Catty-Cornered is a 1966 Tom and Jerry cartoon directed by Abe Levitow and produced by Chuck Jones.


Jerry lives in the wall between two apartments, one where Tom lives and the other where another cat lives.

Jerry yawns and peeks out of his hole, and soon sees an illuminated wheel of cheese on top of a table. Before Jerry can reach the cheese, he is squashed by a flyswatter from Tom. Jerry runs away and is periodically squashed until he puts on extra speed and escapes into his hole. Jerry holds one of his feet out as a "test" and Tom promptly flattens it. Tom then starts groping for the mouse and Jerry hops away, out of his hole, into another room, when he encounters the other cat and then flees back to his hole in panic. Jerry does the math and realizes he is doomed unless he has a plan. Jerry decides to play the cats against each other.

He crunches himself up like a tough guy and steals one of Tom's whiskers and fans himself. Tom growls at Jerry, but then Jerry pricks a second whisker and uses it as a toothpick, and then walks back into his hole as Tom slaps at him with the flyswatter. The other cat peers into the mousehole and gets slapped by Tom's flyswatter, leading him to believe that it is a super-strong Jerry responsible. He laughs at the idea, but when he gets bopped on the head again, he punches through the mousehole and causes Tom to be thrown into the table with the cheese on it. Tom also believes that Jerry has become a Herculean mouse, and both cats continue to believe this until the end.

Tom has set out a plate of cheese for Jerry, with an arrow prepared for the mouse if he takes it. Jerry obliges, but the arrow misses him and instead goes through the mousehole and strips the other cat of its back fur, coming to rest in the mouth of a singing bass. Jerry gobbles the cheese and then pulls on the cord, inciting Tom to pull back, with chaotic results on the other end: The bass is pulled into the hole, and eventually, Tom pulls hard enough such that it launches out of the hole and spears him in the face. Tom's fur is shown to be hanging off the end of the bass' nose and Tom begins to cry.

The other cat has built a brick wall to hide behind and slingshots a pebble into Jerry's hole. Jerry sees it and holds out the plumbing such that the pebble comes out of a cannon in a Civil War painting on Tom's wall and into his mouth. Tom redirects the cannon that he was planning to use on Jerry and shoots it back through the hole in the wall and it ends up blowing up the other cat's brick wall. A brick falls on the other cat's head and knocks the blackened feline to the floor.

Tom rolls a lighted firework into Jerry's hole, and Jerry rolls it back out under Tom. Tom hears it hissing under him and raises himself such that he is dazed, but not hurt, by the explosion. Both cats then arm a hand grenade and throw it into the mouse's hole, but they hit each other and return to their owners. The two grenades go back and forth until they both explode in their owners' hands, destroying almost the entire wall.

The two defeated, blackened cats look at each other, turn around, and agreeing that it's more trouble than it's worth to catch the mouse, are seen leaving their respective apartments with a suitcase in hand. Jerry, deciding that he has been having fun, quickly grabs a suitcase and follows after them.

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