can bet on it

The Guinness Game

The Guinness Game was an American game show that aired from 1979-1980 in syndication. Bob Hilton began the show as host, with Don Galloway replacing him later in the run. The announcer was Charlie O'Donnell. One of the show's producers was Bob Eubanks, best known as the host of The Newlywed Game.


Three audience members were asked to predict if a live, record breaking stunt could be performed or broken. Each player began with $1,000 and could bet up 90% of what they had. The winner after three rounds won and played for a bonus prize. A player who placed a maximum bet on each stunt, and was correct all three times, would win $6,859.


Guinness Game is remembered for the host's unique sign-off. Hilton and Galloway both usually ended the show by saying "We hope you join us when The Guinness Game returns in exactly 167 hours, 30 minutes and 42 seconds.. and you can bet on it!" (the figures used varied from episode to episode)

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