Army Squad

Army Squad is a hip hop group from Angola. They started entering the hip hop game in early 1990s and are now one of the best known Angolan hip hop groups. They were once part of a group called Bue and Heavy C is featured in many of Army Squad's songs such as "Cabeca Vazia" and "Conselho de Amigo".

Like many other Angolan rappers, Army Squad is helping to raise awareness of the Angolan hip hop scene all over the world. Their music varies from love songs like "Pel Castanha" or "Conselho de Amigo" to gangsta rap like their hits "Firme" and "Cabeça Vazia".

There are also many Angolan rappers well known especially in Africa and in Europe such as SSP, Puro Style, VIP, Negrobue, Heavy C, Marita Venus, Bruna Tatiana, Paul G, Guto, Warrant B and many others.

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