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Sell Your Soul

Sell Your Soul was the first full-length album from Burlington, Ontario The Creepshow put out by Stereo Dynamite and distributed by EMI Music Canada.

The album features eleven tracks, ten of which are original songs. The first track, The Sermon is a spoken word introduction by organ player The Reverend McGinty in a Vincent Price-inspired voice.

Music videos were released for both Zombies At Her Brain and The Garden.


  1. The Sermon (0:33)
  2. Creatures of the Night (2:42)
  3. Shake (3:38)
  4. Sell Your Soul (2:41)
  5. Cherry Hill (2:57)
  6. Candy Kiss (3:48)
  7. Grave Diggers (2:03)
  8. Zombies Ate Her Brain (1:29)
  9. The Garden (3:36)
  10. Doghouse (4:37)
  11. Psycho Ball & Chain (2:48)

Band members

  • Sean "Sickboy" McNab - Upright Bass / Backup Vocals
  • Jen "Hellcat" Blackwood - Guitar / Lead Vocals
  • The Reverend McGinty - Keys / Backup Vocals
  • Matt "Pomade" Gee - drums

Other Contributors

  • Steve Rizun - Recording, Mixing and Mastering.
  • Orchard Studios - Drum and Bass Recording.
  • Doghouse Music, Lyrics and additional Guitar by Hooch of The Matadors (band).
  • Harmonica on The Garden by Mike Blackwood.
  • All Background Vocals by The Creepshow and SnaX Rebo.
  • Design and Photography by Ashlea Wessel @ Revolver Photography.
  • Illustrations by Jen "Hellcat" Blackwood.
  • Psycho Ball and Chain lyric inspiration by Emma

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