Chan Chan

Chan Chan

[chahn chahn]
Chan Chan, ruins of an ancient city near Trujillo, N Peru. An early example of city planning, with a rectangular grid structure, it was probably begun in the period from A.D. 950 to 1400, and it is estimated that it may have contained as many as 200,000 people. Chan Chan is generally accepted as the capital of the Chimu, a pre-Inca civilization. It is on a large plain of the coastal desert, which was made arable by extensive irrigation works. Covering c.11 sq mi (28 sq km), the city comprised at least 10 self-contained, walled-in units. The walls, built of adobe brick, are decorated with relief designs.

Death mask of gold and silver alloy with copper eyes and ears, Chimú kingdom (circa elipsis

Ancient city, northern Peru. Located 300 mi (480 km) north of modern-day Lima, it was the capital of the Chimú, a pre-Incan civilization that flourished circa 1200–circa 1400. The ruins, which cover nearly 14 sq mi (36 sq km), consist of walled citadels containing temples, cemeteries, and gardens. The successors of the Moche civilization, the Chimú came under the rule of the Incas circa 1465–70.

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