central office

Central Office for Jewish Emigration

The Central Office for Jewish Emigration was established in Vienna in August 1938 and was headed by Adolf Eichmann of the Jewish Department of the SD. The purpose was to force as many Jews as possible to emigrate. In order to do so, he fixed quotas of Jews, who had to leave and made the Jewish community responsible for filling them out. He set up the Central Office so that all arrangements for emigration could be made in one location. Rich Jews were to finance the emigration of the poorer ones. Eichmann's methods and policies served as a model for the entire Reich and on January 24, 1939 the Reich Central Office for Jewish Emigration was established with Reinhard Heydrich at the head. It was charged with the task of using all available means to prompt Jews to emigrate: and establishing a Jewish organisation that would incorporate all of German Jewry and co-ordinate emigration from the Jewish side.

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