catch one flatfooted

My One Temptation, Part 1

"Noah's Arc"
My One Temptation, Part 1 pilot episode
Season 1
Episode number 1
Production code
Original US Airdate October 19, 2005
Writer Patrik-Ian Polk
Director Patrik-Ian Polk
episode chronology
"My One Temptation, Part 1"
"My One Temptation, Part 2"

"My One Temptation, Part 1" is the pilot episode of the Logo (TV channel) series "Noah's Arc" which has become a huge hit for the brand-new cable network. It originally aired on October 19, 2005.

Episode Synopsis

Noah befriends a fellow writer, who wants to spend a lot of time with him but is obviously straight. Ricky struggles to resist the advances of his hot new store clerk. Meanwhile, Chance moves into a new home with his boyfriend and his boyfriend's daughter.


This episode was presented as a special one-hour two-part episode . This episode is available as a bonus feature on the Queer as Folk: The Final Season DVD set.

Noah mentions a club called Catch One to Wade. In the original pilot, Noah and his friends were seen hanging out at that club. Now, the gang hangs out at the HERE lounge.

According to Trey's online profile on, he is 30.

Although this episode follows the same storyline seen by thousands of viewers on the film festival circuit last year, it is not an exact replica of the original pilot. The scenes have been re-shot in new locations, and the sexual content was toned down.

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