Burton-Judson Courts

Burton-Judson Courts is a dormitory complex at the University of Chicago. One of the few undergraduate facilities located south of the Midway Plaisance, B-J is a castlelike edifice built in a gothic style similar to that of the University's main quadrangles. B-J was the first on-campus residence of eminent astronomer Carl Sagan, who lived in room 141 (See "Carl Sagan, A Life"). It also served as the location of the much-publicized construction of a functional nuclear breeder reactor for the 1999 University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt.

B-J is organized into seven "houses":

  • Chamberlin, winner of the first two Scavenger Hunts (1987 and 1988).
  • Vincent, winner of the 1996 Scavenger Hunt. Won the BJ Olympics (2006) and current Undergraduate-wide Intramural Sports Champions.
  • Coulter, named after botanist John Merle Coulter
  • Mathews, home of the functional breeder reactor in 1999, and founder of the Federation of Independent Scav Hunt Teams (the FIST).
  • Linn, widely known as Linn, Linn, House of Sin.
  • Salisbury, reigning BJ Olympic Champions (2007, 2008).
  • Dodd-Mead, home of Carl Sagan and winner of the first three Classical Entertainment Society Chariot Races (2005, 2006, and 2007).

Notable Residents

  • Carl Sagan Noted astronomer. Lived in Dodd House.
  • James W. Cronin Nobel prize winning physicist and UofC faculty member. Lived in Chamberlin House.
  • Philip Glass Noted Composer, lived in Coulter House.


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