In the Dune series of science fiction novels by Frank Herbert, a no-chamber is a construct that hides whatever is inside it from prescient/oracular vision. It also appears to render the contents invisible and undetectable in other ways.

For most of the history of the Dune universe, the first no-chamber was considered to have been constructed on Ix. Inside this chamber Hwi Noree was grown by the Ixians with biological technology they bought from the Bene Tleilax. The development of the chamber itself was a combination of efforts on other devices such as a device that records the thoughts of Leto II into a written journal, a device that hides the journals from prescient vision, and experiments to create a navigation machine that could replace a Spacing Guild Navigator.

An early experimental model, which may or may not have actually been the first no-chamber, was at Dar-es-Balat, where the journals of the God Emperor Leto II were hidden.

However, we learn in the Prelude to Dune trilogy that the first no-chamber was actually invented by a man named Chobyn preceding the times of Dune. Chobyn created this no-chamber for the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, and it is in this no-chamber that Duncan Idaho and Miles Teg hide during the events of Heretics of Dune. This technology was lost, and then re-invented by the Ixians.

This technology was later incorporated into the No-ship.

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