Itatí Cantoral

Itatí Cantoral (born Itatí Cantoral Zucchi, May 13, 1975 in Mexico City, Federal District) is a Mexican actress who is the daughter of songwriter Roberto Cantoral and Argentine actress of Italian descent Itatí Zucchi.

Cantoral has been active as an actress since she was very young, and at the age of 13, she was accepted into the prestigious Televisa actors' academy, Centro de Educación Artística (CEA). She made her television debut in a show named La telaraña.

Her next move was very important for her career, as she participated in one of Mexico's most famous telenovelas, Muchachitas. Muchachitas was a major hit all over Mexico and Cantoral was inspired to do theatrical jobs after her initial success.

Cantoral met Eduardo Santamarina during the filming of De Frente al Sol, a soap opera that was produced by Carla Estrada. They became friends during the filming of this soap opera.

1993 was a big year for Cantoral, as she participated in Dos mujeres, un camino alongside, among others, Puerto Rican Erik Estrada, Laura León, Bibi Gaytán, Lorena Herrera, Selena Quintanilla, Jorge Salinas and the members of Grupo Bronco. Dos mujeres, un camino gave Cantoral major exposure outside Mexico, and made her more famous in Mexico and Latin America.

During 1995-1996 Cantoral interpreted the role of villainous Soraya Montenegro in "Maria la del Barrio" alongside Thalia Sodi and Fernando Colunga. Although she was 20 at the time of the shooting, she played Soraya from 18 until 38.

In 1996, Cantoral returned to the small screen in Tú y yo, a drama where she acted alongside Maribel Guardia and Joan Sebastian. In 1997, she participated in Salud, dinero y amor, the sequel to another major Mexican soap opera, El premio mayor.

After participating in three more soap operas, she married Eduardo Santamarina in 2000. In 2001, she gave birth to twin boys.

In 2001 Cantoral reappeared as a villain in Televisa's production of Sin Pecado Concebido where she played "Raquel Villavicencio" in the same production with Mexican actress Angelica Rivera and Puerto Rican actor/singer Carlos Ponce.

Cantoral left Mexico in 2002 to participate in a Brazilian production, Vale todo. She took her twin sons to Brazil with her, and she received constant visits from her husband.

In 2003, Cantoral acted in the Telemundo production El alma herida, where she played the character of a teenaged girl who crosses the border between Mexico and the United States to try to find her long-lost mother.

Early in 2004, Cantoral and Santamarina announced a separation. During this year she played Sally Bowles for a few months in the musical Cabaret at the Teatro Insurgentes of Mexico City.

In 2006, Cantoral starred in another Telemundo original production, Julio Jimenez's La Viuda de Blanco, Blanco's Widow. The story is about a beautiful woman who is unjustfully imprisoned. She returns to the town of Trinidad in search of her past and to reclaim everything she had lost, most importantly her precious twin sons who are under the care and protection of their grandmother -- who has no intention of giving up her grandchildren without a fight. Here Cantoral starred with heartthrob Francisco Gattorno.

Itati is currently pregnant and engaged to Carlos Alberto Cruz. She is due between September or October.

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