chance in million

Chance in a Million

Chance in a Million was a British sitcom broadcast in 1984 and 1986.

The series was co-written by Andrew Norriss and Richard Fegen.

The producer and director of the series was Michael Mills.


The hapless Tom Chance meets his long-suffering girlfriend, Alison Little, by chance. This happens when Tom Chance goes to the same pub on a blind date to meet a girl (who is also called Alison), that Alison Little has arranged to meet her cousin Tom (for the first time since they were young children).

Tom is shy towards Alison. However, Alison has fallen in love with Tom at first sight and she is keen for their friendship to develop into something more intimate.

Tom has a tendency to get into trouble as a result of unlikely coincidences. This leads to Tom being arrested for crimes he did not commit — which happens so often that the Police Sergeant eventually gives orders for Tom not to be arrested, no matter how suspicious the circumstances.

Tom has an amusing ability to drink an entire pint of beer in one gulp whilst in the middle of speaking a sentence.

He also has a bizarre obsession with Surrey and England cricketer Alec Bedser, and a cricket bat, which has been autographed by the cricketer, is one of Tom's most treasured possessions.



There were three series, each of six episodes, as follows:

Series 1 (10 September, 198415 October, 1984)

  • Plumstones (10 September, 1984) – Unfortunate coincidences brings about Tom Chance's arrest.
  • Honour Thy Father And Thy Mother (17 September, 1984) – Tom is mistaken for a crooked car dealer.
  • Flowing With The Tide (24 September, 1984) – The bank fails to pay Tom's bills.
  • The Birthday Party (1 October, 1984) – Tom's party for Alison is a disaster.
  • Man Of Iron (8 October, 1984) – Tom's bad luck affects Alison's visiting cousin.
  • Stuff Of Dreams (15 October, 1984) – Reporters expect to find a crime boss at Tom's.

Series 2 (6 January, 198610 February, 1986)

Series 3 (27 October, 1986 - 1 December, 1986)


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