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St. Joseph's College, Hong Kong

Established in 1875, St. Joseph's College (SJC; traditional Chinese: 聖若瑟書院; Jyutping: sing3 joek6 sat1 syu1 jyun2, Pinyin: Shèngruòsè Shūyuàn; demonym: Josephian) is the oldest Catholic boys' secondary school in Hong Kong. It is located at 7 Kennedy Road, Mid-levels, in the Central and Western District. The College enrollment is about 1198; together with the affiliated kindergarten and primary school at 48 Wood Road, the enrollment of the schools now exceeds 4200.

The sponsoring body of the College is the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. Known as the 'Lasallian Brothers', the Institute's spirit is of faith and zeal: to have faith in God and an ardent zeal to teach the children, helping them in developing themselves so to live as brothers and sisters in a world of justice. In accordance, the mission of the College is "to educate students in areas of intellectual, physical, social, moral and emotional development" and "to impart a human and Christian education...and to do so with faith and zeal".

The College provides education which emphasises not only academic but also extracurricular activities. The College also aims at stimulating the social awareness of the students, with a number of alumni becoming important social figures.

The north and west blocks of the College are declared monuments of Hong Kong.


Foundation of the College (1875-1880)

The College was previously a Portuguese commercial school named St. Saviour's College, established on Pottinger Street in 1860. Father Timoleon Raimondi, who was then the bishop of the Colony, convinced Rome to send the Lasallian Brothers to the British Colony. On 7 November 1875 six Lasallian Brothers arrived in Hong Kong: Brothers Hidulphe Marie (Director), Hidulphe de Jesus, and Hebertus from the Boarding school of Marseilles; Brother Adrian Edmund and Aldolphus Marie from the Novitiate of London; and Brother Isfrid from Paris. They renamed the school after Saint Joseph, the patron saint of workers and the Universal Church.

School Rally Brother Marcian (1903)

Verse 1

All through our College a voice is resounding,
Promptly respond to your duty's clear call.
Harken you all for the trumpet is sounding,
Your Mater's proclaiming her watchword to all.


Forward, not flinch nor fear,
Ever with heart sincere,
Render with joy to your Mater her due:
All that is vile reject: Heaven will e'er protect,
Sons of St. Joseph's valiant and true.

Verse 2

Labour and Virtue your motto still bearing,
Forward with courage in ways that are just:
True to your standard be doing and daring,
As faithful Josephians in Heaven you trust.


Verse 3

Onward and upward in life's earnest battle,
Joyously bearing the brunt of the fight,
Nobly forgiving for aught that may pain you,
And bravely defending the cause of the right.


Verse 4

Lift up your hearts for a Kingdom awaits you,
Honour and Virtue with courage defend:
Serve Him in life, who in death can reward you,
And vow to be faithful and true to the end.

At the time of the takeover the school had just seventy-five students. That year, hundreds of Portuguese families had taken refuge in Hong Kong as a disastrous typhoon had swept over Macau, so after weeks the enrollment had doubled and it became evident that an extension to the present building had to be contemplated. Mgr. Raimondi purchased a house (Buxley Lodge) situated at 9 Caine Road for $14,000 in June 1876, and the Brothers at once moved into it.

Experiences of the Lasallian Brothers proved to be beneficial to the school, especially when the first Director, Brother Hidulphe Marie, had success with schools in Agra and Colombo. In 1879 the enrollment had already increased to 259, making it the largest grant-in-aid school in the colony and second largest school overall; the largest school at that time was Central School (now Queen's College) with an attendance of 590. In the same year the first class for Chinese students (Anglo-Chinese school) was opened. Academic results were outstanding, with a passing rate at 90.71%.

Days at Robinson Road (1881-1917)

In April, 1880, Brother Cyprian was appointed Director. He had been a distinguished teacher in New York and Quebec and had held the directorship of several schools in his native land, Canada, previous to his experience in London and Paris. In order to cater for the needs of the fast-growing school, a piece of land in Glenealy below Robinson Road was bought and a two-storey Victorian building became home to the College in 1881.

