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Changes: The Big Prom: The Sex Romp: The Season Finale

Changes: The Big Prom: The Sex Romp: The Season Finale (also known as ‘Changes: You Got a Prom Wit Dat?’) is the final episode of Clone High.



It’s prom time. Abe is nervous about sex with Cleo. JFK asks Joan to prom, and she accepts to make Abe jealous. Gandhi forms a Prom Posse with nine other guys. Scudworth rigs the prom king election so that he can win, but has amnesia and doesn’t remember that the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures is coming to kill him.

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Abe asks Cleo to the prom by standing on a pyramid of tigers, perched atop a whale riding a unicycle, and she accepts. However, he is nervous that Cleo wants to have sex on prom night. He talks to his foster dad, who advises him to have sex with her, as she is "Cleo-friggin-patra!"

Scudworth wakes up from his fall, but has amnesia. Mr. Butlertron fills Scudworth in on everything, but leaves out the fact that the Evil Board of Shadowy Figures is coming to kill him and take the Clones on prom night. Meanwhile, the Evil Board prepares their attack, accompanied by various co-conspirators and celebrity guests from past episodes.

Gandhi, afraid of being forced to go to prom stag, organizes a Prom Posse with nine other guys: George Washington Carver, Vincent van Gogh, Genghis Khan, Moses, Nostradamus, Buddha, Martin Luther King Jr., Thomas Edison, who join him (Gandhi) when he tells them they'll leave with a hundred ladies (Moses works out that that's "TEN LADIES EACH!!!)."

Joan, now made over by Cleo to look like a "slutty teenage beach whore," makes her grand entrance into the school. The boys can’t help but stare, and JFK instantly runs up to her to ask her to the prom. She rejects him, but is immediately confronted by Abe, who tells her he has asked Cleo to prom. She becomes angry that guys only go for "giggly, vapid sluts," and decides to become one in order to spite Abe. To that end, she accepts JFK’s prom invitation. Abe feels unaccountably uneasy about this.

On prom night, JFK, Abe, Cleo and Joan meet at Cleo’s house for pictures. Abe seems annoyed at JFK, and Cleo threatens Joan to stay away from Abe. As they leave, Joan gets pissed off at JFK when she finds out that he’s taking Catherine the Great and the Brontë sisters to the prom as well. Gandhi and his prom posse arrive at prom in a double-wide Winnebago, wearing matching white tuxedos.

At prom, almost no one is having a good time. Abe is too nervous about sex to enjoy it. Gandhi’s Prom Posse is a failure, and he (nor the other Posse members) are getting any dry humping. He has an awkward moment with Marie Curie, whose date has run off. After Cleo and Abe run off to have sex, Joan gives up the slut act and leaves the prom, angry with herself. JFK follows her, and admits that he likes her, and likes her even more when she’s "not pretending to be a slutty whore."

Cleo and Abe are in the prom’s private suite, getting ready to have sex. Cleo takes off her clothes, but Abe sees floating Joan heads covering her privates. Cleo realizes that Abe is in love with Joan and, finally, so does Abe.

Scudworth rigs the voting so that he can be prom king, but when Scangrade (the prom king vote counter) is about to announce the winner, John Stamos shows up, and Scangrade changes its mind and gives the crown to Stamos. Scudworth confronts Stamos, who graciously offers him the crown. Scudworth becomes angry and stabs Stamos with the crown.

Meanwhile, Gandhi again sees Marie Curie. Gandhi apologizes for the way he acted earlier. Marie Curie says he’ll always have a place in her heart. She suggests they dry hump, but Gandhi realizes that, in truth, he feels too young. After all, "the driest love of all is abstinence."

The Secret Board of Shadowy Figures burst into the prom. But, knowing the Secret Board’s weakness, Stamos, covered in blood, gets up and tells everyone that Scudworth was about to start a conga line. Stamos has a plan. The Secret Board agrees, and Abandoned Pools provide the music as everyone forms a conga line.

Meanwhile, Gandhi and Marie are running to tell everyone about the wonders of abstinence; Cleo’s running to find Abe; and Abe’s running to find Joan. They all make it to the flash freezer room at the same time as the conga line. Inside, they all discover Joan and JFK in bed together. At Stamos’ command, Scudworth runs out of the freezer, and Stamos flicks the flash freezer’s switch from inside. Secret Board, celebrity guests, and clones all freeze solid. Right before freezing solid, a saddened Abe only has time to say, "But Joan, I love y-... J-Cl!"

To be continued...?!

Featured cast

Featured clones

Special appearances

Because this was the season finale (and, ultimately, the series finale), the creators of Clone High decided to include as many characters from past episodes as possible. Besides all of the clones, many other guest stars and supporting characters can be seen in the background at the prom. They are listed here, organized by original episode.

Also, several other recurring characters who aren’t clones can be seen at prom, including:

  • The policeman
  • The albino student
  • Mr. Sheepman
  • Toots
  • Cleo’s Drunk Foster Mom
  • Abe’s foster parents
  • Gandhi’s foster parents
  • JFK's foster parents

The only episode which does not contribute any characters is Episode 4, Film Fest: Tears of a Clone. This is not entirely surprising, because it was an episode with no guest stars that took place mostly within the school.


Historical references

Popular culture references

  • JFK says at one point, "My Kennedy sense is tingling." This parodies Spider-man's spider sense.
  • Gandhi says, "Hey ladies, who wants some G-love, hold the special sauce." G. Love & Special Sauce is a hip hop band.
  • John Stamos tells a story about himself and "Saget" doing "promotion for Full H." He is referring to Bob Saget and the show they did together, Full House. The story also involves Stamos drumming ("hitting sticks") for the band The Beach Boys.


  • Most Clone High episodes have two titles, separated by a colon. In the tradition of the season finale, everything has to be bigger, so this episode has four titles, separated by three colons.
  • Joan’s post-makeover runway-style walk into the school is reminiscent of a similar scene with Gandhi after his makeover in Episode 12, Makeover, Makeover, Makeover: The Makeover Episode.
  • The "fellow conspirators and celebrity guests" who join the Board of Shadowy Figures include Tom Green, Marilyn Manson, the X-Stream Blu crew, Mandy Moore, Skunky-Poo, Dan Patrick, and Ashley Angel.
  • The live band at the prom is Abandoned Pools, who provide much of the music for Clone High; including the theme song. Tommy Walter, lead singer of Abandoned Pools, plays himself. The song they play during the climactic conga scene is "Start Over." It was also used at the end of Episode 1, Escape to Beer Mountain: A Rope of Sand.
  • It’s revealed that this is the clones’ Winter Prom. This is one of the only surviving references to a canceled running gag about Clone High having many different proms. (see Main Page Trivia)
  • There is a montage of 23 scenes from throughout the series where Abe failed to notice that Joan loves him.
  • For a few frames, we can clearly see Joan’s breasts, but covering the nipples is a message from the animators writing NICE TRY.
  • Scangrade appears in this episode, taped back together after he exploded in episode 5.


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