Rampage: Total Destruction

Rampage: Total Destruction is the latest sequel to the Rampage arcade game produced by Midway Games. The game was released on April 24, 2006 in the U.S. for the GameCube (1-4 players) and PlayStation 2 (1-2 players). It has also been released on the Wii. The game is retailed as a budget title and includes ports of the original Rampage and Rampage World Tour.


Game modes

Total Destruction features four main game modes. The first is a Campaign Mode, where one or two players work to progressively take out cities around the world. In each city, the players destroy the city, unlock new characters and unlock the four special abilities for each monster currently being used. The four special abilities are the same for each monster.

King of the City and King of the World are competitive modes where up to four players compete. In King of the City, players strive to rule a city by dominating the most districts. King of the World is a series of King of the City competitions across various cities. The fourth mode is a time trial where the player tries to complete all the districts of a city in an allotted amount of time.

New features

This game is in 3-D but with a 2-D perspective, similar to that of Viewtiful Joe. Players are still able to destroy cities and eat people but can now also pick up and throw cars to cause more damage. Some buildings are now behind other buildings so after destroying the first one the next building must also be destroyed. Buildings may now be climbed on from the front face of the building, not just the sides. The people now have new dialogue to add to the experience of the game, such as the grenade-tossing soldiers who do a Conan O'Brien-style impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Throughout the game, additional challenges arise that offer bonus points and monster upgrades. Completing these challenges are not necessary to finish the level. There is also a gauge that gradually fills up allowing character to utilize special abilities such as Rampage mode or the Roar power. Three other super moves and other standard moves have been added to the game, such as the multi-spin attack. In the Wii version, punches can be performed by punching at the screen with the Wii Remote.

Bonus content

Total Destruction features two bonus items which come with the game already unlocked. These are ports of the original Rampage and Rampage World Tour. The Nintendo Wii version also has a clip from the Cartoon Network TV Series, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

In addition to the Cartoon Network clip, the Nintendo Wii version also features another city, Dallas, ten more monsters (Fifi, Cyril, Plucky, Squirmy, Fabio, Sarah, Brian, V.E.R.N., Boris and Ruby), and a fifth upgrade (Super Jump).


There are seven levels in the Campaign Mode (eight in the Wii version) to play through, each with a certain amount of blocks (8-10) to clear. Las Vegas is the only city initially available, but once the last district of the city is completed, other cities become available. These are the current stages available:

Las Vegas

  1. Downtown
  2. Harry's
  3. Slot World
  4. Lancelot's
  5. Jolly Rogers
  6. The Oasis
  7. Hard Luck Buffet
  8. Sinbads
  9. Nero's

San Francisco

  1. Fisherman's Wharf
  2. The Park
  3. Pacific Heights
  4. Haight Street
  5. SoMa
  6. Tenderloin District
  7. Chocolate Factory
  8. Market Street
  9. Chinatown
  10. Presidio


  1. Chelsea
  2. Mayfair
  3. West End
  4. Baker Street
  5. Trafalgar
  6. Piccadilly Circus
  7. Parliament
  8. Big Ben

Dallas (Wii only)

  1. Outskirts
  2. Turtle Creek
  3. West End
  4. Old Red
  5. Fountain Place
  6. Downtown
  7. Oil Yards
  8. Stocks
  9. Forth Worth

Los Angeles

  1. Midway Studios
  2. Studio B
  3. The Backlot
  4. LaBrea
  5. Burbank
  6. Rodeo Drive
  7. Beverly Hills
  8. Hollywood Blvd.


  1. Streeterville
  2. Michigan Ave.
  3. The Loop E.
  4. Downtown
  5. State St.
  6. LaSalle Street
  7. Wacker Drive
  8. Union Station
  9. The Tower

Hong Kong

  1. Port
  2. Docks
  3. Technology Park
  4. Gong Park
  5. Apartment Complex
  6. Market Pavillion
  7. Financial Centre
  8. Fortress

New York City

  1. The Bronx
  2. Scum Factory
  3. Garment Dist.
  4. Greenwich
  5. Soho
  6. Central Park West
  7. Central Park East
  8. Broadway
  9. Times Square
  10. Empire Building

There are four stars that can be earned in each City: one for completing it, one for getting a certain amount of points, one for completing all the challenges, and one for unlocking all three hidden monsters.


All Consoles


The following Monsters are Unlocked by Playing as a certain Monster in a certain City, causing a Cryo-Tube containing a Monster to appear in a Building in a City Block.

The last three Monsters are Unlocked in different ways; Eyegore is unlocked by earning the "All Challenges Met" Star for all Cities, Bubba is Unlocked by earning the "Par Points" Star for each City and Philbert is Unlocked when all other Monsters are Unlocked.

Wii Only


The following Monsters are Unlocked in the same way as Amanda the Armadillo through Wally the Warthog:

The rest are Unlocked by getting all Power Ups for certain amounts of Monsters:

  • Squirmy the Worm (1 Monster)
  • Fabio the Flea (3 Monsters)
  • Sarah the Spider (6 Monsters)
  • Brian the Brain (12 Monsters)
  • V.E.R.N. the Abomination (24 Monsters)

Special Moves

There are five moves that all the monsters share and are only accessible after the player beats certain challenges at different stages of the game:

  • Charge Punch – allows the player to charge up punches causing more damage to buildings.
  • Jump Smash – allows the player to jump and then perform a smash that sends small shockwaves that destroys cars or tanks on the ground, or if done while on rooftops, do more damage to the buildings.
  • Multi-Spin – gives the ability to spin multiple times in the air.
  • Roar Attack – give the monster the ability to do sonic damage to buildings or other nearby objects. Each roar sounds different for each monster.
  • Super Jump Wii Only – allows the player to make an extremely high jump after landing from a previous jump.


The one boss in the game is named Doctor Vector. He appears after the player has destroyed all but one of the blocks of the current city. Vector has many weapons in his arsenal such as a flying saucer, a water tank, a flying ship, a giant leaping spider, and on the final stage a gigantic blimp called the. While it is not necessary to beat the Doctor, the player must destroy the blimp to complete all the levels. The destruction of the boss vehicle is a bonus task for the level, which awards 5,000 points upon completion.

Here is a list of bosses:

  • Scum carbonator
  • Scum Hawk
  • Cyclo saucer
  • Scum leaper
  • Scum blimp


Review scores
Publication Score
GameSpot PS2: 5.7 out of 10
GCN: 5.7 out of 10
Wii: 5.1 out of 10
IGN PS2: 5.0 of 10
GCN: 5.0 of 10
Wii: 4.0 of 10
X-Play PS2: 2 out of 5
Compilations of multiple reviews
Game Rankings PS2: 54.4% (based on 38 reviews)
GCN: 60.6% (based on 24 reviews)
Wii: 49.2% (based on 29 reviews)
PS2: 51% (based on 34 reviews)
GCN: 57% (based on 24 reviews)
Wii: 46% (based on 21 reviews)
Upon release Rampage: Total Destruction received a negetive reception, with an average critic score of 54% for the PS2 version, 61% for the Game Cube and 48% for the Wii, the latter version being considered the worst due to control issues. Despite the less than positive reaction, the game has sold over one million units, according to Midway.


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