Caryocaraceae (syn. Rhizobolaceae DC.) is a family of flowering plants consisting of two genera and about 25 species. The family is exclusively neotropical.



  • Anthodiscus obovatus Benth. ex Wittm.
  • Anthodiscus pilosus Ducke Caryocar
  • Caryocar amygdaliferum Mutis
  • Caryocar barbinerve Miq. (Brazil: Bahia)
  • Caryocar brasiliense Cambess. (Brazil)
  • Caryocar coriaceum Wittm.
  • Caryocar costaricense Donn. Sm. (Costa Rica, Panama)
  • Caryocar cuneatum Wittm.
  • Caryocar edule Casar.
  • Caryocar glabrum Pers.
  • Caryocar intermedium Wittm.
  • Caryocar nuciferum L. - Butter-nut (Colombia, Peru, Venezuela)
  • Caryocar microcarpum Ducke
  • Caryocar montanum (Guyana)
  • Caryocar tomentosum Willd.
  • Caryocar villosum (Aubl.) Pers.

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