Cabinet government

Cabinet government

Cabinet government refers to any government in which most executive power is invested in a cabinet - often the members act with cabinet collective responsibility. Traditionally, the United Kingdom has had a cabinet government - if, however, one subscribes to the view that the prime minister has become dominant (as opposed to primus inter pares) and often bypasses cabinet, the United Kingdom has become a country of prime ministerial government. Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair have both been credited with (or blamed for) the "presidentialisation" of the prime minister due to their extensive use of bilateral meetings, Prime Minister's Office and their authority (from landslide victories).

In Israel cabinet government is the norm, with the Cabinet taking votes on many areas of policy, including much foreign policy. When Ariel Sharon was Minister of National Infrastructure he was considered to be holding power on foreign affairs, and it is frequent for cabinet members with domestic portfolios (such as the Tourism Minister or the Education Minister) to resign over foreign policy issues.

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