Canopy may refer to:

  • Canopy (building), an overhead roof or structure that provides shade or other shelter
  • Baldachin, a cloth or permanent architectural feature that hangs over an altar or throne as a symbol of authority
  • Umbraculum or Ombrellino, a canopy awarded by the pope to basilicas
  • Canopy (forest), the habitat found at the uppermost level of a mature forest
  • Canopy (wireless), wireless broadband solutions from Motorola
  • Aircraft canopy, the transparent enclosure over the cockpit of an aircraft

Bubble canopy, a type of aircraft canopy

  • Vehicle canopy a type of overhead door for a vehicle
  • Canopy (Parachute), Reference to The cloth and suspension line portion of a parachute rather than the whole parachute system
  • Canopy Group, a U.S. investment firm
  • Honda Canopy, a three-wheeled automobile from Honda
  • Vapor canopy is a creationist idea which states that the earth was surrounded by a "canopy" of water
  • The Chuppah, the canopy used in Jewish wedding ceremonies
  • Canopy (vine), the part of a grapevine visible above ground.

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