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Central Casting

Central Casting

Central Casting is a casting company located in Burbank, California. They currently specialize in casting extras, body doubles, and stand-ins.


Central Casting was established in 1925 initially as a wing of the major Hollywood movie studios. By the 1970s they came to dominate the field of extras casting.

The name of this company had developed into a jargon term denoting a generic or a stereotypical location where someone could travel to and cast a specific character type for a specific type of film or television production. The term, Central Casting is also in widespread use outside of the film industry.

In April 2006 Central Casting officially opened its New York division.


Central Casting is also the name of several out-of-state casting agencies, and of a broker for MUSH players.

Central Casting is also the name of a series of role-playing supplements originally published about 1990 by Task Force Games. These supplements were aimed at "fleshing out" characters to be used during role-playing games by providing randomly generated background information for the characters.


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