captain chair


[kap-tuhn, -tin]
Captain or The Captain may refer to:

Military ranks

  • Captain (land), an army, air force or marine rank with a NATO code of OF-2, and the equivalent in other military and paramilitary services
  • Captain (naval), a naval rank with a NATO code of OF-5, and the equivalent in other naval services

In specific countries

Other variations

  • Captain General, is a high military rank and a gubernatorial title. This variation of a general is now nearly extinct
  • Captain Lieutenant, a rank in the Russian Navy, Red Fleet/Soviet Navy and previously Imperial Russian Navy, a rank in the German Navy, and a former rank in the British army
  • Captain of the Fleet, would assist an admiral with ten or more ships to command
  • Group Captain, an air force rank with a NATO code of OF-5
  • Flag captain, Royal Navy term for the captain of an admiral's flagship
  • Kaptan Pasha or Kapudan Pasha, commander of the Ottoman Navy- a term derived from "Captain"
  • Post-Captain, an obsolete alternative form of the rank of Captain in the Royal Navy







Other uses

Mining equipment

Oil fields



Video games

  • Captain, one of the seven classes in Lord of the Rings Online
  • Captain Falcon, a racer in the F-Zero series of video games
  • Captain[WA], a Mule Used by CompMaster[WA] to complete tasks that he does not want to complete

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