cambridge blue

Cambridge Blue (Colour)

Cambridge Blue is the colour commonly used by sports teams from Cambridge University. There is considerable dispute regarding the exact shade of the colour that should be used. Most notably, the colour used by the Cambridge University Boat Club is different from that used by the Rugby union club. The colour as used by the Rugby club (and generally) is Pantone PMS 324. The Boat Club colour was created when Alf Twinn added more yellow to this shade, to create a colour that is best matched by NCS S 2020-G.

The Cambridge University official colour style guide is here Cambridge Light Blue is identified as Pantone 284, with the nearest equivalent web colour being #99CCFF. The other (less traditional) colours selected for the house style are Cambridge Deep Blue (PMS 286), Cambridge Green (PMS 349), Cambridge Burgundy (PMS 209), Cambridge Red (PMS 032) and Cambridge Yellow (PMS 109). The last two feature in the official University crest. Fortunately Cambridge Deep Blue (PMS 286) and Oxford Blue (PMS 282) are distinct.

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