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List of Alvin and the Chipmunks episodes

This is a complete listing of episodes from the 1983 animated television series Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Alvin and the Chipmunks (1983-1987)

Season 1 (1983)

1A. "The C-Team"
After Alvin, Simon and Theodore use Dave's antique gold pocket watch for Show & Tell at school, neighborhood bullies steal it. The Chipmunks find Mr. T to ask him for advice and with his help, they manage to get the watch back.

  • Song: "The C-Team"
  • Broadcast 9/17/83
  • Appearance by Mr. T, who also had his own Saturday morning cartoon show on NBC, Mr. T. Both shows were produced by Ruby-Spears Productions.

1B. "The Chipettes"
The boys just see a group of girls with the name chipmunks and they going to have a bet to decide what group stay with the name chipmunks

  • Key song: "We Got the Beat" by The Go-Go's
  • Broadcast 9/17/83
  • First appearance of the Chipettes.Brittany, Jeannet and Eleanor

2A. "Uncle Harry"
A charlatan chipmunk named Harry claims to be Alvin, Simon and Theodore's long lost uncle and says he will have them see their mother as soon as they make enough money. The Chipmunks later not only find out that Harry is not their uncle but also the money he has them making is for a strongman whom he has owed for a long time.

  • Key song: "Workin' Day and Night" by Michael Jackson
  • Broadcast 9/24/83
  • First appearance of "Uncle" Harry.

2B. "Rock 'n' Robot"
The Chipmunks create a robot out of Alvin's video game, so that it can carry all of their equipment to their concerts. But, the robot goes berserk when it begins to capture every hat it sees, like the video game it was created from, and it is up to Alvin, Simon and Theodore to stop the robot.

  • Broadcast 24/9/83
  • Title is a pun to the saying "Rock 'n' Roll".

3A. "The Television Stars"
Alvin tells a girl he wants to impress that they are famous and that they are going to be starring in a rock concert on live TV, but Alvin must convince the producer to let him play.

3B. "The Cruise"
Alvin unknowingly assists a jewel thief steal some jewelry from a cabin on their cruise ship, and Simon and Theodore begin to investigate the crime.

4. "The Chipmunk Story"
The origin of the Chipmunks is revealed, including how Dave ended up with the them in the first place, as well as how their musical career got started.

  • Key songs: "Never Eat a Chipmunk Diet", "Witch Doctor" by David Seville and the Chipmunks
  • Broadcast October 8 1983
  • Was released on VHS along with "A Chipmunk Reunion" in The Chipmunk Family Tree.

5A. "Mr. Fabulous"
Alvin and Simon have Theodore enter a wrestling exhibition under the name "Mr. Fabulous" and he goes up against a monstrous Russian wrestler called Ivan the Terrible.

5B. "Grandma and Grandpa Seville"
The Chipmunks meet their grandparents for the first time. Then, when they discover that someone is trying to take over their grandparents' farm, they decide to raise the money needed to save the farm.

  • Broadcast 10/15/83
  • The Chipmunks' Grandparents lived at South Spoon ranch (parody of South Fork in Dallas, Texas).
  • First appearance of Dave's parents, who are also the Chipmunks' adoptive grandparents.

6A. "Unidentified Flying Chipmunk"
Alvin convinces Theodore to dress up as an alien to attract more fans, but they also attract some investigators with the government who research UFOs. The investigators decide to kidnap Theodore and perform experiments on him and Alvin and Simon must think of a way to save him.

6B. "Mother's Day"
Alvin, Simon and Theodore go in search for a mother to attend their school Mother's Day picnic. Each choose the person, that they each think Dave will like best. But, when all three of their choices arrive at their house, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, will do anything to make sure their choices wins. After the three of them leave, they are forced to bring Dave in drag.

  • Broadcast 10/22/83

7A. "The Chip Punk"
Alvin decides to change the Chipmunks' clean cut image to a punkier, more rebellious one in order to gain more publicity, but the trio ends up running from the police when they attempt to perform in an underground club.

  • Song: "We Don't Care"
  • Broadcast 10/29/83

7B. "From Here to Fraternity"
The Chipmunks make up a singing telegraph service to help buy some golf clubs for Dave's Birthday. But when Theodore loses the addresses, the boys are sent on a birthday mission, for a $100 bonus. Except, that when Theodore wrote the number he wrote it upside down, so the Chipmunks end up going to the wrong house and are tricked into doing some different pranks for some college students who are bored.

  • Broadcast 10/29/83
  • Title is a spoof to the 1953 film, From Here to Eternity.

8A. "Urban Chipmunk"
The boys enter a contest so that they can win a chance to sing with Dolly Parton. But, the only way they can win is if they are from Nashville, Tennessee. The boys enter the contest anyway, but make an enemy when they win. The person who got second place in the drawing is determined to prove that the Chipmunks are not from Nashville, and win his chance to sing with Dolly Parton.

  • Broadcast 11/5/83
  • Appearance by Dolly Parton.
  • Title is a spoof of the 1980 film, Urban Cowboy, starring John Travolta.

8B. "The Incredible Shrinking Dave"
Dave has a nightmare of himself getting smaller and smaller.

9A. "Angelic Alvin"
Alvin loses his memory and thinks that he is an angel.

9B. "The Trouble With Nanny"
Dave hires a nanny to take care of the Chipmunks when he is away at work, and the Chipmunks will do anything to get rid of her.

10A. "Bully Ballet"
The Chipmunks invite a boy to stay with them who is a ballet dancer, and when a bully begins to torment Alvin, he shows the bully that ballet is cool.

10B. "Alvin and the Chipmunk"
Alvin demands a short trip away from obsessed fans who begin following him everywhere he goes. So, the Chipmunks go for a picnic out in the woods, only to be found again by their fans. Alvin runs off into the woods, and runs into a wild chipmunk. He decides to change places with the chipmunk, and he stays in the chipmunk's tree, while the wild chipmunk takes his place. All goes well until the real Alvin is caught by a hunter that holds him hostage. Simon, Theodore, and the wild chipmunk must save Alvin.

  • Broadcast 11/19/83
  • A book version of this episode was made.
  • The episode seems to be a spoof of the children's tale The Prince and the Pauper.

11A. "Swiss Family Chipmunks"
Dave drags the Chipmunks unwillingly on a camping trip in the great outdoors. When they finally arrive, the Chipmunks discover large footprints and think they are being followed by Bigfoot. Eventually they build a treehouse for Dave, when he falls and injures himself badly, and Alvin and Simon go in search for Bigfoot.

  • Broadcast 11/26/83
  • Title is a spoof of classic novel The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss.
  • Song: "It's A Jungle Out There"

11B. "Santa Harry"
Charlatan chipmunk Harry returns and this time pretends to be Santa Claus and cons Alvin, Simon and Theodore into building a Christmas-themed amusement park called "Santa's Place".

  • Key song: "Here Comes Santa Claus" by Gene Autry
  • Broadcast 11/26/83
  • Second appearance of "Uncle" Harry.