In January, 1884, Brother Ivarch Louis arrived in Hong Kong as Director. The College had already secured a prominent place among the leading education establishments and its influence radiated through all the countries of the Far East, with boarding students from the Philippines, Indochina, Siam, Malaya and elsewhere. In 1889 he was called to Colombo and Brother Abban took his place. Enrollment had been increased to 409 and two Chinese staff were employed by the college; in the same year a third storey was added to the school building for the accommodation of the boarders. The wings were further added in 1901.

The College soon became outstanding in both academic and sports fields. Students from the three higher classes (the "Oxford Classes") led by Brother Stephen Buckley from Cork got top results in Oxford University examinations. The College also became a cradle for the success achieved on the sports field of the Colony, especially in the area of soccer.

The new Kennedy Road campus (1918- )

On 13 February 1918, a fifty-second earthquake struck the colony and the Robinson Road campus was severely damaged. Subsequently Principal Brother Aimar bought the Club Germania with its commodious grounds at 7 Kennedy Road on 3 September - the splendid German building was confisicated by the Custodian of Enemy Property of the British Colonial Government since the outbreak of World War I. The top floor of the five-storey Victorian building was the Brothers' Quarters. The third floor was once a dormitory for students and boarders, while afterwards it served as the old Old Hall. The second floor was the office and quarters of the secretary; the first floor located the general office and recreation room. The ground floor was a library.

Noting that pupils living on the Kowloon side had to cross by ferry round-trip every day, Brother Aimar set up a branch school on Chatham Road, Kowloon, which later became the La Salle College in 1932.

In order to accommodate more students, the North Block (Classroom Block) was erected in 1920 and was opened by Governor Sir Reginald Edward Stubbs. The Chapel Block (Science Block) was opened on 24 October 1925, housing the Chapel, laboratories, and Li Shek Pang Hall (the current Old Hall).

During the Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong from 1941 to 1945, the College was used as a clinical depot by the Imperial Japanese Army. Some Brothers fled to Vietnam and became guests of the Dominicans and the Jesuits, while others were kept as prisoners of war in the local concentration camps. The campus was kept in shape by a minor staffer called Ah Yiu, who would also smuggle essentials into the camps for the Brothers.

The College soon resumed class after the war. In 1962, Club Germania was demolished and a modern eight-storey building (New Building) was erected under Principal Brother Brenden Dunne. Governor Sir Robert Brown Black and Superior General Brother Nicet Joseph officiated the opening of the new building.


The College is located at 7 Kennedy Road which is only five minutes walk from Central, the central commercial district of Hong Kong. Neighbours include St. Joseph's Church and Hong Kong Park. St. Joseph's Path, which joins Kennedy Road and Garden Road, runs along the east side of the College.

The College's architecture is an interesting combination of typical colonial European (British Imperialist) and modern styles. The Old Building (north block), constructed in 1920, houses most of the classrooms. The Chapel Block (west block) houses the Old Hall, music room, laboratories, lecture room and school chapel. These buildings were built in a Colonial style reflecting European influences; features include the clock towers, the turret and the verandahs built for ventilation. The two blocks are declared monuments of Hong Kong since August 2000.

The modern New Building (south block), which replaced the original Club Germania on the site, houses the upper form classrooms. The New Hall, senior laboratories, library and computer rooms are located here. The Multimedia Learning Centre (MMLC) on the second floor has been in use since 2000. This special room has been equipped with a number of personal desktop computers and various audio-visual instruments for the enhancement of effective teaching.

In 2003, the school had installed kiosks within the campus for students to log in to the Internet. Due to enormous usage, the number of these workstations will be increased.

In 2007, the school had five new rooms : an art room, two staff rooms, a remedial room and an Information Technology Learning Centre (ITLC) under the new hall.


The College is governed by the School Management Committee. It is formed by the supervisor, the principal, two vice-principals, a teachers' representative, a Parent-Teacher Association representative, an Old Boys' Association representative, a senior teacher and three Lasallian Brothers.

The faculty includes fifty classroom teachers, a careers mistress, a discipline master, a counseling mistress, a sports master, a librarian, a music teacher, three Native English Speaking (NET) teachers, a French teacher and two art mistresses. Laboratory technicians, IT technicians and a library assistant are also employed. A part-time social worker is accessible to the students. The current school supervisor is Rev. Brother Thomas Favier.



