Calcium cyanamide

Calcium cyanamide

}} Calcium cyanamide or CaCN2 is a calcium compound used as fertiliser, first synthesized in 1898 by Adolph Frank and Nikodem Caro. It is formed when calcium carbide reacts with nitrogen. It is commercially known as Nitrolim.

CaC2 + N2 → CaCN2 + C

The reaction takes place in large steel chambers. An electric carbon element heats the reactants to red heat. Nitrogen is pressurised at 2 atmospheres.

It crystalizes in hexagonal crystal system with space group R3m and lattice constants a = 3.67, c = 14.85 (.10-1 nm).


The main use of calcium cyanamide is in agriculture as a fertiliser. In contact with water it decomposes and liberates ammonia:

CaCN2 + 3 H2O → 2 NH3 + CaCO3

It was used to produce sodium cyanide by fusing with sodium carbonate, which was used in cyanide process in gold mining:

CaCN2 + Na2CO3 → 2 NaCN + CaO + O2


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