Carry On Cabby

Carry On Cabby is the seventh Carry On film released in 1963 and the first one written by series mainstay Talbot Rothwell. This was the first film in the series to feature Carry On regular Jim Dale. The previous film in the series, Carry On Cruising, was filmed in technicolor, this movie marked the series' return to a black and white format. Carry On Cabby was originally planned as a non-Carry On film, called Call Me A Cab (after a stage play) but midway through it became part of the Carry On series.

Plot summary

Charlie Hawkins is the workaholic owner of a thriving cab company named Speedee Cabs. But his beloved yet neglected wife Peggy is sick of playing second fiddle to her fanatic husband's business. When he fails to remember to take her out on their anniversary, she decides she's had enough and secretly launches a rival cab firm to teach her obsessed husband a lesson. And what's the secret of her success? She specialises in employing only the finest, and most beautiful young women as her drivers.

Peggy's company becomes a thriving success due to the large number of male taxi passengers preferring to ogle her sexy drivers during journeys. Charlie does not realise who runs this competing company and plans to sabotage their success.

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Filming dates

Filming dates - 25 March1963 - 7 May1963

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