St. Joseph’s College is an English medium school. French is offered as an alternative to Chinese as the second language. For the first three years of school various subjects were introduced to students, including English, Chinese/French, Putonghua, Mathematics, Integrated Humanities, Religious Studies (Christianity), Music and Visual Arts. In order to raise students' awareness in business, Business Fundamentals was recently introduced. Integrated Science is introduced in Form One to Two, and by Form Three Physics, Chemistry and Biology are offered to students.

Starting from the academic year 2007-2008, a new subject, Integrated Humanities (IH) shall replace the subjects Geography, History and Economics and Public Affairs for Forms one and two; whereas the three subjects mentioned shall remain for one more year in Form three; they will be replaced by IH from the academic year 2008-2009.

Classes from Form Four onwards are two-stream classes (Arts or Science). Form Four and Five students will prepare for the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE) and all students must take English, Chinese/French, Mathematics and Religious Studies (Christianity) as their core subjects. History, Chinese History, Geography, Economics, Commerce, Principles of Accounts, Travel & Tourism, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Additional Mathematics and Computer & IT are offered according to the streaming. The College is among the first schools to offer the highly regarded Travel & Tourism course, and study activities such as visits and study tours are strongly backed up by the industry.

Matriculation classes (Lower and Upper Six) are three-stream classes (Arts, Mathematics or Biology). Use of English, Chinese Language and Culture, Economics, Business Studies, Principles of Accounts, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Pure Mathematics and Computer Application are offered. Students will take Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE or A-level) at the end of matriculation.

Physical education, moral and civic education and reading lessons are compulsory for all students. The College also runs a summer tuition course for newly admitted Form One students who have a weaker foundation in English. There are also remedial classes of Chinese, English and Mathematics in the first three years for weak students.


Academic results of the College have been outstanding right from the very beginning. In the pre-war years students from the three higher classes (the "Oxford Classes") would participate in the Oxford University examinations and get top results. In 1959 a Josephian obtained nine distinctions and two credits in the Hong Kong School Certificate Examination. In 1972 the Quiz team won the TVB quiz programme ‘On your marks’ for two consecutive years.

In 2002, the College topped all local schools with four Josephians obtaining ten A-grades in the HKCEE. The College continues to strive for academic excellency, setting new school record of a total of 312 A-grades in the HKCEE and a per capita of 1.63 A-grades scored in 2006.

The College has a high university entrance rate and a number of graduates have also gone on to top universities around the world. A lot of high achievers also entered medical schools. In year 2003, 11 graduates entered medical schools in Hong Kong.

Ever since the introduction of the school value-addedness analysis by the Education and Manpower Bureau, the College has been value-added for seven consecutive years.

Extra-curricular activities


Sports has been at the forefront of the College ever since its establishment. In 1877, just two years after its establishment, the College held the first local inter-school sports competition with St. Paul’s College, and around 1880 it established one of the first modern football teams in China. The first local inter-school athletic meet with Queen's College and Diocesan Boys' School was held in 1899, and in 1903 the first local inter-school football league was formed with the two schools.

The College has established excellent results in various sports competitions. In 1909 and 1952 it captured a grand slam in inter-school football, winning both the First and Junior Team trophies. In 1983 the College recaptured the inter-school football overall championship, starting a two-decade long dominance of the position. 1996 saw a record sixth time grand slam in the history of the competition. By 2007, the College has already snatched the overall championship 18 times in 25 years.

From 1913 to 1918 the College was crowned champion of inter-school athletics six years in a row. The athletics team won the Governor’s Shield, champion of the inter-school athletics meet, for six times over the twelve years it was being offered (1925-1936).

Swimming is also a particular strength of the College. The College first won the inter-school championship of swimming in 1918. In 1991 the College recaptured the inter-school swimming overall champion title, last won in 1937; and in 1992 it won a grand slam in the competition. By 2006 the school has already captured the A grade inter-school swimming championship title for the tenth time, its eighth in the last decade. Josephians are currently holding six inter-school and sixteen Hong Kong swimming records.

