[kah-veel-daw; Eng. kuh-bil-doh]

The Cabildo is in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is currently one of five buildings housing the Louisiana State Museum. The original Cabildo was destroyed in 1788 during the Great New Orleans Fire, and the current building was built between 1795-1799. After the Cabildo's restoration, it was used as the seat of the Spanish municipal government in New Orleans.

In 1803, when the United States of America purchased 828,000 square miles of France's claim to the territory of Louisiana, the Cabildo was the site of the Louisiana Purchase transfer ceremonies. The building continued to be used by the New Orleans city council until the 1850s. The Cabildo became home to the Louisiana State Museum in 1911, and currently houses educational exhibits focusing on Louisiana state history. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1960.

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