cape la hague

Fortune Bay-Cape La Hune

Fortune Bay—Cape La Hune is a provincial electoral district for the House of Assembly of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Covers much of Newfoundland’s south coast. Includes territory east of Burgeo, and stretches to the end of Fortune Bay near the beginning of the Burin Peninsula. Includes such remote communities as Ramea, Francois and Gaultois. Also includes communities of Belleoram, Boxey, Coombs Cove, Conne River, Grey River, English Harbour West, Harbour Breton, Hermitage, McCallum, Milltown-Head of Bay d'Espoir, Morrisville, Mose Ambrose, Pool's Cove, Rencontre East, Samiajig Miaupukak (Conne River), St. Albans, St. Jacques, St. Joseph's Cove, St. Veronica's, Seal Cove and Tibbo's Hill.

This district has largely been associated with Oliver Langdon, who has sat with both the Liberals and the Tories in the house of assembly (but mostly the Liberals). Langdon, an 18-year veteran of the legislature, announced his retirement from provincial politics earlier this year.


  1. Jack Winsor, Liberal (1975-1979)
  2. Don Stewart, Prog. Cons. (1979-1985)
  3. Roger Simmons, Liberal (1985-1988)
  4. Oliver Langdon, Prog. Cons./Independent/Liberal (1988-2007)
  5. Tracey Perry, Prog. Cons. (2007-present)

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