For basketball, the team first won the Hong Kong Basketball Association Shield in 1925. In 1998 the school captured grand slam as well as the Jing-Ying (i.e. elite) and Marathon title in the inter-school basketball competitions. By 2000 the College had already been champion for six times in seven years in the All Hong Kong Inter-school Basketball Marathon and in 2006 the school captured the A grade inter-school basketball championship title (HK Island) for the tenth time, a record since the competition was splited in 1967. In 2007 the College captured the fifth ever overall championship in inter-school basketball competition.

Other major sports achievements included:

  • 1956: Snatched the Wing Wah Challenge Shield, being the inter-school tennis champion, three years in a row
  • 1961: The hockey team won the Sir Arthur Morse Challenge Trophy for two consecutive years
  • 1974: First school table tennis team to receive the ‘Champion Honour’ in the Hong Kong Open Championship
  • 1977: The bowling team won the annual SCAA High School Bowling Tournament for the third time in four years
  • 1987: The table tennis team captured the inter-school overall championship, the SCAA Open and the HKU President Cup titles all in the same year
  • 1991-93: Inter-school Swimming champion three year in a row
  • 1991-92: Inter-school life saving champion second year in a row
  • 1994: Inter-school squash champion second year in a row
  • 2006: Captured every championship in the seven-year history of inter-school waterpolo competition.

In fact, the College is known as a cradle for local elite sportsmen. In 1936 the College produced the first Olympian representing China in swimming. In 1978 two Asian-gamers came from the College. From 1998 onwards the College has a steady output of Asian-gamers (1998: three; 2002: five; 2006: four) and in 2000 two Olympians representing HK, China came from St. Joseph's.

Scouting, Red Cross and St. John Ambulance

The College established the first Scout troop in Hong Kong in 1913, two years before the Scout Association of Hong Kong was established. Since then the scout troop has received several awards, and in 1962 it became the first scout troop to hold the Prince of Wales Banner and the Carlton Trophy at the same time. By 1978 the Venture Scout captured the Prince of Wales Banner for fourteen years since the Banner's establishment.

In 1967, an ambulance cadet division of the St. John Ambulance Brigade was established in 1st November, 1967, and was the first ambulance cadet division after the first re-organization in the 1950s. In 1973, the St. John Ambulance Brigade won the Sir Michael Hogan Trophy three years in a row.

In 1970, Red Cross won the Drilling Shield three years in a row. Cadet Unit 17 is one of the most successful unit in Hong Kong. They have won a lot of competitions during the 90's.

Speech and debating

In 1971 the College won its first debating trophy, the Haye’s Trophy, in the inter-school debating championships. Since then the school excelled in both Chinese and English debating. In 1988 it captured the Champion of English Debate Competition organized by the Joint School Debating Society (JSDS) and sponsored by the British Council of Hong Kong. The College captured the championship of Chinese debating in Sing Tao Inter-school Debating Competition in 2000 and 2001; furthermore, in 2004 it captured the first ever grand slam in the history of the competition in both the English and Chinese sections. By 2005 the school had won in the English debating section for two consecutive years.

Josephians also excelled in the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival, and in 1999 the school captured more than one hundred top-three positions in the annual Festival.


In 1974 the College won the champion title in Male Voice Quartet, Folk music: Solos and Duets, the Dorothy Smith Trophy (Boys Junior: Treble Choir), the Music Society Shield (Mixed Voice Choir), the Dr. Karl Hohner Shield (Melodica Band) and the Moutrie Challenge Trophy (Piano Solos: Final) in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival.

Also, the School Orchestra was established in 2000. Each year, they will organize a concert in early July to raise funds for their development, except the year of 2003 because of the outbreak of SARS. The current conductor of the School Orchestra is Mr. Chow Hing.

Student organisations


Students' Union was established over 23 years ago. Important activities organized by the Students' Union include the Green & White Day and the Internal Talent Quest. Leading by Lower Six students in the college, junior members are also recruited from Form 2 to form 4.

Student activities

Apart from the high achievement in sports, St. Joseph's College is also well famous for student activities and the leadership that Josephians possess. The college provides a free environment to allow students to demonstrate their creativity, team work and leadership.