12A. "A Dog's Best Friend is a Chipmunk"
Alvin donates money to an animal fund raiser, and discovers that they do not have any money. In an attempt to earn some money, they decide to sell the cookies that Theodore spent their money on. But, when the Chipmunks find a dog, they must hide it from Dave.

12B. "Curse of Lontiki"
When the Chipmunks go to Hawaii, Alvin enters a surfing contest, and becomes convinced that he is cursed when he finds a medallion on the beach that is suppose to bring bad luck.

13A. "Baseball Heroes"
The Chipmunks get a job as vendors at a baseball stadium, to pay for new uniforms for their baseball team. And in the process stop a pick pocket who has been stealing money.

13B. "May the Best Chipmunk Win"
The Chipettes move to the Chipmunks school and Alvin and Brittany run against each other for class president. Both will stop at nothing to win, but when the polls are revealed they discover that Jeanette has the deciding vote. Alvin won.

Special Episode. "I Love the Chipmunks Valentine" (1984)
The Chipettes are looking forward to be spending Valentine's Day with the Chipmunks. Simon and Theodore are also looking forward in spending the day with them, except Alvin. He is afraid of being crushed again due to the fact that a girl he once had a crush on broke his heart on Valentines. In order to rebuild his confidence, Simon makes a tape for Alvin to listen to while he sleeps. Without realizing, the tape hypnotizes Alvin into believing he is a casanova named Captain Chipmunk while sleepwalking and is finally able to gather up the courage to ask Brittany... although once he awakens, he can't remember. So, once he finally gathers the courage to ask her, she rejects him, since she has already been invited by the wonderful, dashing, charming Captain Chipmunk. But of course, the special ends with both Alvin and Brittany finally going together and being voted King and Queen Valantine.

  • Songs: “Captain Chipmunk,” "I Give Up on Love," "Tell Him" (originally performed by The Exciters)
  • Broadcast 2/12/84
  • DVD release: January 23, 2007.
  • This special was syndicated as a regular episode.
  • As of this special, Simon starts wearing blue-framed glasses, whilst Jeanette wears pink-framed glasses.
  • First appearance of the Chipette's treehouse. It will be their residence until "Help Wanted: Mommy", when they move in with Miss Miller.
  • Mishap for Jeanette: Getting glue on herself.

Season 2 (1984)

14A. "The Chipmunk Who Bugged Me"
The Chipmunks experience a real-life mystery on the famed Orient Express.

14B. "Rich & Infamous"
Alvin and a rich kid compete for a girl's affections. Alvin pretends he is rich as his rival.

15A. "Don't Be a Vidiot"
Alvin, Simon and Theodore each make their own music videos for the group.

15B. "A Horse of Course"
The Chipmunks invest in an old horse to win a race.

  • Song: "Break My Stride" originally performed by Matthew Wilder
  • Broadcast 9/15/84

16A. "Camp Calomine Caper"
The Chipmunks compete against the Chipettes in a camp battle of the sexes.

16B. "Lights!, Camera!, Alvin!"
"Uncle" Harry is up to no good again. This time, he makes Alvin a movie star so he can break up the Chipmunks.

  • Key song: "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" originally performed by Neil Sedaka
  • Broadcast 9/22/84
  • Title is a pun on the saying, "Lights! Camera! Action!" and Dave's catchphrase when he yells, "Simon, Theodore, ALVIN!!"
  • Third appearance of "Uncle" Harry.

17A. "Some Entrancing Evening"
The Chipmunks put Dave on the show "This Is Your Father", but he is nervous about it. So a hypnotist makes him have Alvin's personality, which turns out to be a disastrous move.

17B. "Match Play"
The Chipmunks trick Dave to play golf with a man that Alvin made a wager with. What Dave does not realize is that Alvin bet his signed "Elmer Palmer" golf club.

  • Song: "It Don't Mean A Thing If It Got That Swing " originally performed by Ella Fitzgerald.
  • Broadcast 9/29/84

18A. "The Picture of Health"
Alvin decides that they all need to join a Gym, but to get in for free the have to go through some pretty strange "transformations".

18B. "The Victrola Awards"
Alvin and the Chipmunks attempt to grab good publicity shots of them doing positive deeds in order to win fabulous Victrola Award.

19A. "Royally Received"
The Chipmunks get to see Buckingham Palace, and Alvin, in an attempt to impress a girl whose a big fan, tells her he is there to play for the Queen. Now, all he has to do is find the queen and convince her to let them play.

  • Broadcast 10/13/84
  • Key song: "Rock This Town" by the Stray Cats.
  • The Chipmunks wear the same suits they wore in the Valentine's special at their concert.

19B. "Gone Fishin’"
Alvin and the Chipmunks get a job working in an aquarium.

  • Song: "The Boys are Back in Town" originally performed by Thin Lizzy
  • Broadcast 10/13/84

20A. "Setting the Record Straight"
Alvin and Simon turn Theodore into a record mascot in order to win a radio contest.

20B. "Father's Day Muffins"
The Chipmunks sell Theodore's famous muffins so they may buy Dave a new tape recorder, but a mix up in making the batter causes the muffins to become hard.

  • Broadcast 10/20/84
  • Key song: "Whip It" by Devo.

21A. "Alvin on Ice"
Alvin plans to get a famous figure skater, Heather Williams, to appear at the school Pageant.

  • Song: "You Might Think" originally performed by The Cars
  • Broadcast 10/27/84

21B. "Operation: Theodore"
The Chipettes are volunteering at the local hospital, and Theodore stops by to bring Eleanor her homework and Theodore ends up missing.

  • Song: "The Longest Time" originally performed by Billy Joel
  • Mishap for Jeanette: having her shoes on the wrong feet.
  • Broadcast 10/27/84

22A. "The Gang's All Here"
Alvin ends up being challenged by a gang called the Steam Rollers. Will he, his brothers and the Chipettes pull together a gang of their own to help beat the Steam Rollers?

22B. "Snow Job"
Alvin is determined in getting an invitation to participate in the Celebrity Ski Tournament. Once he convinces Mr. Colorado, the man hosting the event, to let him participate, all Alvin has to do then is learn how to ski.

  • Key song: "Footloose" originally performed by Kenny Loggins
  • Broadcast 11/3/84
  • A running gag in this episode is that Mr. Colorado keeps forgetting Alvin's name; refering to him as Melvin, Alfred, Irwin, Elmo, and even engraving his name on his trophy as "Marvin Seville".

23A. "Maids in Japan"
Alvin signs him and his brothers up to be in a Kabuki theater in order to gain publicity in Japan. Instead of getting lessons, they are forced to perform as the actual lesson. One of the notable aspects of the Japanese culture introduced in this episode is the Japanese fan dance.

  • Key Song: "Three Little Maids from School" written by Gilbert and Sullivan for The Mikado.
  • The title is a twist on the phrase Made In Japan.
  • Broadcast 11/10/84
  • Was released on VHS along with "Alvie's Angels" and "Mystery of Seville Manor" in Around the World with the Chipmunks.

