Calculated is the first and only full-length record by American punk band Heavens to Betsy. It was released on January 1, 1994 on Kill Rock Stars.

Track listing

  1. "Nothing Can Stop Me"
  2. "Decide"
  3. "Stay Away"
  4. "Calculated"
  5. "Waitress Hell"
  6. "Intermission 247"
  7. "Axemen"
  8. "Donating My Body To Science"
  9. "Terrorist"
  10. "Complicated"
  11. "White Girl"
  12. "Paralyzed"

Album credits

Gloria Anzaldúa - Editing
James Bertram - Photography
Tiffany Clendenin - Photography
John Goodmanson - Engineer
Heavens to Betsy - Producer
Tracy Sawyer - Bass, Guitar, Drums, Sound Effects
Corin Tucker - Guitar, Drums, Vocals


Calculated lyrics

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