Stand (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

A stand (スタンド sutando) is a supernatural power in the manga and anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. When first presented, the kanji used is 幽波紋 yuuhamon with スタンド over it; it means ghostly ripple and it is similar to ripple of the first two Parts.


The concept of "Stand" (a contraction of the phrase "one who stands by me") was introduced in part 3 of the manga series. According to Joseph Joestar, it is the manifestation of an individual's innate power over the "ripple" (hamon) and represents, to an extent, the individual's psyche. In fact, Joseph once referred to it in the manga as the "ghost ripple" (quite apt, as most of them take on humanoid forms and hover around the wielders like wraiths). Stands are usually sustained by breathing, and typically hover behind and above the user while active. Most Stands are invisible to those who do not have Stands; the exceptions are Stands that are bound to physical objects (e.g. Strength bound to a ship, Surface bound to an artist's doll, Khnum and Love Deluxe bound to their Users' own bodies). Most Stand Users can access the "senses" of their Stands, seeing and hearing whatever their Stands can.

To people without the power of the Stand, who normally cannot see them (except for Stands with physical appearances), these have properties and behaviors similar to that of ghosts, poltergeists and ESP. This behavior is evidently seen in the JoJo OVA; Jotaro imprisons himself, takes a gun from the guard, aims it to his head, and pulls the trigger of the gun. His Stand's hands caught the bullet before it reaches his head. For the normal people around him, it would appear that the bullet is suspended in midair. The other prisoners near his cell and even the guards could not explain the incident, and they grew to fear Jotaro.

In general, only those with unusually strong spiritual power and determination (but not limited to human beings) can develop stands, as they are typically a reflection of the wielder's spirit. Stands can be developed hereditarily or artificially (through the Bow and Arrow). An interesting trend regarding Stands is that in their earlier appearances in parts 3 and 4 had a more humanoid appearance and mostly elemental powers, but later appearances in parts 5 and 6 had Stands taking on a more mechanical look and have more physical and intricate abilities (like controlling gravity, for example).

Although stands manifests from the wielder's psyche, some abilities cannot be controlled and may even restrict the wielder (e.g, Superfly). Though most stands acts at the wielder's will, some stands are "automatic" and the wielders cannot keep track of their actions (e.g, Black Sabbath).

It is interesting to note that the stands began to take on names of distinguished bands and album titles starting from part 4 of the series. Most of them are progressive rock bands, as Araki himself is a fan of this music genre. In part 3 some Stands are named after tarot cards, and later after Egyptian gods. In the subsequent series, some are even named after fashion labels.

Despite their power, Stands hold one drawback; any damage the Stand receives is transmitted to its user (i.e. if a Stand's leg were to be ripped off, the Stand's user will have his or her leg severed as well). This has served as a way for defeating most of the encountered opponents throughout the series, though some Stands are immune to this factor.

List of Stands

The lists are ordered by order of first appearance.

Stands of Part 3: Stardust Crusaders

Stands with names based on the Tarot Major Arcana cards:

Stand name User Effect
Jotaro Kujo Fast movement, high power, stops time, can extend pointer finger, and can see for great distances as well as excellent vision and ability to draw images of what it sees
Joseph Joestar Psychic powers, can transmit Hamon ripples, uses vines to extend reach or grab an object
Mohammed Abdul Manipulates fire
/ Noriaki Kakyoin Can extend body parts, grapple an object, possess human minds and shoot emeralds
An old man (Gray Fly) A fast and deadly beetle. Main form of attack is to cut the tongue
Jean Pierre Polnareff Wields a fast and strong sword, can shed armor to increase speed
Captain Tennille (an impostor) Can stay underwater, creates barnacles on enemy's skin to drain energy, sloughs off scales as blades
An orangutan (Forever) Reforms high-mass objects to use as weapons, takes form of small ship
Devo the Cursed Controls a puppet from afar, triggered by wounds and anger directed to Devo
A man (Rubber Soul) Mimics people and eats flesh to grow
J. Geil Kills silently through mirror reflections
Hol Horse A handgun through which Hol can control the movements of its bullets
Nena Inserts a murderous parasite in its victim via blood that grows steadily
A driver (ZZ) Turns cars into its puppets
Enya Can turn people into zombies or control them by inflicting wounds on them.
Steely Dan Connects the nerves of another person to the User's own and transmits pain and injuries, multiplied tenfold.
A fat man (Arabia Fats) Artificial sun can increase heat
A baby (Mannish Boy) Kills people through their dreams. Can control surroundings in dreams
Cameo Can manipulate earth to "grant wishes"
Midler Can change its shape and transform metal
Iggy Made of sand. Can shapeshift and glide
Dio Stops time, high speed and power, limited psychic powers

Stands with names of Egyptian gods:

Stand name User Effect
N'Dour Made of water. Detects sound and changes forms.
Oingo/Zenyatta User can change his facial appearance at will.
Boingo/Mondatta A comic book that foresees the future.
Caravan Serai (original User); Chaka, Khan (possesses on contact) A sword that possesses its wielder. Remembers attacks and won't fall for them a second time; can selectively phase through objects.
Mariah Increases the magnetism of objects and people to turn them into magnets
Alessi Turns people who step in user's shadow into children; manifests weapons held by the user.
Daniel J. D'Arby Steals victims' souls by defeating them in gambling, grants superhuman sense of touch.
Pet Shop Creates weapons from ice.
Terence T. D'Arby Steals victims' souls by defeating them in video games; can read minds to a limited degree.

Other stands:

Stand name User Effect
Kenny G Creates illusions
Vanilla Ice Eats its user like an Ouroboros to create a black hole inside or around itself.

Star Platinum (Jotaro Kujo) A silver-skinned humanoid wearing Aztec garb (Ironic, given that the Stone Mask that empowered Dio came from within Aztec lands). One of the strongest stands in the Jojo universe. Star Platinum possesses super human senses, strength, stamina, accuracy and speed. At his peak, Jotaro can stop time for as long as 5 seconds with his stand. Like other physically powerful stands, Star Platinum suffers from a narrow range of activity. It can only be active within a 2-3 meter radius from Jotaro.

Magician's Red (Mohammed Abdul) Avdol's stand takes the form of a man with an eagle's head. This fiery stand can be remotely controlled and generates intense flames capable of melting steel within moments. Magician's Red can also produce a "heat radar", a cruciform mass of flame that indicates the location of heat sources.

Hermit Purple (Joseph Joestar) Hermit Purple appears as multiple thorny vines that spawn from Joseph's right hand. Apart from combat purposes, this versatile stand can perform remarkable feats. It can produce psychic photographs and live psychic videos on a television, but at the expense of a camera and television, respectively. It can also conjure real-time maps (capable of tracking moving subjects) and (apparently) read minds. Joseph can also use the vines to swing himself around like Spider-Man. Joseph is also able to transmit hamon through Hermit Purple as an extension of his body.

Hierophant Green (Noriaki Kakyoin) This is another remote stand with the ability to alter its form. It normally manifests as a green humanoid with web patterning and some beige plating on its surface. It is not a solid thing, but a compact mass of coils. It can stretch over impressive distances (in his fight with Dio, Kakyoin "webbed" an entire city district with Hierophant Green), and can reduce to microscopic sizes (as in the fight with Lovers). It can also shoot emeralds like bullets, and can possess people, if it uncoils itself inside a person. Kakyoin possessed this stand since birth, but only he was able to see it.

Tower of Gray (Gray Fly) The weapon of an old thief and murderer who likes to instigate disasters and pillage the dead victims of the same, it looks like a stag beetle with a sharp proboscis. Tower is so fast that even bullets wouldn't be able to touch it at point-blank range (If it were tangible anyway), and its proboscis can tear through a human spine (Gray Fly likes to harvest the tongues of his victims by having Tower tear through the backs of their necks). It is also interesting to note that the user has a silhouette of the stand on his tongue.

Silver Chariot (Jean Pierre Polnareff) A stand in a shiny suit of armor, wielding a rapier (Incidentally, Polnareff is dedicated to the code of chivalry). Silver Chariot is a speedy remote stand that deals lightning-fast strikes with his sword. It's also capable of shedding its armor to increase its speed, becoming fast enough to create the illusion that there are multiple Chariots. Damage done to the armor will not harm Polnareff, but he is unable to see through Silver Chariot's eyes.

Dark Blue Moon (impersonator of Captain Tennille) It looks much like the Creature from the Black Lagoon, but with a four-eyed mask and some metallic plating. Strong enough to tear a shark in half with its claws, it can also create whirlpools, then shed its razor-sharp scales into them. On top of that, its touch can bind psychic barnacles to a victim, draining away his strength as they cover him.

Strength (Forever) One of the few tangible Stands, it binds itself to a shipwreck and transforms it into a massive freighter called "Big Daddy". Every part of the ship—decks, fire hoses, loading hooks, bulwarks, even shards of glass from the windows—is under Forever's total control. Forever actually uses Strength to cross the oceans.

Ebony Devil (Devo; Soul Sacrifice in the VIZ translation) This Stand is in the form of a horned figure with a face like an oval mask, carrying a knife. Controlled by Devo, he waits for the enemy to attack first. Then, binding Devil to his grotesque, heavily armed doll, he exacts revenge upon the enemy. The damage done by the Stand is proportionate to the amount of hatred and scorn the attacker has inspired in the user. Devo is a hired killer, and supposedly originated from South America.

Yellow Temperance (Rubber Soul) Its "form" is actually a vile composite of the flesh it has consumed, transformed into an amorphous yellow goo. The Stand itself is impervious to everything, since Rubber Soul can alter its consistency, shape, and conductivity at will (The same can't be said for Rubber Soul himself, as Jotaro discovers). In addition to attack and defense, Yellow Temperance can be formed into a disguise.

Hanged Man (J. Geil) The man with two right hands, J. Geil, can use his Stand to appear on any reflective surface, where it appears as an assassin with a bandage-wrapped head, bionic brain, and a blade attached to the inside of its right wrist. Like J. Geil himself, both of Hanged Man's hands have a right-hand shape. Although Polnareff at first thinks Hanged Man exists inside mirrors, he eventually discovered that it exists ON, and attacks from, the actual reflective surface—it acts like light. However, if the surface Hanged Man is on is covered or otherwise made unable to reflect light, it is forced to move to another reflective surface it can see, at which point it is vulnerable to attack.

