Chahar, former province (109,527 sq mi/283,675 sq km), N China. Zhangjiakou (Kalgan) was the capital. It was abolished as a province in 1952; most of it was incorporated in the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region, and the rest was divided between Shanxi and Hebei provs. The southern tip of the region, economically the most important, includes the eastern terminus of the main road to the Republic of Mongolia and is well connected by rail. Kaoliang, wheat, and corn are raised in its fertile loess soil. The rest of the region, mainly inhabited by Mongolian herders, is a high, almost barren plateau, where livestock raising and animal trapping are the chief economic activities; horses, hides, fur, and wool are exported.
Chahar-cheragh Square (Persian: میدان چهارچراغ, in Sorani Kurdish: چوارچرا Chuwar Chira) (meaning Square of the four candles), is a public square in the centre of the city of Mahabad.

It is now officially called Shahrdari Square. (Municipality Square).

This square is one of the oldest places of Mahabad city.

At this Place the Russian-backed Qazi Muhammad proclamated the Republic of Mahabad in 1946. Here, after restoring Iranian authority and chasing the Russian-backed elements away in 1947, Qazi Muhammad, and other political leaders of the Republic of Mahabad were executed by people.

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