23B. "My Fair Chipette"
Alvin makes a bet with Brittany to see if he could make anyone into a beauty pageant winner. The challenge gets interesting when Jeanette is the girl he has to transform into beauty pageant material.

24A. "New, Improved Simon"
Simon has a crush on a girl named Jillian. Alvin works at changing his image in order to impress this girl.

24B. "The Greatest Show-offs on Earth"
The Chipmunks and Chipettes volunteer their talents to raise the money to keep Uncle Ben's Circus going, as well as saving Pinky, the Circus' elephant.

25A. "Guardian Chipmunks"
Dave starts up a neighborhood watch to catch a cat burglar. Alvin and the Chipmunks take it upon themselves to capture the cat burglar singlehandedly.

25B. "Carsick"
The Chipmunks get the measles. Dave spends so much time taking care of his boys that he becomes sick with the measles and is not able to fix his car for the car show. It is up to the boys to take care of everything for Dave.

26A. "Hat Today, Gone Tomorrow"
Alvin goes crazy when he loses his beloved red cap, and starts searching for it.

26B. "Snow Wrong"
The Chipmunks and Chipettes audition to be in a Snow White play.

  • Song: "Good Friends," written for the episode.
  • Broadcast 12/1/84
  • The roles of Prince Charming and Snow White are played out by Alvin and Brittany.
  • The Snow White costume Brittany gets to wear is reminiscent of the clothes in the Disney version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • Was released on VHS along with "Cinderella? Cinderella!" in Chipmunk Classics.

Special Episode. "A Chipmunk Reunion" (1985)
When they can't determine when their birthday is, the Chipmunks set out to find their mother, Vinny, who abandoned them as babies.

  • Songs: “Mother and Child Reunion” originally performed by Paul Simon, and “Shake It Up” originally performed by The Cars.
  • Broadcast 4/13/85
  • First ever appearance of Vinny, the Chipmunks' mother.
  • This special was syndicated as a regular episode.
  • Screenshot of the Chipmunks & Chipettes singing "Shake It Up"
  • The Chipmunks' birthday falls on the 14th of April; though Dave always celebrated their birthday around the time he found them on the doorstep of his cabin.
  • Was released on VHS along with The Chipmunk Story in The Chipmunk Family Tree.
  • In the 2007 film, the Chipmunks claim that their mother abandoned them after one week when they were born.

Season 3 (1985)

27A. "Film Flam"
The Chipmunks decide to make a greatest hits video, but they hire a cut-rate film editor to produce it. He accidentally switches the video with Dave’s old home movies of the chipmunks as infants.

27B. "The Secret Life of David Seville"
Alvin suspects that Dave is leading some kind of double life. He, Simon and Theodore each interview some of Dave’s old friends to find out what his secret might be.

28A. "Who Ghost There"
The Chipmunks are stuck at home without lights, and think the house is haunted.

28B. "Romancing Miss Stone"
Alvin gets a crush on his teacher, Miss Stone. He later becomes jealous when Dave starts dating her.

29A. "A Chip Off the Old Tooth"
Theodore loses a tooth, and Alvin dresses up as the Tooth fairy to try and cash in.

  • Song: "Goodbye to You" originally performed by Scandal. The lyrics are slightly changed so that the song is about Theodore's tooth.
  • Broadcast 9/28/85
  • Title is a spoof of the saying "A chip off the old block".

29B. "Three Alarm Alvin"
The Chipmunks decide to start their own fire department to gain publicity. They do not really have any emergencies, but when Theodore spots a real fire, it is up to the Chipmunk Fire Dept. to extinguish the blaze. But then the real fire department has to rescue the Chipmunks.

30A. "Sisters"
Brittany tries to join the Sisters, a club of the best-dressed, most popular girls in school. But in order to do so she has to avoid her own sister Jeanette, whose clumsiness and unpopularity would destroy her chances of getting into the club. Since she and Jeanette are working on a science project that involves taking care of a baby pig, this leaves Jeanette to do the project alone.

  • Key song: "Material Girl" originally performed by Madonna.
  • Broadcast 10/5/85
  • Was released on VHS along with "Greatest Show-off on Earth" and "Tell It to the Judge" on Alvin and the Chipettes.

30B. "Tell It to the Judge"
Alvin plagiarizes his book report and will not be allowed to play in the championship basketball game until the Student Honor Court acquits him. But it is Theodore’s turn to be the judge.

  • Broadcast 10/5/85
  • Song: "Anxiety" originally performed by Pat Benatar

31A. "Good Old Simon"
Simon feels unloved and unappreciated, so he runs away and decides to stow away on a cargo ship. Theodore and Alvin find him, but not before the ship leaves for parts unknown.

31B. "The Chipmunks Go to Washington"
The gang goes to Washington D.C. to lobby the president to save a nest of bald eagles on Mount Placid that has been threatened by a condominium development.

32A. "Soccer to Me"
Alvin needs one more player for his soccer team. The only one qualified to play is Brittany's little sister Eleanor. Will Alvin allow Eleanor to join, or will he let his male ego get the better of him?

32B. "Every Chipmunk Tells A Story"
While Dave is out, his piano, laden with instant pudding, mysteriously crashes to the floor from the top of the staircase and is destroyed. But Alvin, Simon and Theodore each have a different version of what happened!

33A. "A Little Worm in the Big Apple"
"Uncle" Harry returns, this time to con the Chipettes while they are visiting New York.

  • Song: "On Broadway," originally performed by The Drifters
  • Broadcast 10/26/85
  • Fourth and final appearance of "Uncle" Harry.

33B. "Staying Afloat"
While on a waterskiing vacation, Alvin forgets to tie up the boat belonging to Dave’s friend Ed, and it sinks. How will the gang ever be able to perform in the waterskiing contest to headline at Harold’s, the famous Tahoe showroom?

34. "The Chipette Story"
The Chipettes are reunited with their old Australian friend Olivia, which prompts the singers to remember their younger days when they were just little tiny Chipettes not trying to have a career, only trying to survive. The Chipettes successfully make their way into the U.S.A., yet they find out the hard way that getting there is only half the battle. After taking various odd jobs in middle management, the Chipettes travel across the country to California. There, the girls manage to find a famous record producer who after hearing their first song, gives the Chipettes the break they were looking for.

  • Broadcast 11/2/85
  • Key song: "Tomorrow," from the musical and film Annie, "New Attitude" by Patti LaBelle, "The Neutron Dance" by the Pointer Sisters

35A. "The Prize Isn't Right"
Simon goes on a trivia game show, but he gets the flu before he can show up for subsequent appearances. Theodore and Alvin dress up as Simon and goes in his place.

35B. "The Gold of My Dreams"
Alvin sells Dave's motor home to buy their own gold claim land.

  • Broadcast 11/9/85

36A. "Mind Over Matterhorn"
While the Chipmunks are on tour in Switzerland, Brittany is depressed about the Chipettes’ relative lack of fame. So Alvin arranges for the ultimate Swiss publicity stunt: the gang will climb the Matterhorn and the Chipettes will give a concert at the mountain’s peak. But they soon become trapped in an avalanche.