Emperor (Hol Horse) As a Stand that is a gun, the ability of Emperor is bullets that change directions, or be called out of existence, long after being launched. It is wielded by Hol Horse, a cowboy who, at first, hesitated to work for Dio (at least in the anime). Despite its firearm nature, Emperor is actually a fairly weak Stand. Hol is aware of this, so he tries to fight with a partner whose Stand complements his own whenever possible. While commissioned to assassinate Jotaro's group, Hol Horse first worked with J. Geil (to allow for pincer attacks), and then with Boingo (to chart out where Hol should send his bullets). Avdol was felled by Hol Horse and the Stand, Emperor, albeit temporarily. (It was supposed to be permanent, but tremendous fan feedback forced Avdol's return.) It's interesting to note that Emperor and its bullets are oblivious to the normal person's eye, despite having the form of a real-world object (It isn't actually bound to one), and it was partly responsible for its own wielder's defeat twice.

Empress (Nena) When it begins its attack, Empress appears as a small drop of blood. Once it lands on a victim, it begins to grow, first looking like a vaguely face-like tumor, then, as it absorbs the victim's flesh and bone, becomes more humanoid. Eventually, it will completely devour its host. Apparently, its final form is a duplicate of the victim, since the Indian woman that Jotaro's group thought was Nena was actually a cloak of flesh for the real Stand User, a short, fat, white woman. The Indian woman was presumably Nena's most recent victim.

Wheel of Fortune (ZZ) Like Strength, Wheel of Fortune needs a vehicle (in this case, a car) for a substrate. While it usually resembles an ordinary, albeit very dusty, car, it can do things no other vehicle can (e.g. drive on sheer walls, compact itself through narrow crevices, bore through solid rock). When pressed, Wheel of Fortune can turn into a spiked, heavily armored juggernaut. Wheel of Fortune is also capable of shooting gasoline with such velocity it can cut through skin like a bullet.

Justice (Enya Geil; called Enyaba Geil in VIZ version) It manifests as a massive fog, with its "core" appearing as a crowned skull. Once a wound is inflicted upon Enya's adversary, she can call on Justice to thread its mists through the injury and drag the victim around by them, much like a marionette. Eventually, the victim will become a member of her army of zombie minions. This ability is used to great effect as she holds her own against Jotaro and Polnareff. When Enya was defeated by Jotaro, Justice was disabled, and both her army and her city (actually a solid projection of Justice, superimposed upon a graveyard) crumbled into nothingness.

Lovers (Steely Dan; called Rubber Soul in VIZ version) Steely Dan claims that although his Stand is the weakest of all in combat, it can still be one of the most dangerous. Lovers, which looks vaguely like a microscopic humanoid crayfish, operates by attaching itself to the brain of an individual other than Dan, where it receives all sensations he experiences. These sensations are then transferred to the victim, multiplied by ten times the intensity that Dan felt them. For example, when Jotaro punched Dan in the face, Joseph Joestar (to whom Lovers was attached) went flying several meters and was dazed. The only way to prevent its effects is to shrink down the party's other Stands, enter the host, and attack Lovers there; still, with the Stands so much smaller and weaker than usual, Lovers can actually cause damage to them in battle. Lovers's main way of defending itself involves taking dead cells and recrafting them into drones, usually resembling itself but sometimes mimicking other Stands attacking it. It has been known to control well over twenty drones at a time, and they can be distinguished from Lovers itself only by a Stand's touch sensing whether they are made of physical or psychic matter.

Sun (Arabia Fats) A very simple Stand, it acts (and looks) like the Sun, creating heat. In fact, as much heat as Arabia Fats wants. His tactic is just to increase the area's heat to a degree that his victims die of hyperthermia. Sun can also release powerful, amazingly accurate lasers if the targets actually pose a threat to it and/or the User. In order to keep himself from overheating or being discovered, Arabia Fats tracks his targets in a small jeep equipped with a cooling device and a mirror shield.

Death 13 (Mannish Boy) A Stand that appears as the Grim Reaper, but with the face of a clown instead of a skull. When someone falls asleep and Mannish Boy is within range, the victim's dream appears as a carnival in which Death 13 then attempts to kill them with its scythe, all the while terrorizing them with grotesque manipulations of unliving things in the dream (carnival rides, food, even hair). Any injury the victim suffers from in the dream world is carried over into the real world, and victims remember nothing of their encounter upon waking, allowing Mannish Boy to continue acting like a normal baby. A Stand user cannot call upon their Stands in the dream world unless they managed to summon them before being pulled into the dream world (although Mannish Boy is happy to let them think they did by generating replicas of those Stands in the dream...under Death 13's control). It is also worth noting that all that is under Death 13's robe is its head and arms, so all attacks directed at Death 13 are ineffective unless aimed at the head or arms.

Judgment (Cameo) Although it bills itself as a jinn, it has a very robot-like appearance. Cameo's tactic is to get his victim to request wishes, then use Judgment's real ability—animation of the earth—to appear to grant those wishes. He then has the seeming fulfillments of those wishes (often to resurrect deceased loved ones) turn on and kill the victim. The earthen constructs get their power and form from the fervor and desperation of the wish maker's desire and memory, thus giving them access to memories that Cameo himself would otherwise know nothing of (e.g. when Sherry fed one of Polnareff's pet fish to her cat).

High Priestess (Midler) Previously, the appearance of Midler was unknown, beyond being a slender woman with long dark hair (she was only depicted twice, and at a distance). Only in the game made by Capcom was the space filled in, as a woman resembling a belly dancer (the design of which actually appeared as the garb of the victims Hol Horse found in Dio's mansion). High Priestess possesses the ability to possess mineral substances and reform them into any inorganic object (razor blades, valves, harpoon guns, etc.). It initially disguised itself as a mug, which caught Joseph off-guard. Its "default" form is that of a mask with vicious eyes and fangs, and thin arms growing out of its sides. It has been known to possess a portion of ocean floor large enough to imprison several human beings.

The Fool (Iggy) The Fool is among the most basic of Stands in its composition, yet it possesses a remarkable amount of power. It can levitate, appear, disappear or animate objects out of sand. Its normal form is like that of a winged car chassis, with the front portion replaced by a feathered mask and a dog's legs; still, the whole thing is made entirely of sand and dust.

Geb (N'Dour) Although named for an earth deity, Geb's form is actually that of a mass of water that breaks forth, usually in the form of a monstrous claw, whenever it senses sound that N'Dour thinks belongs to one of his targets. The claw is strong enough to cut flesh, and even rip a man's head off and pull it completely into a metal canteen. When not actively attacking, Geb can scatter sand or similar substances as a kind of sonar for N'Dour.

Khnum (Oingo; called Zenyatta in Viz translation) Khnum is bound to Oingo's body. As a result, he can alter his appearance in any way—height, contours, face, etc.—so long as the end result still looks like a human. He can even alter his scent in order to throw off dogs (e.g. Iggy). He cannot alter/generate clothes in this way, although he can alter his hair to resemble a hat.

Thoth (Boingo; called Mondatta in Viz translation) Thoth takes the form of an American comic book (i.e. it reads left-to-right) with decidedly bizarre linework. It can be seen by normal people, even though it is not clear whether Thoth is actually bound to a physical object. The book is not complete, though—many of the pages are blank. In fact, the pages fill up with visions of future events. However, it's not always easy to understand what Thoth is really forecasting, as Oingo found out when he tried to kill Jotaro's group. One possibility is that it creates a single image that forecasts the several possible futures; each interpretation of that one image signifies a possible way things can progress. For example, an image showed Jotaro's face being cut in two by a bomb disguised as an orange; in reality, the one cut (not fatally) was Oingo, who had adopted Jotaro's face to avoid detection. However, when Joseph and Polnareff reached Jotaro, he took an orange to eat. Presumably, if Oingo hadn't taken on Jotaro's visage, Jotaro would ultimately have taken the bomb-orange, and blown himself up when he began peeling it.

Bast (Mariah) It looks just like an electrical socket. Touching it, even the outside—not just the openings—will shock the victim; which is only the beginning of the attack. The real power of Bast is to imbue the victim with an ever-strengthening magnetism, causing metallic objects of increasing size to propel themselves at him. Mariah herself carries a supply of kitchen knives, wires, nuts, and bolts to make sure there's always something that can be pulled towards her targets.

Sethan (Alessi; Stand is called Set in Viz translation) This Stand takes form as Alessi's shadow, although when in profile, it has a crest and beak. The ability of this Stand is to turn anyone whose shadow touches his own into children—an ability assisted by the fact that Sethan can lengthen itself. The actual amount of age lost depends on how long the victim is in contact with it—enough exposure can even make one regress into a fetus. It can also manifest on its hands a weapon that Alessi himself wields (e.g. an axe), and actually attack with it. Jotaro and Polnareff both fell prey to his Stand, in the series. Its name may be a conflation of Seth and Satan.

Osiris (Daniel J. D'Arby) This statue-like Stand has the power to capture the souls of those defeated by D'Arby in gambling (specifically, it takes advantage of the momentary loss of willpower that accompanies the feeling of defeat) and turn them into (tangible) poker chips. It also grants D'Arby a superhuman sense of touch, powerful enough for him to distinguish, without sight, the number of even the thinnest pages of a book.

Anubis (Chaka, Khan and Polnareff) Called the Stand with no wielder, it existed without one because of the sword it was imbued in. When the swordsmith who crafted the sword died, the Stand lived on. Chaka unsheathed the sword accidentally, causing Anubis to take control of Chaka. When Chaka was defeated by Polnareff, he took the sword and entrusted it to a barber, named Khan, who was also possessed by it. Finally, after breaking the sword and attempting to sheathe it, Polnareff also got possessed, but was freed by Jotaro. The tip of the sword ended up in a river to rust. The ability of this Stand is to remember any attack of the enemy it encounters. It will not fall for the same attack twice, making whoever it is possessing a highly adaptible combatant. It can also make itself intangible to all but its opponent, phasing through any object in its path and only cutting them. Sometimes, to facilitate communication with another Stand User, Anubis will reveal its actual form, a vicious-looking version of the god it is named for.

