[kan-dl-ah-bruh, -dl-ey-]
Candelabra is the term traditionally referring to a pair (or more) of large, decorative candlesticks often shaped as a column or pedestal and having several arms or branches for holding candles. A single example of such lighting devices is known as a candelabrum. A special kind of candelabrum is the Jewish menorah. While unnecessary today because of electrical interior lighting, candle-burning candelabra and traditional candlesticks are often used in modern homes as accessories, or as part of the interior design.

Since electrification, the collective term candelabra also has become a common designation for small-based incandescent light bulbs used in chandeliers and other (primarily decorative) lighting fixtures.

In the United States and Canada, the plural term candelabra also is a nickname for radio masts and radio towers with multiple tops. Examples include the Mont Royal Candelabra in Montréal, Québec, the KXTV/KOVR/KCRA Tower, UHF Candelabra, KSMO Candelabra Tower, KMBC/KCWE Candelabra Tower, and Madison Candelabra Tower.

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