36B. "Alvin's Oldest Fan"
Alvin devises a publicity contest where one of Alvin's fans can win a date with him. Unfortunately for Alvin, the winner is an old lady named Honey Ginger, and he tries to get rid of her for another, younger date.

Season 4 (1986)

37. "Help Wanted: Mommy"
Miss Mooney, the Chipmunks’ teacher, discovers that the Chipettes live alone and has to report them to social services. Dave takes them in, but they begin fighting with the Chipmunks, so Alvin arranges for next-door spinster Miss Miller to take them in.

  • First appearance of Miss Miller.
  • Song: "I Wanna be Loved By You", written by Herbert Stothart and Harry Ruby, with lyrics by Bert Kalmar, for the 1928 musical Good Boy.
  • Broadcast 9/20/86
  • The Chipettes' treehouse is now just a hangout place for the Chipettes, as they are now living with Miss Miller.

38A. "A Rash of Babies"
The Chipmunks start a babysitting service, only to be bombarded with wall-to-wall babies.

  • Songs: "What's the Matter with Kids Today?" from the musical Bye Bye Birdie, "It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood". Theodore also sings a lullaby to the babies while he's in a teddy bear suit.
  • Broadcast 9/16/86
  • The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, and Bruce Springsteen are mentioned.

38B. "Miss Miller's Big Gamble"
After the Chipettes rig Miss Miller’s poker game, she takes them to Las Vegas and becomes a compulsive gambler. She is finally cured when another gambler defeats her in a high stakes game of blackjack, only to return his winnings after she learns her lesson. The other gambler turns out to be David Seville, the Chipmunks father, in disguise.

39A. "T.V. or Not T.V."

  • Song: "You Can Talk To Me" originally performed by Stevie Nicks
  • Broadcast 9/27/86

39B. "Simon Seville Superstar"
Alvin becomes jealous when Simon becomes a celebrity in Australia, so he arranges for the group to get lost in the Australian outback so he can "rescue" them and co-opt Simon's fame.

  • Key song: "Help!" originally performed by The Beatles.
  • Broadcast 9/27/86
  • Title is a spoof of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

40A. "Whatever Happened to David Seville"
When Dave wins a producer’s award, a wax figure of him for a Hall of Fame is delivered, unbeknownst to the Chipmunks. While playing ball in the house, which Dave strictly forbid before he left, Alvin hits the wax figure of Dave with his ball, toppling him over. After watching a soap opera, they think he has developed a strange disease called "Zomboidrigidosis" and begin retelling his life for him, hoping he will snap out of it.

  • Broadcast 10/4/86
  • Key song: "First Date"

40B. "Sweet Smell of Success"
Brittany attempts to market her own perfume by giving some to the Queen of Bulgravia, the wife of Dave's former college roommate, but it ends up getting switched with a bottle of fish soup, and the gang must find a way to switch them back before the Queen notices.

41. "Cinderella? Cinderella!"
When Brittany refuses to do her chores, Miss Miller tells her that she must mop if she wishes to go to a dance that night. Brittany falls asleep and dreams she is Cinderella. She awakens to find a new party dress and Miss Miller is mopping for her. Brittany realizes she is not living with the wicked stepmother after all.

  • Key song: "Respect" originally performed by Aretha Franklin.
  • Broadcast 10/11/86
  • Was released on VHS along with "Snow Wrong" on Chipmunk Classics.

42A. "Experiment in Error"
Alvin refuses to take Brittany to the Black and White Ball, the biggest social event of the season. So after Alvin causes Brittany to get into an accident in Simon’s laboratory, she convinces him into believing that she has turned into a zombie so he will take her to the ball.

42B. "How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm?
Theodore goes on the lam to help save Clarence, Grandpa Seville’s prizewinning calf, from becoming veal.

  • Key song: "On the Road Again" (for the second time in the series) originally performed by Willie Nelson.
  • Broadcast 10/18/86
  • The title references the famous post-World War I phrase, "How're you going to keep them down on the farm once they've seen Gay Paree?"

43A. "Middle Aged Davey"
Dave starts feeling old on his birthday, so the Chipmunks set him up on a date with Marcy Apple, his old college sweetheart. But she was soon going to be married, so he goes out with Bambi, her younger sister (who's young enough to be his daughter) and they soon begin seeing each other regularly, to the Chipmunks’ chagrin.

43B. "I Love L.A."
Alvin is obsessed with getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame before Dan the Dog gets his, and cooks up a number of schemes to try and get one.

44A. "Chipmunk Vice"
In a spoof of Miami Vice, Alvin is a slick detective in pastel shirts looking for his missing prized baseball card.

44B. "Hooping it Up"
The Chipettes, the Chipmunks, and a tough group of older students participate in a 1950s-themed scavenger hunt at school.

Season 5 (1987)

45A. "Back to Dave's Future"
A wild ride on a merry-go-round sends the Chipmunks back to 1962. They meet a younger Dave. Without the boys' help in winning a band contest, he will spend his life as an accountant.

  • Broadcast 9/15/87
  • Song: "High Tech World"
  • Title is a spoof of the Steven Spielberg trilogy ''Back to the Future".
  • This episode seems to contradict "Grandpa and Grandma Seville," where Dave's parents are shown to be farmers. Here, Dave's family lives two blocks from school and his father is an accountant.

45B. "Court action "
Alvin gets a new bike, and while he is out riding he accidentally hits Brittany whose out roller skating. His bike is ruined, and something is wrong with her skates. They each blame each other, and Alvin demands Brittany pay for his bike, while she insists he pay for her roller skates. All of this brings us to court, where Brittany and Alvin, ignoring the "TRUTH" part in justice, face off in a "who can tell a better lie about what happened" court battle.

46A. "Sincerely Theodore"
Theodore goes on a diet so he could go on a date with a pen pal, who is also one of Alvin's biggest fans. Things go wrong when Alvin finds out that Theodore's date is actually the daughter of a famous film director. Alvin then takes her out instead, breaking Theodore's heart. In order for Alvin to make it to his play and the date, Alvin gets Theodore to switch back and forth to his play and on his date.

46B. "My Pharaoh Lady"
Brittany makes a bet with Missy Snootson, another girl in her class, that if the mummy of king Rutten Tooten does not rise from the dead and go to her home by midnight, Brittany must drop out of the race to be the school Carnival Queen.

47A. "Simon Says"
While Dave is out of town, Miss Miller babysits the boys and they go to a movie about killer space squids attacking the earth ,accidentaly miss Miller broke Simon glases. When they get out a telescope that evening,Alvin and Simon they see killer squids coming toward them.

47B. "When the Chips Are Down"
When the boys have to paint the house after they paint motocicle grafity in the garage.Simon and Theodore fells bad because they always had problems with alvin ideas, later alvin was go to a mansion of a criminal to find money the boys do want go them they go because alvin promise to paint all the house but they feel a little bad with alvin

48A. "Alvin, Alvin, Alvin!"
Alvin goes through an identity crisis and starts trying all kinds of different personalities, with embarrassing results.