School motto

LABORE ET VIRTUTE -- Labour and Virtue -- sums up the life of Saint Joseph. He was a workingman, a carpenter by trade and his virtue made him worthy to be the foster-father of Christ. This motto expresses the spirit that it is by hard work and virtue that a Josephian shall make a success of his life, and so remain true to the traditions of the College.

School badge

The badge of the College displays a shield divided into three divisions. The top division shows the Signum Fidei (sign of faith) - a five-pointed, radiant star, which is taken from the insignia of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. It reminds people of the spirit of FAITH of the Institute. The right lower division shows three chevrons symbolizing broken bones, reminding students of the bravery and ZEAL the Saint promoted. The left lower division shows the book of knowledge on top (with the Alpha and Omega inscribed) and a lamp below; together they symbolize the importance of education, something which St. La Salle emphasised.

The shield stands with a compartment with supporters each of French lily, since the Lasallian family originates in Rheims, France. The top features a ribbon with the name of the College, and a crest with a cross (Catholicism) and a crown (used to symbolize Hong Kong as a British Crown Colony before 1997). Below the shield are three shells symbolising baptism. The motto of the College in Latin, Labore et Virtute, is also found at the bottom of the badge.

School colours

The combination of Green & White has become the official colours of the College over the years. Green represents Ireland's shamrock, while White represents France's fleur-de-lis. The Lasallian Brothers of the College mostly come from Ireland and France.

Shamrock: plant having leaves divided into three leaflets; symbolize the Cross and the Holy Trinity; the emblem of Ireland. Fleur-de-lis: a charge representing lily with six pedals; symbolizing purity and the Holy Trinity; the symbol of ancient France.

Notable alumni

Executive Council members

  • Hon. Ronald Arculli (夏佳理; Class of 1956), GBS, CVO, OBE, JP; Solicitor, former member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, former chairman of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, member of the Executive Council of Hong Kong, chairman of the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, trustee of the SJC Foundation
  • The Hon. Sir David Li Kwok-po (李國寶), GBM, GBS, OBE, JP; Member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, member of the Executive Council of Hong Kong, Chairman of the Bank of East Asia, chairman of the Board of Trustees of the SJC Foundation
  • Dr. the Hon. Leong Che-hung (梁智鴻; Class of 1955), GBS, JP; Doctor, urologist, former chairman of the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong, former member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, member of the Executive Council of Hong Kong, trustee of the SJC Foundation
  • The Hon. Sir Lee Quo-wei (利國偉), GBM, CBE, JP; former chairman of Hang Seng Bank Ltd, former Chairman of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, former member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong (1968-78), former member of the Executive Council of Hong Kong (1976-78, 1983-88), recently donated HK$1 million to the SJC Foundation
  • Dr. Sir Albert Rodrigues (羅理基; Class of 1927), CBE, LLD, JP; long time member of the Urban Council, Executive Council and Legislative Council, former Senior Unofficial Member of the Executive Council of Hong Kong (1962-1974), former President of the SJC Old Boys Association (SJCOBA)
  • Dr. the Hon. Woo Pak Chuen (胡百全), CBE, JP; solicitor and notary public, Messrs P C Woo & Co., Solicitors, former member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong (1964-73), former Senior Unofficial Member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong (1972-1974), former member of the Executive Council of Hong Kong (1972-76), former President of the SJCOBA
  • Eric Peter Ho (何鴻鑾), CBE, JP; former member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong (1977-87), former member of the Executive Council of Hong Kong (1985-87), former chairman of the Public Service Commission (1987-91), former Secretary for Trade and Industry (1983-87), former Secretary for Social Services (1977-82)
  • Li Fook Shu (李福樹), OBE; former member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, former member of the Executive Council of Hong Kong, former member of the Urban Council, one of the first chartered accountants in Hong Kong, former President of the SJCOBA


