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Francisco Ferreira Drummond

Francisco Ferreira Drummond (January 21, 1796 - November 9, 1858) was a Portuguese historiographer, paleographer, musician and politician from the area of Vila de São Sebastião in the island of Terceira. He was an historic publisher occupying a part of the Azorean historiographers and in the good part of the works in the History of the Azores, mainly on the island of Terceira. He wrote the Anais da Ilha Terceira (Annals of Terceira Island).


Francisco Ferreira Drummond was born in Vila de São Sebastião, in the Terceira Island in the Azores archipelago. His parents were Tomé Ferreira Drumond and Rita de Cássia. The Drummond family was then a primary magister of the governancy of Vila de S. Sebastião, having the presidency of the chamber and he had been busy for his father (in 1821). His brother, the captain of ordenances José Ferreira Drumond, dominated his political life for a couple of decades.

Ferreira Drummond as a child chose his vocation for letters and music. Qualified with primary teaching, he studied disciplinaries which constitutes the object of education of cultural youth and others in his native village: Latin, logics and the rhetorics. In many studies, he constantly looked for increasing its literary and artistic instructions, what he was facilitated familiarly where he lived.


He left the island to escape persecution from the absolutists. He left on a boat heading to Santa Maria Island and then to Ponta Delgada, the boat later stopped at Madeira and then to Lisbon. After one year of exile, he returned to Terceira and having participated actively in the uncurling of the island's civil war (which was later described in the Anais da Ilha Terceira or the Annals of Terceira Island.

For his position as an organist at Matriz da Praia, for which he was nominated when he was fifteen, he went to S. Sebastião where he took position as notary for the municipal chamber, secretary of administration of the council and two other places. In 1836, he was elected president of the related chamber, having played these functions up to 1839. In this year, he was elected Solicitor to the General. He exercised during a couple of years as position of the Supplier to Santa Casa da Misericórdia.

Ferreira Drummond supported the fight against the elimination of the municipality of San Sebastião, eliminating that, in good part thanks to the activity of Ferreira Drummond although he intended on October 24, 1855, it was eliminated in April 1, 1870. Some of the most important works of the old chamber of San Sebastião was initiavely nominated for captation of the springs of Cabrito and he exploitation for milling, at that time, it was a largest hydraulic work in Terceira and one of the largest in the Azores.

In 1951, Francisco Ferreira Drummond was honored a small monument in Rossio, Vila de S. Sebastião.


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