Capture can refer to a number of things aside from its usual capture:

In media:

Other uses:

  • (Fishing) This term is increasing being used in fishing to describe the "capture" of fish in capture fisheries. A capture fishery is a wild fishery and contrasts with a farmed fishery.
  • (Medical) the minimal point at which a heart pacing device is able to influence the rate of the heart. Measured in milliamps.
  • (Economics and political science) capture is said to occur when bureaucrats or politicians, who are supposed be acting in the public interest, end up acting systematically to favor particular vested interests.
  • (Geology) Sometimes the upper courses of rivers can be captured by other rivers eroded through the watershed.
  • In oil and gas law, capture is used as an archaic synonym for "extraction," notably in the common law rule of capture.
  • (Pop Culture) Capture is also a famous anti-aging skincare products franchise from Parfums Christian Dior, created in 1986 and starring Sharon Stone since 2006
  • Capture, a commercial insecticide containing Bifenthrin
  • Capture CIS a circuit schematic capture utility, part of the OrCAD tool suite
  • Capture-HPC client honeypot / honeyclient is a client honeypot that can find malicious servers on a network.

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