48B. "Dave's Dream Cabin"
After years of scrimping and saving, Dave is finally able to afford their own vacation cabin. Alvin hears that Robby Leach, the host of the show “Lifestyles of the Truly Fabulous” lives nearby. Alvin tries to get Leach to interview him, and at the same time he makes a few quick changes to Dave's cabin.

49A. "Old Friends"
Alvin nearly runs over an elderly woman in the mall with his skateboard. When Alvin finds out that she is wealthy, he sends out invitations for a senior citizens' party in order to find her.

  • Broadcast 10/13/87
  • Song: "It's Hip to Be Square"

49B. "The Secret of Seville Manor"
While in England, the Chipmunks check out Seville Manor to investigate if they have any relation to the man who owned it.

  • Broadcast 10/13/87
  • Song: "You Keep Me Hangin' On" originally performed by The Supremes.
  • Was released on VHS along with "Maids in Japan" and "Alvie's Angels" on Around the World with the Chipmunks.

50A. "Ask Alvin"
The family becomes fed up with Alvin, who always gives out advice whether it is wanted or not. So Simon and Theodore get Alvin to become the new host on the talk show “Mr. Advice” so he will not have time to badger them.

  • Song: "Rock Around the Clock"
  • Broadcast 10/20/87

50B. "Theodore Lucks Out"
Theodore is feeling unlucky in the track and field. He finds a bent out of shape dime and his luck changes.

51A. "Big Dreams"
Alvin gets a registered letter from the Publishing Warehouse stating he is a winner. He either can take $500 or the mystery prize (which might end up to be a million dollars or nothing more than a free lunch), but has to call by 6:00 p.m. to decide. So Simon uses his experimental time machine to get a glimpse into what the future holds for the gang if Alvin takes the $500 or the mystery prize.

  • Song: "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" originally performed by Wang Chung.
  • Broadcast 10/27/87
  • This episode shows a possibility of the Chipmunks and Chipettes being married in the future, 2010, 23 years after 1987.
  • Dave does not appear in this episode.
  • Publishing Wearhouse is a parody of the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes.

51B. "Island Fever"
The Chipmunks and Chipettes get to perform on a high class cruise ship, the Island Lady, but instead they end up ship wrecked on an island.

  • Broadcast 10/27/87
  • An intimate moment between Alvin and Brittany in this episode.
  • The plot is similar to that of Swiss Family Robinson.
  • Key song: "Summertime Blues" by Eddie Cochran.

52A. "Just One of the Girls"
While on vacation in Hollywood with Miss Miller and her old singing group “The Thrillers,” the Chipettes decide to audition to be on a television program—while the Thrillers decide to do the same thing.

52B. "Goin’ Down to Dixie"
The Chipettes get an opportunity to star on the River Ritz Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Chipmunks (1988-1989)

Season 6 (1988)

The opening sequence of Season Six season contains clips from The Chipmunk Adventure. This changes later in the season, when they show the chipmunks coming out of a Mercedes. In the syndication package, the opening from Seasons 1-5 appears with the theme redone for Season 6; only eleven episodes from this season were included in said package.

53. "Dreamlighting"
While waiting for procrastinating Alvin on one of their dates, Brittany has a dream and becomes "Bratty Hayes" and Alvin becomes "David Alvinson", detective team. The plot revolves around Alvin trying to stop Brittany from marrying an evil villain - played by Simon.

  • Song: "Alvinson's Rootbeer Cooler"
  • A spoof of the TV series Moonlighting.
  • Dave doesn't appear in this episode.
  • Alvin and Brittany's dating spot is The Chipettes' old treehouse.

54. "Elementary, My Dear Simon"
Simon hosts his own show, playing Sherlock Holmes investigating several mysterious robberies.

  • This is the second episode to feature Simon and Theodore as Holmes and Watson, the first being Season One episode, "The Cruise."
  • Song: "Ireland"

55. "The Brunch Club"
The Chipmunks and Chipettes are in detention. They figure out together who could have knocked over the statue of Thomas Edison.

56. "Food for Thought"
Alvin and Simon work together to help Theodore pass his American History test.

  • Alvin gets to play the roles of General Custer and Christopher Columbus.
  • Simon plays the roles of a pilgrim, Chief Sitting Bull, and Queen Isabella's High Councillor. The Queen is played by Brittany.
  • Aside from his other roles, Alvin plays a pilgrim, along with the Chipettes.
  • Song: "American Revolution Rap"
  • Part of DVD "Alvin’s Thanksgiving Celebration"
  • Dave doesn't appear in this episode.

57. "Wings Over Siesta Grande"
The Chipmunks go on a treasure hunt and meet the ancient Chipmunk tribe called the Twee-Twee Tribe.

  • Song: "The Key"

58. "Treasure Island"
After playing a video game, the TV blows up. Dave decides to distract the Chipmunks with a book called Treasure Island.

59. "Chipmunkmania"
This episode takes a look back at the history of the Chipmunks' career.

  • This episode is a Clip Show. Clips from various episodes are:
    • The Victrola Awards
    • Big Dreams
    • How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm?
    • Don't Be a Vidiot
    • The Chipmunk Story
    • Maids in Japan
    • The Chip Punk
    • A Horse Of Course
    • My Fair Chipette
    • A Rash of Babies
    • Alvin's Oldest Fan
  • Broadcast 9/27/88
  • Alvin causes an uproar by stating that the Chipmunks are "more popular than Mickey Mouse". This is a spoof of John Lennons infamous "We're bigger than Jesus" remark.

60. "Grounded Chipmunk"
Alvin is grounded for throwing a wild party while Dave is away and is not allowed to go with his brothers to Fantasy Park.

  • Song: "Bippity, Bippity, Bop (With My Favorite Mop)"
  • It reveals Alvin is older than Simon by 5 minutes in this episode.
  • This episode also reveals that Alvin hates to be alone.

61. "Alvey's Angels"
The Chipettes are Alvey's Angels, a crime fighting team to hunt down the most popular jewel thief named Chaz Fleming.

  • Spoof of the TV series, Charlie's Angels.
  • Key song: "Beat of the Jungle"
  • Was released on VHS along with "Maids in Japan" and "Mystery of Seville Manor" on Around the World with the Chipmunks.
  • Dave doesn't appear in this episode.

62. "Cadet's Regets"
Alvin recruits himself and his brothers in cadet camp.

  • Song: "Commandos"

63. "Alvin and the Analyst"
Alvin sees a Psychologist to go over his issues with his family.

  • This episode is a Clip Show. Clips from various episodes are:
    • A Chip Off the Old Tooth
    • New Improved Simon
    • Whatever Happened to David Seville
    • Ask Alvin
    • Some Entrancing Evening
    • Every Chipmunk Tells A Story
    • Romancing Miss Stone
    • Snow Job
    • Dave's Dream Cabin
    • Big Dreams
    • Alvin, Alvin, Alvin
  • The syndication package was discontinued after this episode.

64."Dave's Getting Married"
Dave meets a woman he really feels a strong connection with. At first the boys disagree, but finds she can get along with all of them. The only thing preventing this relationship to work is her own three boys clashing with the Chipmunks..