Horus (Pet Shop) This Stand has the form of an ice-encrusted bone centipede with a pterodactyl's head. It can freeze the surrounding area, generate bolts of ice, and even create car-sized blocks of ice, given enough time.

Atum (Terence Trent D'Arby) It takes the form of a red-and-white robotic figure emblazoned with the letters T and D (i.e. its User's initials). It can steal souls in the same way as Osiris, although these souls are bound into dolls, and are not dormant (they constantly beg for Terence to play with them). Rather than heightening his sense of touch, Atum allows Terence to mentally interrogate an opponent with yes-or-no questions, which will always be answered truthfully.

Tenor Sax (Kenny G) This Stand has the ability to generate illusions. Specifically, it created an illusory room for Terence to challenge Jotaro, Joseph, and Kakyouin in, a labyrinth to confuse Abdul, Polnareff, and Iggy, and generally cast other illusions to mask the true form of the interior of Dio's mansion. However, it could not mask Kenny G's scent, and so Iggy had little trouble in having The Fool strike him down and dispel the illusions. Tenor Sax has never been illustrated, only its illusions, so it is possible that it is bound to the air nearby, which Kenny G could then alter to generate the proper images (i.e. the illusion is in fact Tenor Sax itself).

Cream (Vanilla Ice) Cream takes the form of a gangly purple-and-white humanoid with a skull-like head when not attacking. In combat, it can turn itself into a void by swallowing itself and Vanilla Ice. In its void form, Cream can charge around, obliterating anything it comes into contact with; not even Vanilla Ice has any idea what becomes of the remains. There is a limitation, though: Neither Vanilla Ice nor Cream can see during this, so he has to periodically partially disengage in order to see if he succeeded, or adjust Cream's trajectory to take advantage of the nature of his surroundings (e.g. moving in a spiral to guarantee destroying a slow-moving target). Polnareff suspected that the annihilating void was the spiritual manifestation of Vanilla Ice's unquestioning loyalty to Dio and his twisted "gospel" for the wicked.

The World (Dio Brando) Very similar to Jotaro's Star Platinum, this Stand has phenomenal strength, senses and stamina--but faster and more accurate. It can also stop the time (for a longer duration as well). He also has at least a measure of Joseph's psychic abilities (specifically, the ability to create a vision on a photograph). Because it has the combined powers of Star Platinum and Hermit Purple (i.e. Joestar Stands), there is speculation that The World may originally have been the dormant Stand of Jonathan Joestar.

Stands of Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable

Star Platinum and Hermit Purple return in this part, not listed here. All Stand names from part 4 and on are music references.

Stand name User Effect
Josuke Higashikata High speed and power, can restore objects to user's idea of the object's original state.
Anjuuro Katagiri (Angelo) Turns into liquid and kills quickly
Okuyasu Nijimura Cuts a vacuum into space, removing anything that was there.
Keicho Nijimura An army of toy soldiers, tanks, etc.
Akira Otoishi Controls electricity, can kill people by dragging them into wires
Tamami Kobayashi Puts a heavy lock onto peoples' hearts according to their guilt.
, Koichi Hirose Causes a specific sound to constantly repeat itself
Koichi Hirose Creates an effect associated with a specific sound
Koichi Hirose Increases the weight of objects
Toshikazu Hazamada Can imitate and control other people
Yukako Yamagishi Can extend and control her hair
Antonio Trussardi Heals sicknesses by "killing" disease
A baby (Shizuka Joestar) Turns invisible when scared
Rohan Kishibe Reads minds and manipulates them.
Rats A tank that shoots poisonous bullets.
Shigekiyo "Fatty" Yangu A small army that can collect objects
Yoshikage Kira Turns objects and people into bombs, vapourizing them completely
Aya Tsuji Can change others' physical appearances.
Yoshihiro Kira Lives on as a ghost inside of photographs
Ken Ooyanagi Can take over Stands by winning Rock-Paper-Scissors
Nu Mikitakaso Nishi Shapeshifting
Yuuya Fungami Runs very fast and absorbs nutrients.
Erba Gatta Controls air
Toyohiro Kanedaichi (assumed name) Affords total (over-)protection
Mysterious boy (Terunosuke Miyamoto) Binds objects and people into paper
Masazo Kinoto Steals life in order to shift to other bearers

Crazy Diamond (Higashikata Josuke) A melee stand with short range (3m), Crazy Diamond has an ability of "restoration". It can repair damages and heal injuries (apart from Josuke's own injuries) --although it can not resurrect the dead. It can, however, restore an item to its raw materials (eg. a table can be restored to timbers). This ability allows Crazy Diamond to perform a range of interesting feats, including trapping the enemy (by restoring pieces of a broken crate around the target) and tracking (eg. restoring a torn piece of clothing, and it will seek out and reattach to where it came from). Its restoration ability often "malfunctions" when Josuke is angry, causing the object to be improperly put back together. Its physical appearance is similar to that of The World.

Aqua Necklace (Katagiri "Angelo" Anjuuro) Like Geb, it's a Stand of liquid. It can't control as much water as Geb could at any one time, but in return, it can control any sort of liquid (e.g. milk, blood), and it can also possess the liquid if it's a mist. However, if all the liquid it controls is bound in something, such as a bottle, Aqua Necklace can't get out. Its normal shape is that of a humanoid with evil eyes set about its body, and pin-like teeth.

The Hand (Nijimura Okuyasu) A well-armored humanoid with large glass-like eyes, cylindrical plating about its head, and dollar and yen signs on its body armor. Its right arm is amazingly strong, and its right hand can actually erase the space it swipes through from all existence if Okuyasu so chooses. The spaces at the edge of the erased area then will instantly pull together. Okuyasu can use this ability to pull objects or people closer to The Hand by erasing an intervening area of air. No one knows where the erased objects go, not even Okuyasu himself. It's said if Okuyasu ever perfected his Stand ability, "The Hand" could be one of the most dangerous stands in the world.

Bad Company (Nijimura Keicho) This is actually a multi-bodied Stand. It consists of sixty tiny U.S. style infantry (one could probably hold two or three of them in the palm of one's hand) with bandage-pattern faces, parachutes, M16 rifles, and mines; seven scaled-down-to-the-tiny-infantry tanks; four likewise-scaled missile-carrying gunships; and an unknown number of Navy SEALs. Despite how small Bad Company's components are, they can still inflict deadly damage, especially considering that they always follow Keicho's intricate strategies and commands perfectly. Perhaps because of the Stand's multi-part nature, killing one of the soldiers will not harm Keicho (in fact, Josuke killed three infantry, and Keicho was none the worse, except for being annoyed at the formation being compromised).

Echoes (Hirose Koichi) Unlike most other Stands, Echoes has three distinct forms, or Acts (Koichi can only call upon one at any given time). Act 1 resembles a flying (although wingless) turtle with a long tail and wheels surrounding its beak. Its power is to write a given sound effect in kana on a surface. The effect will then constantly sound with increasing volume, until Echoes dispels the writing. Until his confrontation with Yukako, this was the only Act that Koichi could access. During that battle, he gained access to Act 2, which has a more humanoid form. Rather than just making sounds, Act 2's tail can create sound effect writings that actually invoke the associated quality when activated (e.g. if "whoosh" is written, activation will create an actual wind current). Finally, during his first confrontation with Kira, Koichi discovered Act 3, a completely humanoid Stand with turtle shell-like bosses on its body (and a somewhat independent, foul-mouthed personality who quotes Bruce Willis from Die Hard). Unlike the first two Acts, Act 3 cannot fly, and has a much shorter active range. However, it is extremely fast, and can "freeze" any one thing within 2 meters by rapidly punching it, at which point the object will suddenly become extremely heavy (it even caused Sheer Heart Attack to sink into solid pavement).

Red Hot Chili Pepper (Otoishi Akira) Its basic form is a squat, beaked humanoid of rust-colored metal. However, that's only when it isn't charged--then it will have a nimbus of electricity surrounding it. Red Hot Chili Pepper can manipulate any amount of electricity it can directly touch, even the entire power grid of Morioh. It normally uses the electricity to increase its speed (and apparently strength) to phenomenal levels. It also has the power to instill itself into any electric device and travel through electrical wires, and is capable of pulling other objects with it (this is apparently fatal for any living thing it does this to, as seen with Keicho). As a Stand of electricity, it has an adverse reaction to water, dissolving when it comes in contact with it (strangely, this appears to have no affect on Akira).

The Lock (Kobayashi Tamami) The Lock manifests exactly as its namesake--a massive U-lock. In order to use his ability, Tamami must first instill some feeling of guilt in his victim. The Lock will then attach, and begin magnifying the guilt to increasing degrees (as it increases guilt, The Lock's size and weight also increase). Usually, Tamami disengages The Lock once he's gulled his victim into paying him the money he wants, but when pressed, he can try to magnify a victim's guilt to such a degree that he/she is compelled to commit suicide. He has been known to manifest Locks on two different people at once.

Surface (Hazamada Toshikazu) A tangible Stand, Surface is bound to a large artist's doll in Toshikazu's possession. If someone touches the doll that Surface is bound to, it can adopt the exact likeness of that person--the only distinction is that the screw in Surface's forehead can still be seen. Surface can compel whoever it mimics to perfectly mirror its motions if it can maintain eye contact (e.g. if it juts its right elbow back, the one mimicked must jut his left elbow likewise). It is not perfectly under Toshikazu's control, since it tends to also mimic the target's personality (a source of immense frustration to Toshikazu).

Love Deluxe (Yamagishi Yukako) Love Deluxe is bound to Yukako's hair. With her Stand's power, Yukako can lengthen her hair to any distance (even to completely surround a small house with hair), and control it with perfect precision. The effect even persists for a short time after she sheds any strands.

