Carn is the official magazine of the Celtic League. The name, which is cognate with the English word 'cairn', was chosen for its symbolic value and because it can be found in each of the living Celtic languages. The subtitle is: A Link Between the Celtic Nations.


Founded in 1973, Carn is dedicated to highlighting and furthering the aims of the Celtic League. The articles are produced in the six living Celtic languages (including Manx and Cornish) as well as in English. In the past, articles have also appeared in French. Notable contributors include the Scottish Gaelic poet Sorley MacLean. The cover of the magazine for a number of years has been a map showing the various Celtic countries, notated with their names in their respective native languages.

Editors of Carn

Nationality is indicated by letters after their names as so:
B - Breton, C - Cornish, I -Irish, M - Manx, S - Scots, W - Welsh

An arrow indicates the editor later relocated to one of the other Celtic countries.

Frang MacThòmais: (1973-74), S
Padraig Ó Snodaigh: (1974-77), I
Cathal Ó Luain: (1977-81), I
Pedyr Pryor: (1981-84), C
Pat Bridson: (1984-present), M -> I

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