  • Songs: "She's Alright," "Count on Me"
  • Part of DVD "Alvin’s Thanksgiving Celebration"

65A. "No Chipmunk is an Island"
Brothers will fight every so often, but will they fight too much leading to each of the Chipmunks get their own separate rooms?

  • Song: "I Need you to Help Me"
  • Part of the Trick or Treason DVD.

65B. "Babysitter Fright Night"
Dave is stuck at the studio all night to mix the boy's next album. But he leaves a Babysitter to after the Chipmunks while he's gone. After watching a detective movie, Alvin suspects her to be a murderer.

  • Song: "Babysitter Bop"
  • Part of the Trick or Treason DVD.

66. "Going For Broke"
Alvin is desperate to try and buy a Trans-Go-Go Bot, but Dave and his brothers will not lend him the money to get it. He decides to do the grown-up thing and get a job at the zoo.

  • The first aried episode which showed the opening sequence with the Chipmunks exiting the Mercedes.
  • The Trans-Go-Go Bot toy is a combined spoof of Transformers and the Go-bots.

67. "Once Upon a Crime"
Alvin, Simon and Theodore find a huge attraction to one of Miss Miller's toys. Instead of asking her if they could keep it, they steal it from her attic. Dave tells them the beginning of a story, but chooses to let the boys come up with the conclusion.

68A. "The Phantom"
As an experiment Dave tries his skill as a rock singer and becomes a success.

68B. "Mad About Alvin"
Alvin has a misunderstanding with a tough kid in his class, and ends up being challenged to a fight with him.

69. "Vinny's Visit"
Vinny, the Chipmunks' mother, comes for a visit, but has difficulties adapting to the modern way of life.

  • Second appearance of Vinny, the Chipmunks' mother.

70A. "Uncle Adventure"

  • First of two appearances made by Uncle "Adventure" Willy.

70B. "Luck O' The Chipmunks"
Micky, a new Irish boy at school, claims that he has his very own leprechaun. The Chipmunks are keen to investigate.

71A. "Theodore and Juliet"
Theodore gets a crush on a girl in their class named Juliet. Wanting some expert advice, Theodore asks Alvin for his help. Unwillingly, Alvin says a romantic line that Juliet overhears and she ends up getting a crush on Alvin instead of Theodore.

71B. "Quarterback In Curlers"
Brittany tries out for Alvin's football team. To get even, Alvin joins her cheerleading squad. Will they set aside their differences and help each other succeed?

72A. "The Wall"
The Chipmunks go to Berlin to play in the "Wall of Iron" concert by the Berlin Wall. There they meet and befriend a young girl named Caterina whom has a brother named Eric that lives on the other side.

  • Song: "The Wall"
  • The episode was just the Chipmunks' dream.

72B. "The Amazing Chipmunks"

73A. "Theodore's Life as a Dog"
Alvin plays one prank on Theodore and gets him to eat a dog biscuit. To get even, Theodore, with Simon's help, plays a trick on Alvin and makes him think that his younger brother is actually turning into a were-dog.

  • Part of the Trick or Treason DVD.
  • Song: "Life of a Dog"

73B. "Queen of the High School Ballroom"
Miss Miller is invited to go to her High School reunion. But without her boyfriend to go with, the Chipettes try to get one of the Chipmunks to dress up to be Miss Miller's date.

74A. "Psychic Alvin"
By a fluke, Alvin actually passes his math test whereas, Simon mysteriously fails. Afterwards, Alvin believes he is psychic, and so does everyone else, except Simon.

  • Song: "Mystic Guide"
  • Simon says that he uses a number two pencil, while Alvin uses a number four pencil.
  • This episode reveals that Alvin always fails he quizzes.

74B. "Special Kind of Champ"
Alvin is upset that he can't seem to keep up with the rest of his track race team. Being that so, the coach decides to let him become a trainer for one of the athletes of the Special Olympics.

75A. "Alvin's Obsession"
Alvin is upset that there is a new boy that just happens to be better at everything. To prove that Alvin has what it takes to beat this kid, he challenges him to anything he can think of.

75B. "Alvin's Not So Super Hero"
Alvin gets an opportunity to meet his hero from his favorite TV show.

76. "Dave's Wonderful Life"
Dave is feeling depressed and is thinking that the Chipmunks would do better if he had never been apart of their lives.

  • Part of the A Chipmunk Christmas DVD.
  • In their soccer game, Dave and the boys' names are "Big Seville" (Dave), "Speedy Seville" (Alvin), "Brainy Seville" (Simon) and "Chubby Seville" (Theodore).
  • Song: "We're So Glad It's You"
  • It reveals that Simon was not that smart until he won the spelling competition and people started treating him smart.

Season 7 (1989)

This season was not included in the syndication package.

77. "Cookie Chomper III"
Theodore encounters a stray kitten that entered through an open window in the house. He and the boys take an instant liking to the kitten, and after some compromising, they name the kitten Cookie Chomper III, and after Dave is cured of his allergy to cats, he comes to like the kitten as well. After Cookie Chomper gets run over, the boys have a hard time dealing with it. Eventually, they get a new pet, a puppy they name Lilly.

  • Song: "Beautiful Memories"
  • First appearance of Lilly, the Chipmunks' puppy.
  • Many fans of the show dub this the saddest episode of the series since it dealt with the accidental death of a kitten.
  • Part of DVD "Alvin’s Thanksgiving Celebration"

78A. "Home, Sweet Home"
Alvin lies to his classmates that he will be singing on stage with Michael Jackson. As Alvin tries to find Michael in order to see if it really is possible he could perform with him, he meets up with the big star's manager. To Alvin's surprise, this so-called manager is a homeless man looking to find a place to stay.

  • Lilly the pup appears in this episode.

78B. "All Worked Up"
The Chipmunks overhear Dave suggesting that he would prefer Alvin to be a Gymnastic Pizza Twirler, Simon a Pogo Stick Tester, and Theodore an iguana trainer, and immediately start to pursue those careers.

79A. "Nightmare on Seville Street"
The boys disobey Dave and instead of seeing a kid's movie, they go in and see a horror movie. The movie ends up scaring the Chipmunks out of their wits. All night, the boys think that Hideous Harold, the creature from the horror film, is after them.

  • Song: "Hideous Harold"
  • Part of the Trick or Treason DVD.
  • Trivia: The horror film of the episode is loosely based on the premise of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

79B. "Thinking Cap Trap"
Simon is frustrated being the smartest member of the family. He invents a cap that helps Dave and his brothers become smarter. Simon is so confident with his family's new smarts that he signs them up to be on a genius game show. But before he can give his family another boost of the thinking cap, he loses it.

  • Lilly appears in this episode.
  • Trivia: This episode was adapted into the 1990s Harvey comic.

80A. "Bye George"
Alvin is desperate to write an essay on George Washington, that he uses Simon's time machine to bring George into the future.

  • Trivia: There is an episode of the fifth season of Thomas & Friends called "Bye George!".
  • Third appearance of Simon's time machine, since Season Five's "Big Dreams".