Pearl Jam (Tonio Trussardi) Pearl Jam is a multi-body Stand (at least three bodies; almost certainly far more), each body looking something like a cross between a head of garlic and a pearl onion with arms and a face. The bodies are extremely tiny, as they need to be ingested to do anything. First, Trussardi examines his customer's hands to see what ailments he/she suffers (apparently a granted power of Pearl Jam, though similar practices exist in Chinese traditional medicine). From this, he knows what foods to prepare. The meal is served one course at a time, with Pearl Jam's bodies inside. Once inside the "patient"'s body, Pearl Jam invokes a sense that whatever is being eaten is extremely delicious (even if the consumer dislikes the general taste, such as Okuyasu's aversion to spicy foods) to make sure that the food is continuously eaten. It then uses the incoming raw material to repair and replace damaged and diseased tissue, forcibly ejecting anything that falls under "replace", even opening up one's belly for a short while to eject replaced intestine. Unlike most other Stands that Josuke meets, Pearl Jam was not awakened by an Arrow, but by Tonio's zeal to perfect his culinary arts.

Achtung Baby (Shizuka Joestar) Achtung Baby is apparently bound to Shizuka's entire (six-month-old) body. She can use its power to generate an energy field that makes her, and anything touching her, completely invisible. If frightened, she may make the field larger than usual, extending to about a meter radius.

Heaven's Door (Kishibe Rohan) It appears as a humanoid wearing a suit and a brimmed hat with a checkerboard band (it was originally the appearance Rohan gave his manga's main character, before Keicho used the Arrow on him). Heaven's Door allows Rohan to write and draw with superhuman speed and precision, sufficient to let him work without assistants. His drawings have the power to hypnotize other people (or at least other Stand Users), one of the ways he can get to them and use Heaven's Door's primary power - turning people into "books". A person affected by this power has his or her skin opened to reveal pages of newspaper, which contain all the information about the person (including his or her thoughts). Rohan can manipulate others by physically writing commands/new information into them; even allowing them to achieve things that are otherwise impossible. This can be seen in the fight with Highway Star, where Rohan helped Josuke to escape by writing into him the command: "leave this place at the speed of 60km/h". He can also remove memories after turning them into newspaper by simply tearing them out, and while someone is affected, they are just as vulnerable to fire as ordinary paper.

Ratt (Bug Eye and other rat) There are actually two Ratts (they were given to rats--possible twins, given the similar marks on their foreheads--by the same Arrow shot). Ratt somewhat resembles the front end of a steam locomotive, complete with cow catcher, that has four legs and a large eye. This is just the mobile form, however. The attack mode involves the front surface swinging up to reveal an artillery cannon (the eye is actually the scope that Bug Eye uses to aim). The ammunition takes the form of barbed darts that render anything they pierce into a semi-liquid state (living beings will not be killed immediately by this, unless a vital organ or artery/vein is affected).

Harvest (Yanguu "Fatty" Shigekyo) Harvest consists of fifty tiny, identical bodies--a hollow striped shell with eyes, six limbs, and a hornet-like abdomen. When Fatty gives Harvest a description of something he wants, the bodies scatter out and search for anything that fits the description, placing found "treasure" in the hollow. If necessary, the abdomen can take captured fluids and inject them into another person. Although Harvest's individual bodies are very weak, together they can make for an appreciable offensive force, even utilizing rudimentary formations (limited more by Fatty's weak intellect than Harvest's actual abilities). They also give Fatty a way to quickly get away from danger, by collectively carrying him.

Killer Queen (Kira Yoshikage) A humanoid Stand with fox-skull emblems on its shoulders, waist, and knees, and a vaguely cat-like head. Also, the space behind its stomach is hollow, letting it contain small items or creatures there. Killer Queen's abilities revolve around causing explosions. Its primary bombs are actually booby traps--it touches a cohesive object (doorknobs, coins, even living bodies) and charges it. When someone touches it, the energy will be conducted in, and create an internal explosion. On occasion, he will charge an object not to conduct explosive energy, but to simply explode when he finds the time to be right.

Killer Queen also has a secondary bomb called Sheer Heart Attack, normally contained within its left hand. It is a completely autonomous bomb, looking like a tank-treaded ball with a fox-skull face, with unlimited range. Its method is to seek out whatever the hottest thing in the vicinity is, then induce an explosion there. Sheer Heart Attack also has a marvelously strong plates, which didn't even scratched at the attack of Star Platinum. Crazy Diamond, however, is said to be able to "repair" Sheer Heart Attack back to Killer Queen.

Finally, late in the story, Yoshihiro's Arrow pierces Kira's body and thus grants Killer Queen a tertiary bomb, called Another One Bites the Dust. This bomb is actually a distinct, miniaturized form of Killer Queen, which normally stays with someone who knows Kira's secrets. If someone tries to interrogate that person about Kira, the tertiary bomb will enter their field of vision, get into their eye that way, and induce an explosion. Until Kira finds out who the bomb killed, he lets a brief temporal loop occur to one hour earlier. Even if the victim doesn't ask questions this time around, Another One Bites the Dust will still kill them. Only if Kira is confident about who died will he let time flow normally. Still, if he has to protect himself right away (he can't maintain more than one potential bomb at a time), he will dispel the bomb. In all three cases, internal explosions can potentially completely disintegrate the victim.

Cinderella (Tsuji Aya) A humanoid, female-shaped framework of what seems like wires, with eyes that look like flared sunglasses. When working on one of Aya's customers at her beauty parlor, Cinderella can slide out part of the person's exterior and implant an appearance that is more likely to gain the customer's desire. It also increases the customer's luck in gaining time with the man she desires, and even gaining his heart. The appearance can be made to last for any given number of half-hours. Nothing special needs to be done if the appearance is kept for just thirty minutes, but for any longer, a tube of lipstick generated by Cinderella must be used every half-hour for the duration. Otherwise, the affected areas will wither into featurelessness, and even the body will wither into nothingness. This can only be undone if Cinderella can be made to restore the customer's original appearance (easy enough, since Cinderella has a perfect memory of all the faces it has altered), or if Aya is killed (which is what happened after Kira made her change his appearance). Like Tonio, Aya's own zeal (in this case, to be a kind of faerie godmother to her customers) apparently awakened her Stand.

Atom Heart Father (Kira Yoshihiro) Atom Heart Father is bound to Yoshihiro's body...or rather, Yoshihiro's soul (it only manifested when he died). Yoshihiro can bind himself to cameras and trigger them, at which point he is bound to the resulting photo. He can imprison anyone else caught on the photo so that they can't leave the depicted area, and manipulate anything that's in the depicted area, even if it's otherwise hidden from view (e.g. a knife inside a drawer). If a shot is taken of his part of the photo, he will automatically be bound to the new photo instead. Even if he ends up being the only feature in the photo, though, he can extend anything he possesses (usually threads of his clothing) out of the picture in order to move around.

Boy II Man (Ooyanagi Ken) The first of the Stands that Yoshihiro awakened to protect Kira, it looks like a knight in battered armor and a conical helmet. In order to activate its power, Ken must first beat a Stand User in a best-of-five jan-ken-pon (rock-paper-scissors) match. For each individual game that Ken wins, Boy II Man takes control of a third of the opponent's Stand's power. After three wins, Ken will then permanently take total control of that Stand. However, if his opponent wins three times, Boy II Man can never affect him/her again.

Earth, Wind, and Fire (Mikitaka) Mikitaka claims to be an alien and possess the ability to assume any physical form he desires. Although he can take a form vastly smaller than his normal mass, and can separate himself into several components in the process, it is not known if he can take on a much larger form. On the negative side, if exposed to a siren or similar sound, he suffers a painful rash until the sound stops. It was never revealed in the manga whether Mikitaka is a delusional stand user activated by the Arrow or truly an extraterrestrial life-form (he gives his full name as Nu Mikitakaso Nishi).

Highway Star (Fungami Yuuya) A humanoid covered entirely in a diagonal criss-cross on a black field, with glass-like eyes. Both Highway Star and Fungami have a powerful sense of smell, almost as good as a dog's. Highway Star can dissociate into many footprint-shaped components, which can chase something at speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour. When not dissociated, it can leach nutrients from another person and transfer them to Fungami's own body immediately (the victim's flesh turns transparent in the process). Finally, Highway Star can create illusions to draw in potential victims. Its powers were all created around Fungami's desperate desire to restore his body after a motorcycle accident.

Stray Cat (Erba Gatta) When the cat Erba Gatta was first shot by Yoshihiro, his Stand apparently did not awaken (possibly a heightened sense of awareness of danger, but that's it). However, when Erba was killed and buried, Stray Cat fully awoke and bound his soul into a plant, which rapidly grew and took on cat-like characteristics. In addition, when able to photosynthesize, Erba can create more oxygen than usual and bind it into near-solid projectiles--usually balls, but occasionally shackles. He normally only attacks those whom he thinks are trying to cause him harm.

Superfly ("Kanedaichi Toyohiro"--his true name is never revealed) This Stand bound itself into Kanedaichi's rather unusual choice of a home--an abandoned telephone tower (he bought it some time ago, and has furnished it with an armchair, television, vegetable gardens, toilet, etc.). However, it backfired, perhaps because of his dread of being among many people--he can't leave the tower anymore, unless he can trick someone else into stepping in, at which point Superfly imprisons them instead (the current "prisoner", if trying to leave, is instead stopped by a sheet of bolted metal that conforms to their body). If any sort of attack strikes the tower's structure, Superfly will either generate a perfect replica of that attack, aimed at the attacker (if a non-ranged attack), or let the projectile ricochet around its beams. According to Kanedaichi, Superfly will not die, even if he dies (rather like Anubis).

Enigma (Miyamoto Terunosuke) A jet-black humanoid with brocade on its body. Enigma can bind anything into a sheet of blank paper. Once the paper is unfolded, the object, up to then in stasis, re-emerges. If the paper is torn before unfolding, the object still comes out, but it will be shattered. In order to bind a human, Terunosuke must first find out the physical actions they unconsciously take when terrified (e.g. touching one's chin, closing an eye, biting one's lower lip). If they take that same action of fear again when Enigma is present, then it can bind them (the action is depicted as an M. C. Escher-like picture entwining pictures of Enigma and the victim).

Cheap Trick (Kinoto Masazo) In truth, Kinoto did not last long as the User of Cheap Trick (looking something like a large tree frog with vicious teeth and flat eyes). Whoever the User is will find Cheap Trick constantly murmuring commands to them. If they disobey, Cheap Trick will try to get them to let another person see their back, where Cheap Trick is anchored. When that happens (as when Rohan saw Kinoto's back), Cheap Trick will leap off, in the process killing the host by ripping off their back and stealing their life-force, the latter effect causing the victim's body to rapidly shrink to only a few centimeters long. It will then anchor itself to the viewer's own back. Cheap Trick can choose who hears it. Usually, only the hapless User can, but it can make its voice audible to others, if it's trying to get someone to look at its User's back.

