and motor vehicles. Tianning Temple, which dates to the T'ang dynasty and is one of China's largest Zen Buddhist temples, is there; its pagoda (constructed 2002-7) is the world's tallest. An economic center of S China since the Southern Sung dynasty (1129-1279), Changzhou became industrialized in the late 19th cent. It was called Wutsin prior to 1949 and the name sometimes appears as Ch'ang-chou.
The HVDC Three Gorges-Changzhou is an 890 kilometre-long bipolar HVDC powerline in China for the transmission of electric power from the Three Gorges power plant to the area of Changzhou.

The powerline went into service in 2003. It runs from the static inverter station, Longquan, 31 miles (50 kilometres) away from the Three Gorges power plant to the static inverter plant, Zhengping, near Changzhou. The HVDC Three Gorges-Changzhou is a bipolar 500 kV powerline with a maximum transmission power rating of 3,000 megawatts.

A part of the line is the Yangtze River Crossing Wuhu over Yangtze River using 229 metre tall pylons.

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