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Captains of Industry (comics)

The Captains of Industry were a fictional DC Comics superteam introduced in 1988's Firestorm the Nuclear Man issue #88.


The Captains of Industry were originally formed as a small investigative task force for the IMHS (Institute for Metahuman Studies) funded by a consortium of corporate interests. This was back in the days before the DEO or Checkmate were created by government mandate.

The IMHS was headed by a former Suicide Squad associate, chief psychiatrist Simon LaGrieve. The team's founders included Maser, Firehawk and a former small time costumed criminal named Catalyst. Firehawk herself recruited the Silver Swan.

The Captains later served alongside Black Adam and the Suicide Squad (issue #58) on an especially bloody mission. They met Major Victory while he was serving on Black Adam's team. Eventually, the group came to work directly for Alan Windsor head of the Sunderland Corporation.


  • Maser - Harold Jordan, an electromagnetic posthuman Cousin of Green Lantern Hal Jordan also known as Air Wave. Team leader. Jordan was exposed to extreme gene modification at the hands of ex-villain Doctor Moon who was currently a Sunderland employee. Dr. Moon oversaw the process that magnified his already formidable powers by an unknown factor.
  • Firehawk - Lorraine Reilly, nuclear powered heroine and former paramour of Firestorm.
  • Silver Swan - Valerie Beaudry, was mutated by unscrupulous industrialist Hank Armbruster.
  • Major Victory - Bill Vickers, the only surviving member of the original Force of July, he was recruited directly out of the Suicide Squad.
  • Catalyst - Unknown, a former Blue Beetle II villain who body was modified to produce poisons and chemicals through skin contact. Catalyst went on to work as a freelance villain, aiding Kobra when he captured Maser. Most recently re-surfaced in Justice Society of America #1 working as an assassin for Vandal Savage.

Other Corporate Teams

Other corporate superhero teams have been active in the DC Comics universe. The most well known are the Conglomerate, Power Company, the Blood Pack, and Hero Hotline.

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