Stands of Part 5: Golden Wind

Echoes and Silver Chariot return in this part, but are not listed here.

Stand name User Effect
Giorno Giovanna Can transform dead objects into living things, speeds up the consciousness of hit opponents making them feel more pain, If anyone attacks the living object GE has created the action reverses back on to that person
Bruno Bucciarati Can attach zippers to any surface and open them
Polpo Remotely controlled, programmed to stab anyone who disobeys a certain command with a Stand arrow.
Leone Abbacchio Can replay events and conversations.
Mario Zucchero Deflates objects by piercing them
Guido Mista 6 small stands who can control bullets
Sale Control over kinetic vectors
Formaggio Shrinks people or himself
Narancia Ghirga A small armed airplane
Illuso Moves inside mirrors and drags victims into them
Pannacotta Fugo Spreads a lethal virus
A turtle (Coco Jumbo)) A small room inside of the turtle's body, safeguards spirits
Pesci A fishing rod that seeks out living creatures
Prosciutto Rapidly accelerates aging
Melone Creates a homunculus that can dissociate and assemble other objects into new forms
Ghiaccio Ice armor, creates and controls ice
Diavolo Erases a section of time
Squalo Teleports between bodies of liquid
Tiziano Prevents truth-telling
Carne Completely autonomous, reacts to motions and subsumes matter
Trish Una Increases objects' elasticity
Risotto Nero Reshapes iron with magnetism
Cioccolata Creates a carnivorous mold that germinates when lowered
Secco Turns rock into mud
Jean Pierre Polnareff Transposes souls, accelerates evolution, limited and conditional ability to control other Stands' attacks
Giorno Giovanna Creates a time loop to make the target unable to finish whatever it is doing right now
Scolippi Foretells death by taking a person's form.

Gold Experience (Giorno Giovanna) A golden stand capable of generating live organisms from inorganic objects. In the beginning of Part 5, Giorno frequently produces small life forms (frogs, snakes, flies) and plants which he apparently has control over. Giorno also discovers soon in the story that anyone who attacks his creations, suffer a reverse attack dealt back to them (ex. When Koichi Hirose attacked Girono on his created tree, Koichi hit the tree and suffered the same attack he dealt on the tree). During his fight with Bruno, it was discovered that Gold Experience's ability can be applied to live individuals, causing their thought process to greatly accelerate. This was employed in battles to cause enemies to lose temporal coordination of their bodies (the quickened thought does not extend to letting the body properly handle such an influx of information). Later on in the fight between Melone/BabyFace, Giorno developed (or discovered) Gold Experience's ability to produce organic components of the body (e.g. transforming bullets stuck in someone's body into the very blood vessels and organs they destroyed) --evidently, these transformations are permanent. Giorno subsequently took up the healer role of the party.

Another form of Gold Experience is Gold Experiece Requiem. This new incarnation was created when Gold Experience was pierced by the arrow during Giorno's fight with Diavolo. Gold Experience Requiem is somewhat of an anti-thesis to King Crimson in that it has the power to negate consequences. The stand stated itself in the series that before its influence, no process can reach completion, and performed actions/processes (such as a punch) will thus be forced to return to zero (whereas before King Crimson, actions will be forced to move as far from zero as possible). Gold Experience Requiem is one of the most powerful Stands in the JoJo universe, as the ability to return any attack against it to zero makes it virtually invincible.

Sticky Fingers (Bruno Bucchiarati) A humanoid garbed with spiked pieces of blue leather, and adorned with zippers on its chest, wrists, and ankles. Sticky Fingers can generate zippers on any surface, creating an opening to whatever lies on the other side. If the zipper is created on a solid object, such as a stone pillar, the object becomes hollow as long as the zipper exists. Bucchiarati can even unzip a human body apart, and choose whether or not the circulatory system works properly (when he unzipped Zucchero's head off, he wasn't much worse, but when he unzipped his body apart to elude Pesci, he was at risk of his heart stopping. This may depend on how thoroughly the unzipped body is segmented).

Black Sabbath (Polpo) Black Sabbath looks like a humanoid with stitched-up eyes, and black garb like that of a Renaissance-era Italian nobleman. Polpo has bound an Arrow to Black Sabbath as its tongue. When testing a candidate for Passione for "reliability" (in reality, he wants to awaken their Stand), Polpo charges them to keep a cigarette lighter burning for twenty-four hours. Almost inevitably, the lighter will go out, and the candidate (or someone nearby) will reactivate it. In fact, when the flame died, Black Sabbath emerged into the nearest shadow. The relighting is the signal to "attack", which involves Black Sabbath catching the soul of the nearest person (usually the candidate; because it acts remotely, it has no idea who really relit the lighter, and so just assails everyone in the vicinity) and stabbing him/her with the Arrow. This either awakens the Stand if their spirit can handle the strain, or kills them. However, Black Sabbath cannot move away from shadow, and is destroyed if it is somehow forced to be in strong light. Since Polpo was not killed when Giorno defeated Black Sabbath, it is possible that what was defeated was a shadow of Black Sabbath that could conduct the Arrow's power.

Moody Blues (Leone Abbacchio) This Stand seems to be wearing a purple-and-blue jumpsuit, and has a cassette player and timer for a face. Moody Blues can take on the appearance of any person (except that the timer is still there) and perfectly imitate their actions and words for any fixed-duration period (usually five minutes) in the past. Once the playback begins, it can only be stopped by outside force. More importantly, Abbacchio can't have Moody Blues protect him until the playback stops. He can also give Moody Blues someone's appearance without having to perform a playback.

Soft Machine (Mario Zucchero) A gaunt Stand armed with a rapier. Anything pierced by the rapier "deflates" like an unstoppered beach ball, eventually becoming a flat, flexible object. It's possible to overlay a deflated object on a similar whole object, and be able to switch between the two (as when Zucchero deflated his own boat and overlaid it on Bucchiarati's). Because Soft Machine isn't very agile, Zucchero tries to confront living targets in a narrow space.

Sex Pistols (Guido Mista) There are actually six Sex Pistols (numbered 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7; because of a childhood incident, Mista associates the number 4 with general misfortune, much like the Japanese association of that number with death--they can both be pronounced "shi"), tiny sprites with teardrop-shaped heads, large teeth, gem-like eyes, and distinct personalities. They ride the bullets of Mista's revolver, and can kick at and away from the bullets to alter their course. Their personalities mean that they can act independently of Mista if he so chooses. This Stand was not awakened by Black Sabbath, but by Mista's determination to stop a street gang from raping a woman.

Kraft Werk (Sale) Another humanoid Stand, with head armor that makes its mouth look like a skull's grin, and one spike on each side of its head. Kraft Work has perfect control over kinetic vectors. It can force an object to stick to a particular surface, or be motionless with respect to something, whether it be a road, a moving truck, or Sale himself. It can also make moving objects suddenly stop (e.g. stopping a bullet before it penetrates Sale's skull), and impart kinetic force to stopped objects (this being why Sale will sometimes make an object match his velocity perfectly, so he'll have weapons of his own).

Little Feat (Formaggio) A short humanoid whose entire head is somewhat skull-like, and has long, thin blades for index fingers. When Little Feat cuts someone with one of those blades, he and all the clothing he was wearing when cut will steadily shrink in size. Likewise, his Stand will lose power as size is lost. Formaggio can also use this ability on himself, and halt or undo the effect on any given person at will.

Aerosmith (Narancia Ghirga) This is a small propeller plane (its wingspan is the same length as both of Narancia's outstretched arms) with a face emblazoned on its nose. Aerosmith is armed with twin machine guns that, while powerful, have little accuracy, meaning that it must fire many rounds (and often do plenty of collateral damage) to do even moderate damage to a target. When moving far away from Narancia, it generates an eyepiece extension that displays its radar to him. Instead of sound, the radar detects carbon dioxide, usually exhaled by animals (the target included).

Man in the Mirror (Illuso) It appears to be wearing spiked biker's gear. Man in the Mirror creates an extradimensional space in a given area, using mirrored surfaces as the gates. Illuso has perfect control over who or what can enter the space--he can even exclude someone's Stand while Man in the Mirror is pulling him into the space. However, this exclusion property can backfire if he doesn't realize the true nature of what he's pulling in (e.g. he thought he was pulling Abbachio in, but it was really Moody Blues in Abbachio's guise).

Purple Haze (Fugo Panacotta) A humanoid with a violet-and-white diamond pattern skin and a glass-like gladiator's helmet. It also has three globes on each of its hands, each containing a powerful virus. The globes will break when it strikes something, or if its strike is not stopped properly (i.e. if the globe detaches from the stopped fist). Once this happens, the virus will spread and rapidly devour animal matter—a human body will be annihilated in about thirty seconds. However, the virus is constrained and slain by sunlight. Purple Haze is difficult for Fugo to control in even the best of situations, since it shares his hair-trigger temper (and mania for cleanliness; these two traits' conflation may explain the virus's nature).

Mr. President (Coco Jumbo) Mr. President can be thought of as replacing part of its user (a turtle)--namely, the topmost plate of its shell. Mr. President is in fact an extradimensional space that can comfortably contain 5-7 people, and is equipped with furniture, reading material, and even a refrigerator and television (which somehow receive power and broadcasts). Also, spirits that are within Mr. President cannot be forcibly removed so long as Coco Jumbo lives. In order to enter or exit Mr. President, a gem-like key must be placed in the opening in Coco Jumbo's shell.

Beach Boy (Pesci) This Stand takes the form of a fishing rod with a skull-shaped reel. The line can phase through any non-living thing, and sense living things in the immediate vicinity. The lure can also be affixed to a single place to await a victim. When a victim touches that area, Beach Boy will hook them, and begin burrowing into their body, usually aiming for the heart (Beach Boy is sensitive enough that Pesci can tell precisely where in the body the hook is). Any attack on the line is simply reflected back to the attacker.

