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Grimbor the Chainsman

Grimbor the Chainsman is the name of a DC Comics supervillain featured in the pages of Legion of Super-Heroes. Grimbor first appeared in Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes #221.



Grimbor is a master craftsman. He came into contact with Charma when he was hired to devise a way of negating her powers, and she persuaded him to use his abilities for crime. Together they captured the Legion of Super-Heroes and attempted to blackmail R.J. Brande, but they ended up foiled by Shrinking Violet. Charma was later killed in prison and Grimbor swore revenge on the Legion. He attacked the Legion and later put the Earth in energy chains. The Legion thwarted him and he was imprisoned in one of his own cells.

Post-Zero Hour

Grimbor later made a brief appearance in post-Zero Hour continuity in Legionnaires #66, where a flashback shows him being defeated by EarthGov agents Lyle Norg and Jacques Foccart prior to them gaining their invisibility powers.

Final Crisis

Grimbor the Chainsman is among the supervillains in Superman-Prime's Legion of Super-Villains.

Other Media


Grimbor appears in the Legion of Super-Heroes episode "The Karate Kid" voiced by Lex Lang. He has been in cahoots with Imperiex when it came to stealing items and has been pursued by Nemesis Kid (who was pursuing Grimbor on behalf of the Science Police) and the Legion of Super Heroes. When most of the Legion ended up hit by a weapon that removed their powers, only Karate Kid was left to fight him. He managed to defeat him where one of Grimbor's chains got caught in a shaft and Grimbor was seemingly destroyed when Karate Kid triggered an explosive device on his belt. Grimbor turned out to be alive in the episode "In the Beginning" where he captures R.J. Brande and lured the Legion into the trap. He was hired by R.J.'s former partner Roderick Doyle (who was posing as Senator Tolay) to eliminate R.J. and the Legion once and for all. He was eventually defeated by Lightning Lad.


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