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Adrian Cadbury

Sir George Adrian Hayhurst Cadbury (born 1929) is a member of the well-known Cadbury family. The family is known for their Quaker philosophy and the chocolate conglomerate which they founded (now part of Cadbury Schweppes).

Sir Adrian Cadbury was a pioneer in raising the awareness and stimulating the debate on corporate governance. He is most noted for the Cadbury Code, a code of best practice which served as a basis for reform of corporate governance around the world.

Having been born in 1929, he was educated at Eton College and King's College, Cambridge. At Cambridge, he rowed in the Cambridge University boat in the 1952 boat race, as well as the Great Britain coxless four in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. He joined the Cadbury business in 1952 and became Chairman of Cadbury Ltd in 1965. He retired as Chairman of Cadbury Schweppes in 1989.

He was a Director of the Bank of England from 1970-1994 and of IBM from 1975-1994. He was Chairman of the UK Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance which published its Report and Code of Best Practice ("Cadbury Report and Code") in December 1992. He was member of the OECD Business Sector Advisory Group on Corporate Governance. His publications include: Ethical Managers Make Their Own Rules; The Company Chairman; Corporate Governance and Chairmanship: A Personal View.

He is a Steward of Henley Royal Regatta. He was also Chancellor of Aston University until 2004.


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