Grateful Dead (Prosciutto) A massive humanoid torso with no head, neck, or legs. Instead, it trails wires from its "waist", and its entire surface is covered with evil eyes. The eyes exude a vapor that rapidly accelerates living beings' aging. However, the aging is staved off by cold, meaning that women (who have a somewhat lower body temperature on average than men) age less rapidly, and that one can completely avoid the effect by holding ice. The aging process accelerates even further if Grateful Dead actually makes physical contact with a victim. Prosciutto can choose whether he is affected; if so, his touch has the same effect as Grateful Dead, and will reverse his own aging.

Baby Face (Melone) Baby Face is bound to Melone's laptop computer--it manifests as a slightly puffy, nearly featureless humanoid with the computer attached to its back. Melone can analyze a woman's history and nature to check for compatibility with a target, as long as he has a sample of the target's blood (in the case of his attack on Giorno's group, he sought a woman for whom attempts at romance with Bucciarati would be an unmitigated disaster). Once a suitable woman is found, he instills some of the blood on her nape and uses Baby Face's power to create a homonculus. The homonculus is not bound by distance, can act independently (and sometimes may disobey Melone's orders, depending on the kind of personality it received from the blood and the "mother"), and can reshape people or objects by dissociating them into tiny cubes, then reassembling them into a new form. This is not fatal unless the homonculus binds the cubes into itself (usually involving the homonculus dissociating the "mother" into its sustenance).

White Album (Ghiaccio) In its most basic form, it appears as a simple sheath of ice on Ghiaccio's body, but can "upgrade" into a suit of armor with ice skates on its feet. White Album can lower the surrounding area's temperature to almost absolute zero, although Ghiaccio probably doesn't have to go so far in most cases--it's enough to just freeze and imprison his foes. Also, White Album is impenetrable--attacks (e.g. bullets) just bounce off. The only weak point is a tiny air vent at the back of White Album's neck. No matter how cold White Album makes the surrounding area, the interior is always comfortably warm (and, therefore, so is Ghiaccio).

King Crimson (Diavolo/Aceto Doppio) A light red humanoid whose face appears to have a smaller copy of itself in its forehead, perhaps to mirror Diavolo's psyche. King Crimson has the power to negate processes, leaving only their consequences. Activating this power causes a "time skip", where everything except itself and Diavolo is suddenly changed to be in the state they would have been a short time later (usually 3-10 seconds later). Time still flows normally for Diavolo, who can interact with the time-skipped objects for the amount of time that would have normally intervened (to Diavolo this appears in the form of the would-have-been intervening objects' states being superimposed on each other, in a fashion akin to Nude Descending a Staircase). The nature of the time skip is such that, for example, a bullet that would have hit Diavolo will suddenly be shifted to be on his other side. Essentially, King Crimson establishes two intangible points on the timeline, then proceeds to erase what occurred between those two points, giving others the feeling that time has suddenly skipped forward without their knowledge; the people act "normally" [similar to fate], but "have no memory" of what occurred during the erased portion of time, since it doesn't even exist. Diavolo himself is able to predict what will happen during the timeskip and use this advantage to dodge bullets or attacks.

One of the key weaknesses of King Crimson, as shown in his fight with Bruno Bucciarati, is that King Crimson is susceptible to past events, such as prepared traps and the like; King Crimson cannot erase the past or present, only the immediate future.

Diavolo can give part of his stand power to his alternate personality, Doppio, enabling him to see several seconds into the future.

Clash (Squalo) Appropriately for the User's name (Italian for "shark"), Clash's form is a metal-plated shark with three eyes. Clash can teleport between any kinds of fluid bodies sufficiently close to each other and still fit, even if the fluid body is no bigger than a wine goblet (the largest it's been known to get is that of a real-life shark). If large enough, Clash can attack and grab someone, drag them into the fluid, and take them on its teleporting trips, even to the wine-goblet-sized liquids.

Talking Head (Tizziano) Talking Head resembles a small mask with four tendrils, whose entire underside is studded with octopus-style suckers. To take effect, Talking Head must latch onto the victim's tongue. While Talking Head is attached, the victim is rendered incapable of telling the truth, whether speaking, writing, or gesticulating. The drawback is that if the victim realizes this, he can will himself to (try to) speak about something, in a situation where Tizziano would expect him to speak of something else entirely, thus rendering him and Squalo off-guard (i.e. the "lie" isn't about what Squalo and Tizziano think it is).

Notorious B.I.G. (Carne) At first, it appears to be a humanoid with striped armor and a comma-shaped flare on the right side of its head. This is really its dormant state, however, and is truly activated when the User is killed. Empowered by the User's contempt and indignation over the death, Notorious B.I.G. can possess and manipulate most matter (e.g. possessing Giorno's arm to write out "warnings" of its approach). At first, it will be an amorphous blob of dead matter, but will later develop the helmet and hand armor of the dormant phase. Since the User is dead, Notorious B.I.G. cannot die either, not so long as it has matter to possess--in fact, it can continue accruing solid matter as long as it wants. However, since it has no User, it reacts entirely by instinct, lashing out at any sudden movement (whether the movement belongs to a target or not). Since Secco and Cioccolatta knew about how Notorious B.I.G. acted, it is possible that Carne was not the original User, and B.I.G. can adopt a new user under specific circumstances.

Spice Girl (Trish Una) Spice Girl is a female-form humanoid whose body and garb are decorated with arithmetic signs. Its touch can render an object infinitely elastic--no matter how hard it is hit, the object will simply bend, not break. With repeated strikes, Spice Girl can also cleanly break an object in two. Once an object becomes elasticized, Trish can at will make the object regain normal hardness instantly.

Metallica (Risotto Nero) Metallica appears in the form of hundreds of tiny bodies, each resembling a small metal strip with vestigial arms, one or two scars, and featureless faces. Metallica is normally bound to Nero's blood, from which it can project magnetic auras. These auras allow Nero to reshape blood into any form by manipulation of the iron in hemoglobin. More specifically, he can manifest such sharp and deadly objects as razor blades, nails, and scissors directly inside his foe (apparently from memory, since the razor blades come with brand label etchings), and manipulate his own blood to create iron stitchings for any wounds he receives. One of Metallica's most dangerous qualities is that even if its target isn't killed by being slashed and pierced by the created objects, the immense iron deficit created in the victim's blood will probably be fatal in and of itself.

Green Day (Cioccolatta) Green Day is a dark green humanoid that exudes spores from its head and hands. Once the spores latch onto a living thing, they will germinate if they ever experience lower altitude (e.g. if an infected arm is lowered), in a manner that is the reverse of certain insect-infecting fungi (which compel the host to fly as high as possible). Once this happens, they turn into a flesh-devouring mold that seems to be almost as rapid as Purple Haze's virus. Although Green Day must stay near Cioccolatta, the spores can be scattered over an area about the size of a village and still be able to kill. Cioccolatta can use the spores on himself in such a way that he is not eaten, but rather so that the spores can block off cut areas' blood flow and prevent death from blood loss.

Oasis (Secco) Oasis resembles a crudely-stitched leather bodysuit that Secco always wears. It allows Secco to turn any stone that he touches into mud (given enough time, he can turn living beings to mud as well). Once the mud is no longer touching him or Oasis, it instantly reverts back to stone. His usual routine is to swim through stone with Oasis's help, and pull down targets who have been infected with Green Day's spores (thus ensuring their germination). Alone, he likes to fill his mouth with mud created by Oasis, then spit it out, at which point the mud globules immediately become deadly rock projectiles. Oasis also seems to grant Secco superhuman accuracy, much like Star Platinum and The World.

Silver Chariot Requiem (Jean Pierre Polnareff) While this would normally just have been an upgrade of Chariot, Polnareff's body was killed, leaving Chariot Requiem without a User, wild and uncontrollable. The Requiem effect turned Chariot's form into that of a black-garbed swordsman. Because of its connection to the Arrow, Chariot shares some of its latent spirit-controlling abilities. It can force other living beings to fall asleep, during which time their souls (and Stands) will transpose with whomever is nearest. In addition, as a distillate of the Arrow's potential-drawing power, Chariot Requiem's existence accelerates evolution--Stands become stronger, and living creatures begin to transform into new entities. Chariot Requiem itself is a congealing of the shadow of all souls. Therefore, to attack it (or, for that matter, to try to take the Arrow, whose protection is its main purpose), is to attack one's own self. This manifests in the form of the attacker's Stand briefly turning upon its User. If Chariot Requiem is destroyed, then all transposed souls will return to their former bodies (or die and go on to the afterlife if the original body is dead), and all induced mutations will reverse.

Rolling Stone (Scolippi) Rolling Stone initially takes the form of a smooth sphere of rock with a symbol, resembling a topless box with an X inside. (This symbol, 凶 in Chinese character, has a meaning of "unfortunate".) It can sense that someone is due to die soon, at which point it will begin following them around and gradually change form to their posture at the moment of death. If that person touches Rolling Stone, it will tell them of the upcoming manner of their death. If the person accepts that they will not live for much longer, then Rolling Stone will tell them a way to achieve a painless death, in lieu of the one it foresaw. Others who become aware of Rolling Stone's existence, on the other hand, will not die as long as its latest detected one lives. It will also crumble away from these other people and reform somewhere closer to the detected one.

Stands of Part 6: Stone Ocean

Star Platinum returns in this part, not listed here. Most of the Stand Users in this part are named for fashion designers and labels.

