cargo vessel

Submarine Cargo Vessel

Ordered N/A
Laid down N/A
Launched N/A
Commissioned N/A
General characteristics
Length 175 m (574.15 ft)
Beam 23 m (74.5 ft)
Draft 12 m (39.37 ft)
Displacement N/A
Cargo capacity Up to 15,000 tonnes
Propulsion 2 pressurized-water nuclear reactors
2 propellers
Complement 163 men (original Typhoon)
Armament None, missile launchers replaced with cargo holds
Speed Surfaced: 2-3 knots (with solid ice cover up to 2.6 m)
Submerged: 16-18 knots (about 31 km/h)
Maximum Depth 400 m (original Typhoon)

The Submarine Cargo Vessel (Russian: Подводное транспортное судно) is a proposed idea from the Russian Rubin Design Bureau. The idea is to utilise decommissioned SSBNs (nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine) from the Russian Navy to carry cargo under the Arctic Ocean. The reason for this solution is that it would be considerably cheaper than designing and producing an entirely new type of submarine.

The basis for the project is a Project 941 Typhoon class submarine, which was designed by Rubin in 1976. It would have its ballistic missile launchers removed and replaced with cargo holds.

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