cerebellar cortex


Cortex (Latin: "bark", "rind", "shell" or "husk") may mean any of the following:

In anatomy:

  • Cortex (anatomy), the outermost or superficial layer of an organ, and especially in the brain:
    • the Cerebral cortex (usually just cortex), the outer layer of the vertebrate cerebrum, part of which is the forebrain
      • the Motor cortex, the regions of the cerebral cortex involved in voluntary motor functions
      • the Prefrontal cortex, the anterior part of the frontal lobes of the brain
      • the Visual cortex, regions of the cerebral cortex involved in visual functions.
    • the Cerebellar cortex, the outer layer of the vertebrate cerebellum
  • as well as in other organs:

In other sciences:

  • Cortex (botany), the outer portion of the stem or root of a plant
  • Cortex (archaeology), the outer layer of rock formed on the exterior of raw materials by chemical and mechanical weathering processes.
  • The cellular cortex is the region proximal to the cell surface, that is directly underneath the cell membrane

In video games:

Other uses:

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