Stand name User Effect
Jolyne Kujo Can dissociate itself or the User's body into wires, Ability to hear from long distances
Guess Can shrink people to doll size
Jongalli A Detects air movement
Enrico Pucci Transforms aspects of a person, such as memories or their stand into "DISC"s, which can be given to others. Can produce a mist that slowly digests objects inside it, can impersonate other people for a limited time
Hermes Costello Creates copies of objects
Xander McQueen If McQueen hurts himself, the enemy will be injured the same way
Emporio Alnino Shows how ruined things were in their original state
F.F. (Foo Fighters) Living plankton that can project itself to microscopically tear/heal areas where it lands
Mirashon Bets on games with money as the prize, automatically collects anything from loser to match bet value
Wes Bluemarines Controls weather, phase through enemy attacks to an extent, transmute other creatures into snails
Lang Wrangler Creates a zero-gravity environment with an intense vacuum
Sports Max Raises the spirits of deceased to fight
Narcsio Anasui Phases itself inside objects and manipulates their inner workings
Guccio Throws anyone but the user into a murderous frenzy.
Viviano Westwood Summons meteorites
Kenzo Alters luck according to feng shui, can allow a person's limbs to strike at a remote point
D and G Generates a powerful acid
Unknown A green baby (Dio) Gradually shrinks people when they approach baby
Miumiu/ Rewrites short-term memory, allowing them to only remember 3 things at any one time
Ungaro Causes stories told to manifest in reality
Rykiel Summons and controls rods.
Donatello Versace Causes the effects of past events to reoccur
Enrico Pucci; A green baby Reverses and adjusts gravity to any point/direction it desires
Jotaro Kujo Fast movement, high power, can extend pointer finger, increases user's sense of precision. Able to stop time to the maximum human limit of 5 seconds.
, Enrico Pucci Accelerates time, can rewrite reality to the User's idea of perfection

Stone Free (Jolyne Kujo) Stone Free initially manifests itself in form of wires coming out of the tip of Jolyne's finger. The wires can be controlled freely and also be used to listen to faraway conversations. If this string is cut, Jolyne suffers intense pain. She can completely unravel her entire body into a string and quickly reassemble herself. She can also "cut" her string form and make it independent from her body. Later on, the wires turn into a human-shaped stand, which Jolyne calls Stone Free. As she discovers her powers, Jolyne learns to turn her own body into wires and reassemble herself. Her stand isn't very strong compared to others, but it's very fast and versatile. Like Star Platinum, Stone Free also cries, "Ora, Ora!" while pummeling with her fists.

Goo Goo Dolls (Guess) Guess' stand appears as a little humanoid which can decrease the size of the person it is in contact with. Guess's usual tactic is to first shrink down a person then use a skinned corpse from a small animal (For example, a rat) for the person to wear. She does this because she thinks it's cute and she likes to have command over someone weaker than her. The effect of the stand gradually decreases as the person gets farther away from Guess, and she cannot affect herself with it.

Manhattan Transfer (Jongalli A) Manhattan Transfer, also appropriately called the "satellite assassin", is apparently very slow and weak, but is excellent in terms of range. Since Jongalli A is blind, this Stand is a great help to him, giving him information on the target's location and other properties of said target, such as height. Because of Manhattan Transfer's very long range, Jongalli A is able to use this Stand from a window in the men's prison to attack Jolyne.

Whitesnake (Enrico Pucci) Whitesnake can steal and give stands as "DISC"s to people. It turns other people's stands into discs which it can manipulate at will.It can also produce a mist that slowly digests objects like stomach acid, and impersonate other people for a limited time. The DISCs created by Whitesnake are physical objects, so they can be carried by anyone and continue to exist despite of Whitesnake's later upgrades. Whitesnake is also quite strong and seems to have longer range than most remote controlled stands. Whitesnake also seems to have a personality of his own as it is often seen questioning its owner's actions, although it always carries out the orders in the end.

Kiss (Hermes Costello) A humanoid like Stand covered in stickers depicting a woman's lips. Releases stickers that will duplicate an item perfectly for as long as the sticker is on it. When the sticker falls off, the original item and the duplicate will smash together and violently combust. Objects that are able to duplicate also include body parts and people. Hermes receives this stand after Guess gives her Jolyne's amulet that she had picked up.

Highway To Hell (Xander McQueen) Highway To Hell does not have a definite shape, but appears as sort of growth on the victim's body, depending on where Xander McQueen is hurt. This Stand is able to give the victim pain that McQueen is feeling (similar to Steely Dan's 'The Lovers'); for example, he tries to hang himself, and as Hermes Costello was the victim of the stand, she begins feeling the same pressure on her neck as McQueen has. As McQueen is extremely depressed and suicidal, Enrico Pucci considers him a dangerous person, since he will always go to great lengths to give himself pain, thus hurting his victims badly.

Burning Down the House (Emporio Alnino) Burning Down the House has no form of its own, but allows Emporio to manifest the "spirits" of objects, recreating objects that have been destroyed. While it can be used to manifest a variety of object spirits, the nature in which certain objects can be interacted with varies. For example, Emporio could manifest the spirit of a glass of orange juice and pick the glass up, but even though he could taste it, the juice passed through the bottom of his mouth when trying to drink it. He also once manifested the spirit of a garbage can to hide in, and when it was safe, he folded the can up as if it was paper. While Burning Down the House is mainly used to manifest the spirits of singular objects, it can also be used on a much larger scale, allowing Emporio access to spirits of entire rooms that have long since been destroyed. It also seems to allow Emporio to make himself a spirit, as he once made himself visible to Jolyne and not to Jotaro.

Foo Fighters (F.F) Allows plankton to exist in a humanoid form. Interestingly, the plankton adopt the same name as the Stand. Technically, Foo Fighters has two forms: one where she is in a body and one where she is not. While not in a body, Foo Fighters has the ability to travel across bodies of water at super speed, spreading her plankton to faraway areas to manipulate whatever she chooses. In a body, she retains this ability by forming a pistol on her forefinger, shooting parts of herself at her enemies. The downside is that she has to be constantly hydrated and can't fight for extended periods of time. Alternatively, F.F can heal people by using her plankton to microscopically sew wounds quickly together. Some of the most fatal wounds can be healed in a matter of seconds.

Marilyn Manson (Mirashon) A Stand with a visor and strange, tong-like hands. When Mirashon makes an offer for a bet, Marilyn Manson comes into effect the moment the rules are settled and the bet begins. If the other party loses or breaks the rules set down, Marilyn Manson shows itself with the amount of money wagered displayed on its visor, and forcefully gathers the money from the person who lost, the amount of money it displays decreasing in synch with the amount of money it collects. However, it will also take anything that can be sold for money, from taking jewelry and gold teeth to going as far as tearing out a persons organs to be sold to the Black Market. However, the Stand also displays a degree of consciousness, and can be reasoned with to trade objects it collected with others, and it can even be persuaded to make another bet. While it is in the process of collecting the debt, any attacks made against it harmlessly pass through it. Once it has the proper amount of money wagered (or enough objects that can match its monetary value), it will cease its attack.

Weather Report (Wes Bluemarines) A versatile Stand which can control weather that normally assumes a humanoid shape made out of clouds. It can quickly change the cloud's composition to stop or distort him enemies' attacks, rivaling Star Platinum's speed in bullet catching. As when it protected Jolyne against Pucci, Weather Report can use unlikely elements of weather, raining poisonous frogs in this case. Similar to White Album, it can freeze liquids instantly. When Wes recovers his memories, Weather Report regains several abilities it had forgotten. In addition to the above, it could now alter the atmosphere and hence the projection of light, creating various rainbows to fill an area. If someone were to look at the projected light, their bodies would morph into a snail due to subliminal messages, rendering them weak to salt and practically immobile. Because it is a large, static-charged cloud, Weather Report can electrocute anyone who touches it. Lastly, it can fill a room with pure oxygen, paralyzing an opponent indefinitely.

Jumpin' Jack Flash (Lang Wrangler) Jumpin' Jack Flash allows Lang Wrangler to create a large spherical field (about 20 meters or so) in which a zero-gravity effect takes place. Unless something inside is unable to move (like a wall or anything bolted down), it will begin to around aimlessly, and people inside become disoriented by the change in environment. Lang himself is not immune to the fields effects, and wears a suit with suction cups on his fingers and toes to keep himself rooted. However, the biggest threat of this is that the inside of the sphere is like the vacuum of space, limiting the air supply and putting dangerous strain on the unprotected human body. For example, blood was being sucked out of Jolyne and Weather Report's bodies before Weather Report formed spacesuits out of clouds to protect them, and one of Lang's eyes was almost sucked out when he was pulled into the field. Additionally, Jumpin' Jack Flash gives Lang spherical guns on his wrists, and when loaded with small objects (like nuts and bolts), the spheres rotate with extreme centrifugal force and rapidly fire the objects like bullets, and the projectiles are accurate even when in his zero-gravity field.

Limp Bizkit (Sports Max) Sports Max was granted this Stand by one of Whitesnake's discs. It binds itself to and raises the spirits of corpses who are near the User; even the User can be restored this way. Only the spirit is raised; the body remains dead. The spirits are completely invisible, but this can be overcome if the proper measures are taken, such as setting up traps to reveal their locations or coating them with something like ink to show their forms. Nonetheless, Limp Bizkit's power lets the persisting souls perform physical actions, and cause physical harm. The spirits are also capable of moving in ways their original bodies wouldn't have been able to, such as walking on walls and ceilings. The power doesn't extend to controlling the spirits' actions, beyond increasing their aggression. When the spirits are attacked, their corpses take damage in their stead, and the spirits fade once the corpse suffers enough damage. It is possible that the Stand truly begins to act when the user dies (as Notorious B.I.G in the fifth part). Sports Max's hobby, taxidermy, enhanced the power of his Stand by allowing him to raise the spirits of animals. While it is unknown if there is a limit to the number of spirits Sports Max can raise, he was able to raise all of the spirits of the prison cemetery.

Given the nature of the abilities and weaknesses of the risen spirits, it seems likely that Limp Bizkit binds those spirits to the air, and gives that air a solid quality.

Diver Down (Narcsio Anasui) As its name implies, Diver Down is able to "dive" into objects by phasing itself into them. Once inside the object, it is capable of manipulating the object to Anasui's liking. Such examples include rearranging the muscles and bones in Kenzo's legs to turn them into springs, and making Yoyoma act like a frog by wiring a frogs brain to its own. Diver Down is also capable of lying dormant inside of an object, and can spring into action once the object has been disturbed. By "diving" inside other people, it can communicate with them mentally, can lends its limbs to other people by phasing itself inside them, and can also take damage in their stead. It is never clearly stated how or when Anasui received Diver Down, but it is assumed that he had his Stand before his prison sentence.

Survivor (Guccio) Survivor appears as a squid-like creature that can attach itself to other people. When it does this it can manipulate a person's emotions, making them go berserk. The victim will take out their rage on anything in the vicinity and has no regard for its own well-being any more. It has almost zero strength and speed of its own, but it can duplicate itself as many times as Guccio wants and manipulate more persons at the same time. Guccio like most of the villains in Part 6, got his stand from one of Pucci's DISC's.