  • Sir John Joseph Swaine (施偉賢), CBE, SC, JP; Prominent barrister, Senior Counsel, currently the most senior barrister in Hong Kong, former Chairman of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, former member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, former President of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong (1993-1995).
  • The Hon. Dhun Jehangir Ruttonjee, CBE, JP; son of the founder of Ruttonjee Sanitorium in Hong Kong, former member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, former Senior Unofficial Member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong (1962-1968), former President of the SJCOBA
  • The Hon. Jeffrey Lam Kin-fung (林健鋒; Class of 1969), SBS, JP; member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, Trustee of the SJC Foundation, former President of the SJCOBA
  • The Hon. Abraham Razack (石禮謙), SBS, JP; member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong
  • Edward Ho Sing-tin (何承天; Class of 1957), SBS, OBE, JP, FHKIA; Prominent architect, former member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, Deputy Chairman & Managing Director of Wong Tung & Partners Ltd., Past President of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (1983 & 1984), Trustee of the SJC Foundation

Civil Servants

  • Peter Tsao Kwang-yung (曹廣榮), CBE, JP; former Secretary of the Government Secretariat. He ended his career as the head of Home Affairs, ranking fourth in the colonial hierarchy
  • Donald Liao Poon-huai (廖本懷), CBE, JP; former Secretary for Housing
  • Chau Tak-hay (周德熙), GBS, CBE, JP; former Secretary for Trade and Industry, former Secretary for Broadcasting, Culture and Sport, former Secretary for Health and Welfare, former Director General of Trade
  • Dr. Li Yuet Ting (李越挺; Class of 1955), CBE, JP; former Director of Education
  • Andrew Wong Ho-yuen (黃灝玄; Class of 1977), JP; Permanent Secretary for the Civil Service
  • Paul Tang Kwok-wai (鄧國威), JP; Permanent Secretary for Economic Development and Labour (Labour) & Commissioner for Labour
  • Benjamin Tang Kwok-bun (鄧國斌; Class of 1969), JP; Director of Audit
  • Isaac Chow Yiu Nam (鄒耀南), JP; Deputy Director of Government Logistics


  • Dr. Joseph Chow Ming-kuen (周明權), OBE, JP; Husband of Selina Chow 周梁淑怡, civil & structural engineer, Chairman of Paul Y-ITC Construction Holdings Limited
  • Lam Wo Hei (林和起; Class of 1964), BBS, JP, FHKIA; Prominent architect, Director of Wong & Ouyang (HK) Ltd.
  • Tony Ng Kwok Tung (伍國棟; Class of 1968); certified public accountant, Managing Partner of Tony Kwok Tung Ng & Co., Non-executive Director of Wah Ha Realty Company Ltd.


  • Dr. Lo Ka-shui (羅嘉瑞; Class of 1965), GBS, JP; Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Great Eagle Holdings Limited, former Director of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited and a past chairman of its Listing Committees of the Main Board and the Growth Enterprise Market
  • Dr. Edgar Cheng (鄭維健; Class of 1961), GBS, JP; Chairman of the World-Wide Investment Co. Ltd., Member of the Tenth Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference National Committee, Chairman of the Council of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, former Head of Central Policy Unit of the Government of Hong Kong as well as the former Chairman of the Council of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.
  • Christopher Cheng (鄭維志), GBS, JP; former Chairman of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
  • Vincent Lo Hong-shui (羅康瑞), GBS, JP; Chairman of Shui On Group.
  • Dr. Dickson Poon (潘迪生), SBS, CBE; Chairman of Dickson Concepts (International) Ltd.
  • Martin Lee Ka Shing (李家誠; Class of 1988); Vice Chairman of Henderson Land Development and Henderson Investment Limited as well as a director of The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited and Miramar Hotel and Investment Company, Limited
  • Dr. Simon Lee Kwok Yin (李國賢), MBE, JP; Chairman of the Sun Hing Group of Companies, Director of Wing Hang Bank Ltd, Director of Pacific Basin Shipping Ltd, Chairman of Pacific Canadian Investments Holdings Corp., establisher of Simon K Y Lee Hall of HKU, trustee of the SJC Foundation, recently donated HK$ 600,000 to the SJC Foundation
  • William Doo (杜惠愷), JP; Deputy Chairman of NWS Holdings Limited, Vice Chairman of New World China Land Limited and New World Mobile Holdings Limited; the brother-in-law of Dr Cheng Kar Shun, Henry (鄭家純)
  • William Junior Guilherme Doo (杜家駒; Class of 1991); Executive Director of NWS Holdings Limited; son of William Doo (杜惠愷)
  • Ivan Wang Yoa Leung (王友良; Class of 1998); CEO of KING Enterprise and a Cantopop singer; the great-grandson of Bill Kwok (郭標), a leading family in Shanghai, the chief of Central Mint of China during the government of Doctor Sun Yat Sun(孫中山).
  • Howard Chao (趙式浩; Class of 2000); eldest son of Cecil Chao (趙世曾), Executive Director of Cheuk Nang (Holdings) Limited
  • Archibald Chan Tai Wing (陳棣榮); businessman, former science teacher of SJC; retired Commandant of the Hong Kong Auxiliary Police; husband of Anson Chan 陳方安生


