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Football Federation of Ukraine

The Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU) (Федерація Футболу України) is the governing body of football in Ukraine. It governs the football competitions such as the Ukrainian Professional League, the Ukrainian Cup, the Amatory, the competitions among the youth (under-18), and also the Ukraine national football team. It also sets the restrictions to the Premier League. It is headquartered in the national capital, Kyiv.


On March 6, 1991 as part of the Football Federation of the Soviet Union FFSU by the effort of Viktor Maksymovych Bannikov was established and legally formed the Football Federation of Ukraine FFU. However, it fully was controlled and subordinated to the Moscow's governing body.
On August 24, 1991 the Supreme Council of Ukraine by its Act about recognition of independency expressed its intent of casting away from Soviet Union and creation of a sovereign state – Ukraine. After these event the Executive Committee of Football Federation of the Ukrainian SSR made the decision to have a plenum in the beginning of December where the future of the growth of the national sport would be defined.
However, until then the following events took place that contribute to a certain degree of confusion.

  • In the beginning of the September a joined conference of the governing body of the federation and the national football society took place where it was announces to establish internal institutes which would subordinate to Moscow.
  • In October a meeting between Viktor Bannikov and the president UEFA, Lennart Johansson, took place. The president of the European football union promised to fully support Ukraine of joining the European football organization.

About the fact that on the world map appeared a new nation the world society realized on December 1, 1991 after the conduction of the All-national referendum.
After all that, on December 13 in the big hall of ministry in affairs of the youth, sport, and tourism the Council of the Federation in one vioce accepted the following declaration:
"In accordance with the All-national referendum of 1 December 1991 Ukraine has become an independent state. The Football Federation of Ukraine – sovereign, independent, public organization that does not belong to any federation of foreign states. The Federation takes full jurisdiction over the protection the rights of players, coaches, and the football specialists.
The Football Federation is responsible to uphold the international norms and human rights without concern of a nationality or a religious beliefs. The Footaball Federation confirms its adherence to goals and principals of FIFA and UEFA statues affirms their execution.
The Football Federation of Ukraine has executed all its obligations to the Soviet Football Union and declares of canceling its membership."
The December 13 is the day when the Football Federation of Ukraine was established.



  • Quick overview (in Russian) - co-memorated to the first match of the national team.

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