catbird: see mimic thrush.


Several perching birds in unrelated families are called "catbirds" because of their calls:
Catbirds proper in the bowerbird family (Ptilonorhynchidae):
White-eared Catbird (Ailuroedus buccoides)
Spotted Catbird (Ailuroedus melanotis)
Green Catbird (Ailuroedus crassirostris)
Tooth-billed Catbird (Scenopooetes dentirostris)
New World catbirds in the mockingbird family (Mimidae)
Gray Catbird (Dumetella carolinensis)
Black Catbird (Melanoptila glabrirostris)
Abyssinian Catbird (Parophasma galinieri) in the Old World babbler family (Timaliidae)

Other uses

For the Lockeed Martin test aircraft, see Lockheed CATBird
For the Scaled Composites aircraft, see Scaled Composites Catbird
For the record company, see Catbird Records
For the idiom, see Catbird seat
For basketball teams with this name, see
*Louisville Catbirds
*La Crosse Catbirds
For a reference to a horse of that name, see Golden Slipper
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