  • Prof. Charles Kao (高錕; Class of 1952), CBE; Father of Fibre Optics; former Vice-Chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Prof. the Hon. Leong Che-hung (梁智鴻; Class of 1955), GBS, JP; Doctor, urologist, Professor of Surgery in Urology, the University of Hong Kong; former chairman of the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong, former member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, member of the Executive Council of Hong Kong, trustee of the SJC Foundation
  • Prof. John C.Y. Leong (梁智仁; Class of 1958); Doctor, President of the Open University of Hong Kong
  • Prof. S.K. Lam, OBE (林兆鑫; Class of 1962); former Dean of the LKS Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong.
  • Prof. Richard Ho Man-wui (何文匯; Class of 1964), JP; President of The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Community College
  • Prof. Dennis Lo (盧煜明); Winner of the 2001 Outstanding Young Person of the World, winner of the 10 Outstanding Young Persons Award in Hong Kong (2000), Associate Dean (Research) of the Faculty of Medicine (CUHK) and the Director of the Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Sciences
  • Prof. John H.C. Ho (何鴻超), CBE; Distinguished doctor, founder of the Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society
  • Dr. Raymond Wu Wai-yun (鄔維庸), GBS, OBE, JP; Renowned cardiologist, former President of the Physicians Society, the Hong Kong Cardiological Society and the Medical Association, member of the Basic Law Committee and Deputy of National Peoples' Congress
  • Dr. Peter Lee Chung Yin (李仲賢), JP; Renowned specialist in family medicine, former President of the Medical Association, recently donated HK$ 600,000 to the SJC Foundation
  • Dr. Tsao Yen Chow (曹延洲; Class of 1951); Renowned paediatrician, former Senior Lecturer in Paediatrics at the University of Hong Kong, elected Honorary Life Member and former President of the Hong Kong Paediatric Society
  • Prof. Lee Chack Fan (李焯芬), JP; Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Chair Professor in Geotechnical Engineering of the University of Hong Kong, Director of HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education
  • Mr. Peter Tsui Yan Sau (徐仁壽); former teacher of SJC, founded Wah Yan College Hong Kong in 1919 and Wah Yan College Kowloon in 1924
  • Prof. Jack Lau Ka Chun (廖家俊; Class of 1983); Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering of the HKUST, Chairman & Founder of Perception Digital Co. Ltd., the largest technology spin-off company from the HKUST, winner of the 10 Outstanding Young Persons Award in Hong Kong (2000), winner of the Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong (2007), younger brother of Prof. George Lau
  • Prof. George Lau Ka Kit (廖家傑; Class of 1980); Professor in Gastroenterology & Hepatology of the HKU Department of Medicine, Assistant Dean (External Affairs & Fund Raising) of the HKU LKS Faculty of Medicine, Trustee of the Cheng Si-yuan (China-International) Hepatitis Research Foundation, winner of the 10 Outstanding Young Persons Award in Hong Kong (2002), elder brother of Prof. Jack Lau
  • Prof. Joseph Lai Cho Sam (Class of 1970); Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Associate Dean (Research) at the University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy

