catch some rays

Paternoster, Western Cape

Paternoster Latin Pater Noster, (Our father) pronounced "PUTT-err-noster") is a small fishing village on the western coast of the Western Cape Province of South Africa sitting alongside Paternoster Bay. The name comes from a type of fishing tackle, or, according to the home page of a local group, the name of a Dutch merchant vessel that was wrecked in the bay "three centuries ago". The village has an off-the-beaten-track feel to it, with great nature reserves and generally unspoilt marine ecosystems and sea life. Because Paternoster is a small fishing community, fresh fish is always on the menu and it is a must-see place for the day traveller around Cape Town. The coastline is in part sandy and in part rocky and inland from the village the countryside is quite arid.

There is a relatively large public beach on Paternoster Bay, complete with a unique natural rock jetty. While the water is very cold most of the year, there is plenty of sun and a large expanse of sand where locals and tourists alike can catch some rays. Dolphins and whales can be seen from the beach or the surrounding hills.

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