canned laughter

Canned Laughter (sitcom)

Rowan Atkinson presents...Canned Laughter was a one-off ITV sitcom featuring Rowan Atkinson broadcast on 8 April 1979. Atkinson plays three roles; the nerdy Robert Box (who has been cited as an early incarnation of the Mr Bean character), his sinister boss Mr. Marshall, and would-be stand-up comic Dave Perry. Made by LWT, the 30 minute episode was directed by Geoffrey Sax.


The episode particularly focuses on Robert Box as he prepares for work and decides to ask the only woman in his office out to dinner. Meanwhile, Dave Perry announces to a neighbour that he has his first major gig at a "swish restaurant" in Camden Town. At work, after the whole office has been refused a pay increase by Mr. Marshall, Box summons up the courage to ask Lorraine, played by Sue Holderness on the date. The episode culminates in the restaurant, where a series of coincidences and misunderstandings spoil the evening.

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