Athletes/Sports related persons

  • Leslie Santos (山度士); Hong Kong football legend; former SCAA, Sun Hei and Hong Kong National Football Team member
  • Alex Fong Lik-sun (方力申; Class of 1997); Hong Kong Swimming Representative at Bangkok 1998 Asian Games, Pusan 2002 Asian Games and 2000 Sydney Olympics, Hong Kong Record Holder of (Long Course): 100m Backstroke 59.71 (22/07/00), 200m Backstroke 2.05.47 (20/09/00), 400m Individual Medley 4.29.02 (17/09/00), 4x100m Medley Relay 3.51.07 (05/10/02), 4x200m Freestyle Relay 7.38.91 (08/12/98), (Short Course): 200m Back Stroke 2.01.07 (09/01/00), 400m Individual Medley 4.21.08 (08/01/00), 4x200m Freestyle Relay 7.43.54 (02/04/99), singer and actor in Hong Kong
  • Charles Szeto Shui-ki (司徒瑞祈; Class of 1996); Hong Kong Swimming Representative at Bangkok 1998 Asian Games and Pusan 2002 Asian Games, Hong Kong Record Holder of (Long Course): 4x100m Freestyle Relay 3.30.29 (03/10/02), (Short Course): 100m Butterfly 55.74 (03/04/02), 4x200m Freestyle Relay 7.43.54 (02/04/99), television actor for TVB
  • Harbeth Fu Wing (符泳; Class of 1997); Hong Kong Swimming Representative at Bangkok 1998 Asian Games, Pusan 2002 Asian Games, Doha 2006 Asian Games and 2000 Sydney Olympics, Hong Kong Record Holder of (Short Course): 50m Freestyle 22.46 (25/03/01), 100m Individual Medley 58.26 (24/03/01)
  • Li Cheuk Lun (李焯倫; Class of 1999); Hong Kong Record Holder of (Short Course): 50m Butterfly 29.12 (25/03/01)
  • Chung Kwok Leung (鍾國樑; Class of 2001); Hong Kong Swimming Representative at Pusan 2002 Asian Games, Hong Kong Record Holder of (Long Course): 1500m Freestyle 16.02.83 (29/08/02), (Short Course): 800m Freestyle 8.11.30 (12/12/04), 1500m Freestyle 15.38.44 (28/11/04)
  • Martin Hong (康寶駒; Class of 1968); Solicitor, former Chairman of the Hong Kong Football Association
  • Peter Wong (黃興桂); former coach of First Division football teams such as Eastern, SCAA and Tsuen Wan; ESPN Cantonese commentator

Show-business characters

  • Ray Cordeiro (Also known as "Uncle Ray"; Class of 1941) MBE; The world's most enduring DJ (Guinness World Record holder)
  • Natalis Chan (陳百祥); comedian and game show host.
  • Damian Lau Chung-Yan (劉松仁); film and television actor.
  • Jan Lamb (林海峰); DJ of Commercial Radio Hong Kong, Cantopop singer and lyricist; voice-over talent for TV commercials
  • Daniel Lee (李仁港); film director
  • Anthony Tang Ho Kwong (鄧浩光; Class of 1979); film and television actor; former Hong Kong Swimming Team captain
  • Chiu Tsang-hei (趙增熹); Cantopop composer and producer
  • John Tang (鄧一君; Class of 1993); former television actor
  • Luke Tsang Chi-wah (曾智華; Class of 1972); renowned radio & television presenter for RTHK
  • Ivan Wang Yoa Leung (王友良; Class of 1998); Cantopop singer & CEO of KING Enterprise; the great-grandson of Bill Kwok (郭標), a leading family in Shanghai, the chief of Central Mint of China during the government of Doctor Sun Yat Sun(孫中山).
  • Kelvin Kwan (關楚耀; Class of 2000); Cantopop singer
  • Johnny Tang (鄧兆尊); film and television actor


  • According to a government report, Wednesdays were school holidays in the early days following Italian custom.
  • The Boundary Path near the New Hall of St. Joseph's College was renamed as St. Joseph's Path in 1975.
  • Prior to the establishment of St. Joseph's College Primary School, classes in the College ran from Class Eight to Class One, equivalent to Primary Five to Upper Six today.

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