80B. "A Day in the Life"
Simon makes a video of his family for his class project. Unfortunately for Dave and his brothers, he took the video in not their greatest moments, and is nervous when Simon's video will air on TV.

81A. "Life Father, Like Son"
Alvin is tired of being treated like a kid and trades place with Dave for a day to feel what it is like to be a grown-up.

81B. "Dr. Simon and Mr. Heartthrob"
Alvin tampers with Simon's hair growth formula and instead having it grow Simon's hair, it turns him into a heartthrob.

  • Semi-spoof of The Nutty Professor.
  • Part of the Chipmunk Valentine DVD.
  • Lilly the pup appears in this episode.

82A. "Too Hip to be Dave"
Dave gets a bump on the head and forgets who he is. After seeing a commercial, Dave becomes a trendy stylish man.

82B. "Hearts and Flowers"
The Chipettes are excited for the summer holidays, but not when Miss Miller keeps making other plans for them. The girls decide to hook her up with an elderly man by the name of Mr. Flowers.

83A. "Maltese Chipmunk"
Alvin has a dream that he is a detective from the 40s. He is on a case to find a famous rich girl named Brittany.

  • Title spoof of the 1931 film and 1941 remake of The Maltese Falcon.

83B. "Dear Diary"
The Chipettes discover the joys of writing in a diary. Tension builds between them when they deliberately sneak a peak at what the other Chipette has written.

  • Part of the Chipmunk Valentine DVD.
  • Dave and The Chipmunks do not appear in this segment.

84A. "Unfair Science"
All three boys find themselves having a crush on the science substitute teacher. In order to impress her, they each make a project for the science fair.

84B. "Shaking the Family Tree"
The Chipmunks decide to have a family reunion with their aunts and uncle, but things are not well between them. Each Chipmunk finds out that the three of them have issues and believes many years ago each of them tried to sabotage the other in their chosen carriers.

85A. "Inner Dave"
The boys are accidentally shrunk by one of Simon's inventions. They end up going inside Dave's head in order to try telling him what happened.

85B. "The Legend of Sleeping Brittany"
The Chipmunks and Chipettes participate in the school journalism. They end up covering the story of "Sleeping Beauty". During the investigation, Brittany pricks her finger on the spin wheel and becomes cursed, just like the real story.

86A. "Three Chipmunks and a Puppy"
The boys are fed up with their puppy's antics and set out to train Lilly to behave. But soon the Chipmunks feel they are not qualified to raise her and they give her away.

86B. "Phantom Of The Rock Opera"
The janitor gets a chance to sing on stage.

87A. "The Return Of Uncle Adventure"
Cruise leads to the Fountain of Youth.

87B. "The Princess and the Pig"
Brittany stays on a farm.

88. "Alvin In Neverland"
Alvin plays out the role of Peter Pan, and Brittany plays Wendy. Dave plays Captain Hook.

89. "Merry Christmas, Mr. Carol"
Alvin, as usual is thinking of himself when it comes around to being Christmas. He is so focused on receiving presents that he fails to think of poor Mr. Carol, whom just wants his morning paper. Will the three spirits of Christmas (that just happen to take the form of Dave, Theodore and Simon) help Alvin to see the error of his ways?

  • Part of the A Chipmunk Christmas DVD.
  • Miss Miller and Brittany are mentioned.
  • Songs: "Here Comes Christmas"
  • Dave as the ghost of Christmas Past had white hair instead of his usual black hair.
  • In the episode, Theodore was the Spirit of Christmas Present, Simon was the Spirit of Christmas Future and Dave was the Spirit of Christmas Past.

The Chipmunks Go to the Movies (1990)

The opening in the series shows the Chipmunks and Chipettes spoofing various movies. These include: Indiana Jones, Frankenstein, Jaws, Star Trek, Batman and Star Wars. And finally shows the Chipmunks and Chipettes going to a movie premiere at the Grauman's Chinese Theater and the cinema starts with Alvin spoofing Leo the Lion, mascot of MGM Studios. This season wasn't included in the syndication package either.

To date, there are 2 Chipmunks Go to Movies DVD releases, one of them entitled "Alvin and the Chipmunks Go to the Movies", and the other, "Funny, We Shrunk the Adults". A third, "Daytona Jones", will be released on september 9th, 2008.

90. "Back to Our Future"
Alvin, Simon, and Theodore from the 90s get to meet Alvin, Simon, and Theodore of the 50s.

  • An alternate title for this episode is "Back to Alvin's Future".
  • Songs: "Alvin Twist," "Alvin's Harmonica"
  • Broadcast 9/8/90
  • Second time the Chipmunks spoof the Back to the Future films.
  • Shep Menken makes an uncredited guest appearance reprising his role as Clyde Crashcup.
  • Was released on VHS by Walt Disney Home Video, 4/14/94.
  • This episode includes a hilarious rap version of Alvin's Harmonica.
  • The Flintstones are alluded to in this episode.
  • Part of "Funny, We Shrunk the Adults" DVD.

91. "Bigger!"
Alvin wishes he was bigger so he wouldn't be treated as a child all the time. His wish does come true over night and now he has to learn to live life as an adult.

  • Broadcast 9/15/90
  • Spoof of the 1988 film Big, staring Tom Hanks.
  • Was released on VHS by Walt Disney Home Video, 6/19/96.
  • Songs: "I Love Rock and Roll", "Girls of Rock and Roll", "I Wanna Be B-I-G"
  • Part of "Funny, We Shrunk the Adults" DVD.

92. "Kong!"
An adventure about a famous Broadway producer (Alvin) that meets a large ape named Kong. But the only way Alvin can convince Kong to come back to America with him is if Kiki (Theodore), Kong's best friend, and a famous and beautiful actress (Brittany) goes with him.

  • Broadcast 9/22/90
  • Spoof of the 1976 version of the film King Kong.
  • Was released on VHS by Walt Disney Home Video, 4/14/94.

93. "Batmunk"
The Chipmunks watch Theodore's favorite movie "Batmunk," where Simon gets to play the role of Batmunk/Brice Wayne. A string of crimes happen, and all the Batmunk toys are being stolen. There could be one criminal mad enough to commit this terrible crime, the Jokester (Alvin). Featuring Theodore as Happy the butler, and Brittany as Nicki Nale of the Chipmunk Quarterly.

  • Song: "Danger Zone" originally performed by Kenny Loggins
  • Broadcast 9/29/90
  • Part of "Daytona Jones and the Pearl of Wisdom" DVD.
  • Part of "The Chipmunks Go to the Movies" DVD.
  • Spoof of the 1989 film Batman
  • Was released on VHS by Walt Disney Home Video, 4/14/94.

94. "Daytona Jones and the Pearl of Wisdom"
Daytona Jones (Alvin) along with his brother, Seri-Toga (Simon), are off to find the Pearl of Wisdom.

