[kap-suhl, -sool, -syool]

In botany, a dry fruit that opens when ripe. It splits from top to bottom into separate segments known as valves, as in the iris, or forms pores at the top (e.g., poppy), or splits around the circumference, with the top falling off (e.g., pigweed and plantain). The spore-forming organ (see sporophyte) of liverworts and mosses is also called a capsule.

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The word capsule, or encapsulation, may refer to:

  • Capsule (anatomy), a cover or envelope partly or wholly surrounding a structure.
  • Capsule (fruit), a type of dry fruit like the poppy, iris or foxglove.
  • Capsule (group), a Shibuya-kei musical group, consisting of vocalist Toshiko Koshijima and producer Yasutaka Nakata.
  • Capsule (microbiology), a layer that lies outside the cell wall of bacteria.
  • Capsule (pharmacy), a small gelatinous case enclosing a dose of medication.
  • Another name for the sporangium of mosses and hornworts.
  • The electronic or electromagnetic component inside a microphone which converts acoustic energy into an electric signal.
  • Capsular contracture, the scar tissue naturally forming around breast implants.
  • A protective cover for a cork on a bottle.
  • A cylinder capped with hemispheres
  • A capsule hotel, a type of very dense overnight lodging popular in urban Japan.
  • A space capsule, a type of manned spacecraft.
  • A time capsule, a cache of items and/or information to be preserved for future times.
  • The plastic container used to hold small toys and other items in bulk vending machines, also known as "Capsule Machines"

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