The Good, the Bad, and the Dominatrix

The Good, the Bad, and the Dominatrix is the twenty-third episode of the seventh season of the television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Lady Heather is assaulted at Oakley's Saloon and found by Vernon Porter, the night watchman. When Brass and Sara arrive at the hospital to question her and to collect evidence, Heather refuses to cooperate. However, she allows Sara to take pictures of the ligature marks on her neck. Grissom also visits Heather in the hospital, but comes as a friend and not in a professional capacity.

Brass questions Jack Oakley, the owner of the saloon, who denies knowing Lady Heather. However, his son Ben admits that he let Heather into the park that night.

Catherine and Brass find evidence indicating that Porter may have been a witness. They return to the scene to question him and find him dead. They check his cell phone and find a call to Heather. Sara and Catherine find evidence suggesting that there were two shooters that night, and find one of the guns nearby. Catherine and Sara speculate that Heather's client knew that he was being witnessed and killed Porter.

The fingerprints on the gun belong to Ben Oakley. Brass and Catherine question him, and he says that Porter blackmailed him. However, when he tried to withdraw the money, he found the bank account drained by his father Jack. Ben tells Brass and Catherine that Jack likes to torture women for pleasure, and that he is a client of Lady Heather's. He tried to shoot Jack but missed. Porter then blackmailed Jack about Heather and Jack killed Porter.

Sara notes that Heather had no defensive wounds, and that she endured three strangulation attempts — she did not try to fight back. Catherine is also confused, wondering why a professional dominatrix would voluntarily assume a submissive position. These uncharacteristic behaviors concern Grissom, and he spends the night at Heather's house.

Grissom learns that Heather hired Porter to track down her granddaughter and tried to gain custody of her, even selling her business in an effort to convince a judge that she would be a fit guardian. However, when she was denied custody and visitation rights, she set up a trust fund for her granddaughter. Grissom realizes that Heather obtained the money for the trust fund by selling Jack the right to kill her. The police arrest Jack at Heather's house.

Grissom visits Heather and brings her granddaughter with him.

In a separate case, Sofia calls Nick and Warrick to a street where a woman, Faith Maroney, lies dead. In autopsy, Doc Robbins learns that Faith died of blunt force trauma to the head and finds paint chips embedded in her skull. He speculates that she was hit by a car. Nick finds paint chips in the street where she died.

Warrick finds a receipt from a steakhouse in Faith's purse. Sofia learns that the steakhouse called a cab for Faith that night. They visit the cab company and learn that a cab driven by Chandry Kambhatla was sent to pick up Faith. Nick and Warrick find blood on the front bumper.

The paint from Faith's skull matches Chandry's cab, but the paint chips in the street do not. These chips are from two different cars, Chandry's cab and an unidentified cab, smashed together. Nick and Warrick return to the cab company and gather paint samples. They find a cab with fresh damage, driven by Gus DiFusco. Archie pulls video from Gus' cab camera and learns that Gus was staging, hoping to steal Chandry's fare. When Gus failed to pick up Faith, he tried to run Chandry off the road and eventually rear-ended him.

Faith, scared from the road rage, asked to be let out. She tripped over the sidewalk and landed in front of Chandry's stopped cab. When Gus rear-ended Chandry, the force of the impact pushed Chandry's cab into Faith, killing her. Gus told Chandry that because he hit her, he was responsible for her death, and they made a deal. Chandry would keep quiet about Gus staging, and Gus would keep quiet about Chandry hitting the girl.


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