  • Broadcast 10/6/90
  • Spoof of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg's first Indiana Jones film, starring Harrison Ford.
  • Part of "Daytona Jones and the Pearl of Wisdom" DVD.
  • Was released on VHS by Walt Disney Home Video, 6/23/95.
  • Songs: "ChinaTown" and "Good Thing"

95. "Star Wreck: The Absolutely Final Frontier"
Responding to a distress call, the USS Booby Prize encounters a dangerous alien race that wishes everything in the entire galaxy exactly the same. Captain James T. Dirk (Alvin), Mr. Speck (Simon), Dr. Moamz McRoy (Theodore), Lt. Uhaha (Jeanette) and Ms. Supra (Eleanor).

  • Broadcast 10/13/90
  • Part of "The Chipmunks Go to the Movies" DVD.
  • Spoof of the Star Trek movie, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.
  • Was released on VHS by Walt Disney Home Video, 6/19/96.

96. "Robomunk"
Officer Malone (Alvin) suffers a terrible accident and thanks to Dr. Simonize Malone, he is now half-robot, and half-chipmunk. Violet, Malone's partner, is Brittany. The Mayor is Eleanor, and the villain, Mr. Pinkie, is Theodore.

  • Songs: "Hangin' Tough","The C-Team"
  • Broadcast 10/20/90
  • Spoof of the 1987 movie, RoboCop.
  • A cat who looks similar to Cookie Chomper III makes a cameo.
  • Part of "Daytona Jones and the Pearl of Wisdom" DVD.
  • Was released on VHS by Walt Disney Home Video, 9/8/95.

97. "S.T. The Space Traveler"
The boys meet a real life alien, and they try to hide him from a pair of scientists who wish to capture the alien and do experiments on him.

  • Broadcast 10/27/90
  • Spoof of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

98. "Irrational Buffoon's European Vacation"
After winning first prize on "America's Most Embarrassing Home Videos", Clark Sevillewald (Dave Seville), and the boys get to go to Wacky World in Europe.

99. "Chip Tracy"
Alvin is Chip Tracy going up against serious criminals that are plaguing the city.

  • Broadcast 11/10/90
  • Spoof of Dick Tracy.

100. "Gremlionis"
The Chipmunks go up against a bunch of ancient gremlins that originated from Italy.

  • Broadcast 11/17/90
  • Spoof of the scary 1984 movie, Gremlins. However, it also takes nods from from Ghostbusters.

101. "Sploosh"
Jeanette is a beautiful mermaid that meets a shy scientist's assistant named Simon.

  • Broadcast 11/24/90
  • Spoof of the 1984 movie, Splash, starring Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks.
  • Romance between Simon and Jeanette in this episode.
  • Due to the fact that this episode was never included in the syndication package, and because it features romance between Simon and Jeanette, this has become the most sought-after episode for many fans in recent years.

102. "Funny, We Shrunk the Adults"
Thanks to one of Simon's inventions, Dave and Zelda (Miss Miller) are accidentally shrunk leaving the Chipmunks and the new neighborhood kids - Dena and her brothers; Tariq and Ali - to create chaos around the house.

  • Broadcast 12/1/90
  • Spoof of the 1989 Disney comedy classic, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, starring Rick Moranis.
  • Part of "The Chipmunks Go to the Movies" DVD.
  • Part of "Funny, We Shrunk the Adults" DVD.
  • Was released on VHS by Walt Disney Home Video, 4/14/94.
  • Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves, a film of a very similar plot, would be made seven years later.

Chipmunk Episode Specials

"A Chipmunk Christmas" (1981)
The Chipmunks first Christmas special. Alvin gives up his special "Golden Echo Harmonica" to a sick little boy named Tommy.

"Rockin' Through the Decades" (1990)
A special look of the Chipmunks' past throughout the decades. Will Smith hosts this special.

"Trick or Treason" (1994)
Alvin wants to join a gang that is well known for playing pranks on Halloween. One target they wish to pull a prank on is a boy with a deformed face who Theodore befriends.

"A Chipmunk Celebration"
The Chipmunks celebrate Thanksgiving with the family. They are also involved in a Thanksgiving play. But instead of getting the jobs they normally would be good at, the teacher decides to try something new with them. She gives the job of costume designer to Alvin, set technician to Theodore, and the starring role to Simon.

"The Easter Chipmunk"
Alvin finds out that his Grandpa was the original Easter Chipmunk, and tries to sue Mr. Hoppity, the Easter Bunny for the rights.

Chipmunk Movies

"The Chipmunk Adventure" (1987)
When Dave leaves on a trip to Europe leaving the kids home with Miss Miller, Alvin starts competing with Brittany on the video arcade game, "Around the World in 30 Days". This grabs the attention of two diamond swindlers, who trick them into going on a balloon race, trading dolls filled with diamonds for dolls filled with cash.

  • This is a spoof on Around the World in 80 Days
  • Later Warner Bros. made a movie with Tweety like this called Tweety's High Flying Adventure
  • Songs: "I Y Yi Yi/Cuanto le Gusta", "Off to See the World", "Weekend in France, Italy, England, Amasterdam, Greece..." (instumental), "The Girls of Rock n' Roll", "Getting Lucky", "Mexican Holiday" (instrumental) "My Mother", "Wooly Bully" and "Diamond Dolls"

"Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein" (1999)
While the Chipmunks are working in a famous movie studio park called Majestic Studios in a singing attraction, the real Dr. Frankenstein comes to work in the studio's most famous attraction, Frankenstein's Castle. After Alvin drives a crazy bus chase, they miss their next performance and get locked in the studio after closing time. Dr. Frankenstein figures the castle is not scary enough so he re-builds the real Frankenstein. IT COMES ALIVE! So it finds the boys and starts a wild and scary adventure!

  • Songs: "Things Out There", "If A Monster Comes In Our Room" and "If You Wanna Have Friends".

"Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman" (2000)
Alvin thinks of himself as an expert on spooky stuff such as vampires and werewolfs, so when a mysterious stranger moves in next door, Alvin's convinced he's a werewolf. Then, when Theodore gets bitten by a "dog", he starts chewing socks, eating meaty stuff, and is a lot faster. Even Simon thinks something's not right. But at the moment, he's more like a werepuppy. They now have to find a way to cure him before the next full moon - during the school play, "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" - or else Theodore will become a werewolf - forever!

  • Songs: "Munks On A Mission", "Monster Out in You" and "Everything's Gonna Be Alright"

"Little Alvin and the Mini-Munks" (2005)
Join the Chipmunks and Chipettes, as you've never seen them before, as they spend a magical weekend at Lalu's cottage.

"Alvin and the Chipmunks" (2007)
Dave (Jason Lee) first meets Alvin (Justin Long), Simon (Matthew Gray Gubler) and Theodore (Jesse McCartney). But Dave's boss, Ian Hawke (David Cross), wants to take over the Chipmunks, and it's up to Dave and The Chipmunks to stop him.

  • Songs: "Bad Day", "Follow Me Now" (background), "Only You (and You Alone)", "Funkytown", "The Chipmunk Song", "The Chipmunk Song DeeTown Rock Mix", "Witch Doctor" (2007), "Ain't No Party" (background)" , "Mess Around" (background), "Get You Goin", "Get Munk'd" and "How We Roll"

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