[kap-tuhn, -tin]
Smith, Thomas, Captain, American painter, active in New England from 1675 to 1690. Smith introduced baroque painting techniques into American art. He made use of chiaroscuro technique to render solid forms and reveal his psychological insight. His best-known work is his Self-Portrait (c.1690; Worcester Art Mus., Mass.).
Captain or The Captain may refer to:

Military ranks

  • Captain (land), an army, air force or marine rank with a NATO code of OF-2, and the equivalent in other military and paramilitary services
  • Captain (naval), a naval rank with a NATO code of OF-5, and the equivalent in other naval services

In specific countries

Other variations

  • Captain General, is a high military rank and a gubernatorial title. This variation of a general is now nearly extinct
  • Captain Lieutenant, a rank in the Russian Navy, Red Fleet/Soviet Navy and previously Imperial Russian Navy, a rank in the German Navy, and a former rank in the British army
  • Captain of the Fleet, would assist an admiral with ten or more ships to command
  • Group Captain, an air force rank with a NATO code of OF-5
  • Flag captain, Royal Navy term for the captain of an admiral's flagship
  • Kaptan Pasha or Kapudan Pasha, commander of the Ottoman Navy- a term derived from "Captain"
  • Post-Captain, an obsolete alternative form of the rank of Captain in the Royal Navy







Other uses

Mining equipment

Oil fields



Video games

  • Captain, one of the seven classes in Lord of the Rings Online
  • Captain Falcon, a racer in the F-Zero series of video games
  • Captain[WA], a Mule Used by CompMaster[WA] to complete tasks that he does not want to complete

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