Planet Waves (Viviano Westwood) A humanoid Stand that can attract to itself all the tiny meteorites that fall to Earth daily, at least those that reach the atmosphere directly above it, and let them travel without first burning away in the upper atmosphere. The meteorites are so fast that opponents have almost no time to see them coming and are just harmed without understanding what struck them. The weakness of Planet Waves is that it can't move far away from Viviano, and the meteorites head directly for it. Therefore, Viviano has to put his target between him and the oncoming meteorites in some way (which isn't easy). The meteorites can never hurt Viviano; if one of them comes in a 10cm radius of him, the power of Planet Waves will simply disintegrate them instantly, before they can do any harm.

Dragon's Dream (Kenzo) Dragon's Dream looks like a dragon attached to a compass encased in a bubble. The compass uses Feng Shui principles to point towards the direction of both lucky and unlucky areas. He is capable of taking advantageof this by staying in lucky areas to avoid attacks, and attacking from another persons unlucky areas to inflict the most damage possible. When going for a killing blow, people are capable of placing their limbs in Dragon's Dream's bubble, causing the limb to detatch from the person, jettison at the opponent to deliver the blow, then return to the attacker with no harm done. Despite all this, Dragon's Dream is neutral and has a will of its own, and anybody is capable of taking advantage of where the lucky/unlucky areas are. Dragon's Dream is also known to explain exactly how its powers work, as he thinks that both opponents should have equal odds and doesn't think it's fair that Kenzo tries to keeps the mechanics of its power secret.

Yoyoma (D and G) A rotund Stand with scales and a spike jutting out of the top of its head. Yoyoma is an Automatic Stand, and is programmed to force itself into serving its enemies, doing polite and generous things seemingly on impulse, but then attacks when nobody is watching it. Once nobody is watching it, it begins to salivate an extremely potent acid that is capable of painlessly eating through human beings. The acid can also be mixed with other things to attack in very sneaky ways, such as mixing it with water or injecting it inside a mosquito. The most threatening aspect of Yoyoma is that since it only attacks when nobody is watching it, it is very difficult for others to guess how it attacks until it is too late.

The green baby's Stand (The green baby) The green baby's Stand appears as a bizarre-looking masked creature with jet turbines growing from the sides of its head. As people halve the distance between them and the green baby, they are shrunk down to half of their normal size. As such, the green baby always looks like it is the same distance away while their surroundings get larger. Since their size has been halved, the amount of time it takes for them to reach the green baby is doubled. Once they halve the new distance, their size is once again cut in half, repeating the cycle and making it utterly impossible to reach the green baby. Once they are small enough, the Stand (who's size is unaffected) attempts to kill those who approach the green baby. The only way to revert to normal size is to allow the baby to get far enough away, or the green baby can willingly deactivate its power if it wants to investigate somehing it is curious about.

Jail House Rock (Miumiu) A humanoid Stand with stitch-like markings along its body and its head consisting of a brain with blank, round eyes. Jail House Rock binds itself to other surfaces like walls and prison bars, and those that touch these surfaces succumb to its attack; it alters the victim's short term memory, where they can only remember three new facts, the fourth replacing the first. This renders its victims completely unable to lead a normal life, often having to write down important facts so as not to forget (however, they are prone to forgetting they wrote anything down). This does not seem to affect any knowledge the victim may have had before the attack. Miumiu takes pleasure in humiliating those under the effects of her Stand, and is quick to impose four facts about herself on someone to avoid being attacked. She also uses it effectively when attacking, often firing four shots from a gun so that even if they block the last three bullets, they forget about the first bullet upon the fourth shot and are extremely likely to get hit by it. Apparently the only way to disable Jail House Rock's effects is if Miumiu wills it to stop.

Sky High (Rykiel) Sky High appears as some kind of beetle that always sits on Rykiel's right hand. Sky High's ability is to manipulate rods (rod-shaped creatures that feed on heat). Rykiel's usual tactic is to make the rods suck the heat out of the neck of the opponent. Since the neck is the closest to the brain, the heat that the rods suck out will cause the brain to cool down and stop functioning. The rods also have inhumanly fast speed and appear in large swarms, making it almost impossible to take them all out.

C-Moon (Enrico Pucci) A stand with the ability to adjust gravity to any direction it desires within a 3km range. The Stand user's head is used as the center of gravity. C-Moon can adjust gravity in any way Enrico decides. The Stand was created when Pucci fused his original stand White Snake with the green baby that was made from Dio's bones.

Made in Heaven (Enrico Pucci/Dio Brando) The ultimate stand, evolved from C-Moon, that has the ability to control the gravitational forces of the earth, moon and possibly the entire universe. As gravity changes, Made in Heaven is able to speed up the flow of time to a point where it is impossible for any living being to catch up, with the exception of its user and God. As time continues to travel, the universe will hit the vanishing point, and a new universe will be created where everything repeats itself accordingly to "fate". However, anyone that is killed by this stand in the previous universe will not cease to exist, but simply be replaced by a similar substitute. The Stand's user may then alter things and create the perfect world they desire. The stand resembles a two-legged centaur with many clocks attached to its body and a helmet covering half of its face.

Stands of Part 7: Steel Ball Run

Stand name User Effect
Gyro Zeppeli Ability to remote control steel ball (Tekkyuu) for viewing/scan through objects with the use of vibration.
Johnny Joestar Ability to "spin" his fingernails at high speed and use them as projectiles. "Bulletholes" created by the nails are able to move and transfer the damage.
Sandman/Soundman Able to run without getting tired, create constructs of sound.
Unknown Pocoloco Superhuman luck, gives its user helpful advice.
Unknown Andre Boomboom Can clean his body of poison. note: Can stick his ear inside of his head like Giorno.
Unknown L.A. Boomboom Can control Iron, can move iron in blood, rocks, guns etc.
Unknown Benjamin Boomboom Can control, reshape and fuse with metal through magnetism, able to change his appearance like this.
Mountain Tim Can "bead" his body parts onto a rope
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Oyecomova Able to turn touched objects into time bombs
Pork Pie Hat Kid Catches prey with a hook on a rope that's able to transcend space
Diego "Dio" Brando Turns into a utahraptor, power comes from Dr. Ferdinand
Dr. Franz Ferdinand Can transform people into dinosaurs.
Hot Pants A spray that can change flesh into "meat foams", allowing flesh to be shifted from its original location. Also able to heal wounds by "refilling" the injured flesh.
Ringo Roadagain Able to turn back time 6 seconds by use of his watch.
Blackmore Can freeze droplets of water in space and walk on them or use them as bullets.
Mike O. Able to inflate objects to look like balloon animals, which cause damage once they revert back to their original form. Said object also retains characteristics of the "animal" created (ex: a dog's sense of smell/tracking).
Tattoo You Name unknown 11 men can get pass through each other by using a tattoo on their back as a door.
Wrecking Ball Wekapipo Can make half of a target disappear.
Civil War (シビル・ウォー Shibiru Uō) Axl RO Can give his guilt of what he's done to someone else.

Scan/Steel Ball (Gyro Zeppeli) Gyro's stand appears as a set of steel balls which he always carries around. The ability of these is connected to the spin they make. By spinning them Gyro can carve into rocks as well as using the spin to harden or numb the muscles of living things. The steel balls are a very verastile power (Gyro uses the spin to conure up sandstorms or harden his muscles to protect himself from bullets). The steel balls have a throwing range of 20 to 30 meters. It's also said that his power got stronger after passing through the "Devils Palm".

Tusk (Johnny Joestar) Johnny can spin the nails on his hand and feet, and can cut with them as well as shoot them like bullets. The nails always grow back no matter how many are shot. The range of the nails are about 10 meters. He can also move around and preform various feats using the friction caused by the spin.

Pocoloco's Stand (Pocoloco) Pocoloco's stand appears to be some sort of bizarre metal gremlin with a bucket-shaped head. The ability of this stand gives Pocoloco superhuman luck, turning potentially harmful situations into beneficial ones. The stand also speaks to him, giving him the advice to take advantage of these events. For example, a branch that knocked Pocoloco off his horse allowed it to pass through a space which Pocoloco would not have been able to squeeze through otherwise. Despite it's amazing luck and useful advice, it is not infallible. During the first stretch of the race, Gyro Zeppelli takes advantage of a headwind that neither Pocoloco nor his stand could have accounted for.

Oh! Lonesome Me (Mountain Tim) Mountain Tim discovered after passing through the "Devil's Palm" that he could transport his body parts along a rope, similar to water beads moving along a string. He easily retains full control of his body in this state, no matter how thoroughly segmented the body is. The length of his movement is only limited by the length of the rope used.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (Oyecomova) Oyecomova's stand allows him to plant tiny 'pins' on whatever he touches. The pins act like tiny, albeit powerful landmines, and have a small watch face built into them. Once disturbed, the clock will begin to count down, and will explode once it reaches zero. However, they can be temporarily disarmed by replacing the pin in its original position. Oyecomova uses this Stand to great effect, as he is able to plant hundreds of pins into a river, a beehive (including the bees living inside of it), and even the smoke from a cigarette.

Wired (Pork Pie Hat Kid) Pork Pie Hat's stand looks like a winch which can wind up its wires with trendmous power. He seems to be able to at least lift about one horse. Through a plate with water Pork Pie Hat can lower his hooks through a different dimension to catch his prey. If he uses a "bait" such as a feather, an insect, or even another human, he can hook up his prey from the bait itself. There are in total two wires which seems to be connected to his front teeth. Wired acts somewhat similar to Pesci's Beach Boy.

Scary Monster (Diego Brando) At first, Diego was a victim of Dr. Ferdinand's Stand, Scary Monsters, which forcibly transformed him into a utahraptor. However, once Diego received one of the Saint's eyes, and Dr. Ferdinand died, he retained the power as his own Stand, bound to his own body. He is able to transform into a bipedal dinosaur which bears his name as the patterns on its tail, and has increased speed and ability. Later on, he is able to use Scary Monster to instead shift into a humanoid dinosaur while retaining his usual consciousness. However, his abilities in this form are yet to be revealed. Unlike actual raptor-style theropods, Diego's utahraptor form has no feathers.


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